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She had previously worked at ESPN from 2004 to 2013 as a New York-based reporter and is excited to be going home, she told TheWrap. Those shows are very specific to the time they air after the games — we are in a different [afternoon] time-slot and a different position. You have famously stood up to NFL commissioner Roger Goodell over issues such as Deflategate and the Ray Rice scandal.
Concussions are a difficult issue, and not as flashy and headline-grabbing as Deflategate or Rice’s elevator assault, but they may have a deeper effect on the NFL and impact whether people let their kids play football in the future or not.
NBA Suspends Rajon Rondo for Homophobic CommentsThe Sacramento Kings guard was punished by the league after he launched into a homophobic rant against veteran referee Bill Kennedy, who recently announced he is gay.
Hollywood Rips Into Ronda Rousey After UFC LossNot only did Rousey get her ass kicked and her championship taken by Holly Holm, she then got blasted for focusing too much on her TV and movie roles, and not enough on fighting. Greg Hardy Assault Photos Spark OutrageEighteen months after Dallas Cowboys defensive end Greg Hardy attacked his ex-girlfriend in a violent assault, police photos of her graphic injuries sent fans into a frenzy, prompting many to demand discipline from the team and the NFL. Lamar Odom Collapses in a Nevada BrothelFans feared it was the end for former NBA star Odom when he was found unconscious in a brothel last October. He pulled out of a coma, but his road to recovery has been rocky as the former Laker still struggles to walk. Colin Cowherd Should Cancel His Dominican Vacation“I’ve never bought into that ‘baseball is just too complex,'” Cowherd said on his ESPN radio show in July. Curt Schilling Benched by ESPNThe former MLB star-turned-broadcast analyst was suspended by ESPN for posting racist tweets comparing Muslims to Nazis. “It’s said only 5-10% of Muslims are extremists. Jets' Geno Smith Gets Sucker-PunchedMost injuries happen on the field, but New York Jets QB Geno Smith got his jaw broken in the locker room by his own teammate following an altercation over money, $600 no less. NASCAR Lowers the Confederate FlagAuto racing is a sport of the South, where many people still consider the Confederate flag to be an appropriate symbol of their culture.
Warren Sapp Rushes the Passer, Walks the StreetWarren Sapp was arrested for soliciting a prostitute in 2015, hence his sad mugshot to the left. Everyone's Talking About Tom Brady's BallsYes, Deflategate was 2015 -- even though it feels like years ago by this point.
Jim Rome Is Burning About "Dorks"During the big College Football Playoff bowl games on New Year’s Day, sportscaster Rome wrote on Twitter: “Is there anyone not in a marching band who thinks those dorks running around with their instruments are cool?” Apparently, there were lots of people who felt “those dorks” were cool, and that Rome’s comment was not. New York NYC Crime Bronx Brooklyn Manhattan Queens Education Weather Obituaries Sports Yankees Mets Giants Jets Knicks Nets Rangers Islanders Football Basketball Baseball Hockey Soccer College High School The Score More Sports News Crime U.S.
Follow Us Facebook Twitter Instagram Pinterest YouTube Subscribe Follow UsNewsletter App Subscriptions Subscribe Get Our Newsletter A daily blend of the most need-to-know Daily News stories, delivered right to your inbox. There is, however, one pro team in town worth getting excited about: the New York Empire of the American Ultimate Disc League. The Empire plays most home games on Randalla€™s Island and Coney Islanda€™s MCU Park but next Sundaya€™s contest with the DC Breeze a€” another division rival a€” will be held at one of the citya€™s newest sports venues, Brooklyn Bridge Park Pier 5, which offers gorgeous views of lower Manhattan.

The pregame ceremonies will include the unveiling of a Monument Park plaque honoring Gossage and the relievera€™s Hall of Fame career. Zack Hample is no stranger to The Score a€” heck he even showed our readers in a News video how to snag balls at last yeara€™s Home-Run Derby at Citi Field a€” and this week, his odyssey that began in 1993 will no doubt see a milestone. By his count, Hample has caught 7,408 balls at 999 games (including Fridaya€™s Yankee game) over a 21-year period. Rusty Staub will never forget the policemen and firemen who lost their lives in the line of duty.
To make sure others dona€™t forget, the Met great set up the New York Police & Fire Widowsa€™ and Childrena€™s Benefit Fund 30 years ago, to raise money for the families of fallen first responders. The event is a tradition that started at Shea and has continued to the Metsa€™ new home, giving the families of fallen first responders a chance to come together and enjoy a day at the ballpark, while meeting current and former Mets players.
Staub also hosts a dinner in the fall in Manhattan for his charity, and has generated over a $150 million dollars between the two events.
Dillion Harper hasna€™t alway had a strong jones for soccer, but the 22-year-old Penthouse Forum cover girl tells The Score that Sunday she will be all about the red, white and blue. Alex Rodriguez isn't auditioning to be a third controversial Jets quarterback - he is rehabbing his fractured hand.
A photo of former Red Sox Hall of Famer Johnny Pesky is projected over the stands as the Red Sox pay tribute to the late former player before the start of Tuesday's game. It's good to be the winner of the sixth stage of the 74th Portugal Cycling Tour, as American cyclist Jason McCartney shows but getting a little sugar from a pair of ladies. Roger Clemens shows off his new jersey - for the Sugar Land Skeeters of the Atlantic League, posing with team presdent Matt O'Brien. The grounds crew covers the field near the start of the Washington Nationals-Atlanta Braves game. New coach Bill O'Brien and the Penn State football program receive plenty of media attention.
Uganda's Daniel Alio (r.) scores past Oregon's Tyler Pederson on a wild pitch in the fourth inning of a consolation baseball game at the Little League World Series. Brazil's Cesar Cielo prepares for his men's 50m freestyle during the Jose Finkel trophy swimming competition in Sao Paulo - which he goes on to win. There are so many towns in America that focus their Friday nights on the local high school football game. The feud reached a boiling point in May and the parties parted ways -- but Simmons, who has since signed with HBO, has continued to criticize his former network, especially since its closure of Grantland in October. When the controversy over the banner hit peak publicity this year, NASCAR made the tough business decision to ban it from official events.

That frown was most definitely not turned upside-down when the former NFL great was canned by the NFL network.
Brady allegedly instructed the New England Patriots' equipment manager to deflate his footballs, allowing for ease of passing and catching.
She rattled off names of restaurants, and something I immediately recognized was "Applebees".
Which was nothing short of a miracle, because there was a New York Giants game going on, and Applebees had become Giant Central.
Hample plans on attending Tuesdaya€™s Mets-Athletics game at Citi Field, where he will more than likely get a foul ball a€” or a dozen a€” at his 1,000th consecutive game. The Portuguese stud who is the object of desire for many females around the world will take on the Americans on Sunday. But although she still pulls for the Heat, and was crushed by Miamia€™s NBA Finals loss to the Spurs, Harper thinks ita€™s time for LeBron James to move his talents from South Beach. The NBA provides a ton of sports-specific topics like amazing slam dunks or who should be on the All-Star team, but it also lends itself to the bigger picture such as gun violence, what it means for a sports league to be involved in that debate, and are the players willing to take on that burden?
The NFL has to understand that fans want to know the answers to things like how they handle the domestic abuse issue.
Maybe long-term they will pick a different sport — and the NFL may have to make major changes.
He was initially suspended for four games, but that later was overruled by a federal judge. It is one of the best-kept sports secrets in town: Billy Katz, who plays on the Empirea€™s offensive line, says a€?people look at me like Ia€™m crazya€? when he tells them he plays professional ultimate disc.
The teama€™s game against the Toronto Rush, its division rival a€” and last seasona€™s champ a€” was broadcast on ESPN 3 on Saturday. Though the place was rocking', it was all in good fun, with no one really getting out of hand or too rowdy. The sear on the steak looked overdone a little bit, but the way Tito Tony devoured it in record time made me realize that it wasn't an issue at all. The Yankees have a shot at a postseason berth because they play in American League Least, but only a knucklehead a€” yeah wea€™re looking at you, Sarge a€” would bet on them making the playoffs. Although the new NBA Season hadn't begun yet, I'm lucky I wasn't wearing any Lakers Paraphernalia (The people of New Jersey might be bitter about their team moving to Brooklyn hehe).

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