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The Atlantic Confederacy would be a group of states loosely coordinated for common goals, but mostly independent. Lakeland would be a libertarian leaning organization of free states with very little government to interfere with individual and economic freedoms.
The Republic of Texas would be a land of high economic freedom, but low personal freedom, due to the strongly conservative and religious leadership. The Basin Territories would have virtually no federal government, with local municipalities and sheriffs operating within their own jurisdictions, very much like the Wild West. Cascadia would be a parliamentary republic headed by an oligarchy chosen methodically for their intelligence. Check out the Forest Service's Current Conditions for the latest information about water dangers as well as trail closures in the White Mountains.

Our free hiking trail guide resource offers everything from short, easy, nature walks to challenging mountain climbs above timberline in the alpine zone.
We offer ideas for all seasons so take those boots or snowshoes out of the closet and go for a hike!
The information on this site may freely be used for personal purposes but may not be replicated on other websites or publications. The federal level government would be responsible for only the most basic services such as coining money and defense. It would be a left-leaning nation with high personal freedoms, and moderate economic freedoms.
It would be a right-leaning nation with moderate personal freedoms, and high economic freedoms.

That is why I propose the United States be broken up into several smaller nations whose governments are better suited to the political leanings of each region. One of the key provisions in the articles of alliance would be that citizens of any nation are free to come and go as they wish in the other nations, and can freely immigrate to any of the other nations without the same scrutiny applied to a foreign immigrant.

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