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New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning now has a new reason to win the Super Bowl this year.
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Now, the 68-year-old Coughlin is back on the sidelines for another season with Big Blue and, although they may not be in the spotlight, his family will be right there to support him as well. The Coughlin’s have been married for over 40 years and credit communication with their longevity. Judy said that the deal was, at first, just three or four days away from the field but former Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback Mark Brunell suggested that she should renegotiate¬†and hold out for five days. Of course, Judy has been with Tom throughout his career, moving from Boston College to Jacksonville to New York and two Super Bowl victories. Coughlin established the Jay Fund in 1996, while coaching in Jacksonville, to honor Jay McGillis, a former Boston College player who was diagnosed and died from leukemia.
As of 2015, the Foundation had raised millions of dollars while assisting thousands of families across the United States. Judy, of course, is heavily involved in the Jay Fund and regularly makes appearances with Coughlin at the Foundation’s events throughout the year. Coming from a big family, Coughlin continued the tradition in his own life and he and Judy are parents to four children of their own.

The mindet has worked out well as all four of the Coughlin children have found success in their respective careers.
Chris Snee joined the NY Giants in 2004 – the same year his father-in-law took over as head coach.
Coughlin’s personal life mixed with his professional life when his son-in-law, Chris Snee, played for the Giants from 2004 to 2013. When Snee decided that he was going to walk away from the game, after more than 150 games on the Giants offensive line, he knew he would have to tell his coach and his father-in-law and it became one of the most important conversations the pair would ever have.
But, somehow, Coughlin has found his niche in New York and, according to his wife, it’s because of his grandchildren. Every season, no matter how the season ends, Coughlin takes five days off in order to spend time with his wife. Now, she says, most of her time is spent with family, particularly the growing group of grandchildren. Their daughter, Keli, also serves as the executive director and has worked to expand the Jay Fund’s services in the New York and New Jersey areas.
The long-time couple have two daughters, Keli and Katie, as well as two sons, Brian and Tim. Brian currently works as the associate vice president for student development at Notre Dame while Tim, who escaped from the Word Trade Center September 11, is a bond trader for J.P.

Snee, married to Coughlin’s daughter Kate, had a peculiar relationship with his coach, a mix of family and football that required a bit of metaphorical tight-rope-walking during the season. His philosophy of five minutes early is five minutes late has become the stuff of football legend and his demeanor on the sidelines during his first years with the Giants rubbed plenty of players the wrong way. Sign up now with DraftKings promo code HEAVY and get a $600 deposit bonus with no season-long commitment.
The side that is a grandfather to 11 children, the side who not only founded a charity to help children fighting cancer but brought in his entire family to help run it.
It gives the couple a chance to reconnect after the insanity that is the NFL season and to take a step back from the spotlight.
I think they would tell you there were demands, and there were principles, and they were expected to do well in school and they did do well in school.

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