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The proliferation of South African football uniforms this month continues, in advance of next season’s kickoff (ha!) in mid-August. The predominantly gold shirt sports a timeless polo-style collar and filled-in v-neck, both colored in contrasting black, as are the sleeves’ cuffs. Continuing the two-tone alternation, the shorts go solid black, and the socks opt for gold, with a black stripe. MIssionTo provide the most up to date news, images, and opinions on today's top sneaker company. Alan Walker sighed disdainfully and turned,there was a informal game taking place on on of the fields like they usually did most of the time in Soweto between teenagers. One player immediately stood out,the young player picked up the ball and with a deceptive burst of speed eased his way past 2 defender's before sending a perfectly weighted pass across the field.Alan now totally focused on the game all but forgot the way Steven Pienaar had treated him just a few moments earlier. The young player was dictating the game,frequently making fools of the opposition as well as making his team-mates appear far better than they were.

After a storming run,the player effortlessly and just off a couple of strides aimed for goal and scored.
It was'nt.Glen was met with a face he knew somwehere back in time but could not quite put a name to it. Charles spotted Alan Walker stading on the sidelines as he prepared for his weekly game of football with his friends.If he was here then that agent must be here too Charles thought. Charles skimmied inside and sent a left-footed shot from the tightest of angles past the goal which was 2 beer crates stacked 5 mentres apart. If you ever wondered what it would feel like to walk in Cristiano Ronaldo’s shoes, now’s your chance.
According to his website, CR7 Footwear represents Ronaldo’s ‘High-Tech and Easy’ lifestyle where attention to detail and quality finishing is paramount.
The Ballon d’Or winner, who unveiled the first look of the product on his Instagram account, expressed his delight at his new venture.

If legally obliged we will hand over your information under the Protection of Information Act. Today, take a look at the new Kaizer Chiefs home kit, a striking departure from their familiar diagonal stripes of last season.
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