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Millions of people visit Boston to take in its historic culture and neighborhoods reminiscent of the colonial times, attend cultural or sporting events, and conduct business.
As with most coastal communities in the early days of the America’s Portland was a trading and fishing settlement. Portsmouth NH has been an active port for the Seacoast since the 1600s when settlers used sailing barges called gundalows to ferry goods from the inland waters of the Great Bay and trade ships came from around the world to one of the first coastal ports on the East Coast. Bar Harbor, Mount Desert Island’s largest community, was New England’s premier summer resort in the 19th century.
The first National Park East of the Mississippi and the only National Park in the North East, Acadia boasts the 4th most visited park in the Country.
Puritan colonist founded Boston, on September 17, 1630, not to be confused with the pilgrims who founded Plymouth colony. Visiting harbor communities will offer you the ability to cruise many fine shops, restaurants, timeshares, hotels, and local artist’s exhibiting their hand made crafts.
In a typical glass factory in earlier times, most workers would work as unskilled laborers. A crack-off boy would remove a finished piece of hot glassware from the end of the %%gaffer%%'s blow iron by cracking it off. A %%mold%% boy would sit at the feet of the gaffer opening and closing the hinged blow-%%mold%% as required, (sometimes, a boy would actually be allowed to blow the piece).
In one glass factory, the average 1912 hourly wage for a male worker was 18 cents, and that of a female worker was 11 cents. The new capacity would be in addition to that on the previously announced Algonquin Incremental Market (AIM) and Atlantic Bridge projects.
The in-service date for the new capacity will be determined by the NESCOE process, Spectra said.
Provide guaranteed supplies of gas on peak days for strategic power plants, using existing pipeline routes. Provide new innovative services, including the ability to accommodate the projected need for more gas-fired quick-start power generation units to respond to sudden changes in output from intermittent renewable resources.
In a June 27 letter to NESCOE, Spectra outlined its plans for expanding capacity into New England. Upstream of Algonquin and Maritimes, new sources of gas supply have already been connected, the company said in the letter.
The proposed expansion of Algonquin would be in five regional zones that directly connect to 40% of New England's power generation. Spectra Energy's AIM expansion is expected begin to de-bottleneck the pipeline system by winter of 2016.
Last month, the backer of the Downeast liquefied natural gas terminal proposed for main announced that the previously import-only project would be refashioned as primarily an export terminal. Joe Fisher was a member of the Intelligence Press editorial staff from December 1995 until April 2000. You must have JavaScript enabled to enjoy a limited number of articles over the next 180 days. Natural Gas Intelligence (NGI), is a leading provider of natural gas, shale news and market information for the deregulated North American natural gas industry. Brucellosis is most often caused by Brucella abortus, a small coccobacilli that infects both cattle and humans.
Clostridia are rod-shaped bacteria that produce neurotoxins that can affect humans and animals.
Q (query) fever is a zoonotic disease caused by the intracellular bacteria Coxiella burnetii. Rickettsia is a genus of pleomorphic cocci bacteria that commonly cause Rocky Mountain Spotted fever and Typhus in humans. Image: micrograph of intracellular Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, caused by bacteria Rickettsia rickettsii.
Influenza is the general name for RNA viruses of the family Orthomyxoviridae, which infect both birds and mammals.
Severe acute respiratory syndrome associated coronavirus (SARS-CoV) is a zoonotic viral respiratory disease. Arthropod-borne viruses, or arboviruses, are a group of viruses that require an arthropod vector for transmission.
Found in the family Flaviviridae, WNV is a mosquito-borne zoonotic arbovirus found in temperate and tropical climates around the world. Enterotoxins, or protein exotoxins, are produced by the bacterium Staphylococcus aureus and have a significant effect on the gastrointestinal tract. Image:  Aerobic bacteria, Staphylococcus aureus, cultured on an agar plate for drug sensitivity test in an anaerobic environment. Female hide beetles lay eggs on food supplies so that the larvae ( once hatched) can eat continuously until they are ready to pupate and become adults.
As larvae, they can chew through most anything, sometimes causing structural damage to homes and buildings.
Once inside homes and other buildings they will nest in stored products such as pet food and cheese. The hide beetle will cover itself with dirt and remain motionless when predators are nearby.

The Japanese beetle has copper colors and shiny green markings on top of its head and thorax. Japanese Beetles are found in the New England states south through parts of Georgia and Alabama and north through Tennessee, Kentucky and Michigan.
They are round shaped and have a dark body covered with scales in various patters of white, red, yellow and brown. In Boston you can find just about every style of nightlife, dinning and accommodation to fit most any budget. Like Boston it soon became a mecca for shipping and trading companies looking to move products to and from the local area’s across the new country and overseas. Its 112 mile length stretches from the top of the Champlain canal at its southern end to the Richelieu River in Canada at its northern end. First incorporated as a town in 1630, and as a city in 1822, Boston is one of America's oldest cities, with a rich social and economic history. We have grown out of this websites primary location to include not only the Vermont area but also all of New England and soon beyond to all the shores and ports we can list.
Whether it is Lake Champlain in Vermont, a lakes region port in NH, or the charming ocean port of Boothbay Harbor Maine, they are all exciting and adventurous in there own and unique way. The Harbor Port of most coastal towns offers a look into the past as well as the night life anticipated by today’s coastal traveler. Whether by boat, ferry, plane or car the hundreds of islands doted along the coastal communities is endless. An unskilled laborer was usually called "boy," a term which did not refer to the age of the individual. With no labor unions to establish seniority, workers were sought-out for jobs because of their reputations as skilled, reliable people. For that time in history, glass factory working hours were reasonable and pay was relatively good. The latest expansion plans come in response to a recent initiative by governors of New England states seeking new energy infrastructure. It was said that such a project would create a demand pull in New England and incentivise the addition of new pipeline capacity into the region (see Daily GPI, June 20). Since the first issue of Natural Gas Intelligence was published in 1981, NGI has provided key pricing and data relied upon daily by thousands of industry participants in the U.S, Canada and Mexico as well as Central and South America, Europe and Asia. By forming dormant endospores, the bacteria is dispersed into the environment and can be inhaled, ingested or contact the skin.
The bacteria forms anaerobic spores that, when ingested or inhaled, cause flaccid muscular paralysis.
The type and severity of the disease may vary, but infection is mostly through tick bites, skin contact, or inhalation. This disease is endemic to cows and sheep but can be transmitted to birds and humans by inhalation. Transmitted by ticks, fleas, or lice, all Rickettsia species are obligate intracellular pathogens and rely on the host for growth and replication.
Spread in seasonal epidemics through aerosolized respiratory secretions or contact with bird droppings, common symptoms in humans include fever, malaise, and coughing. It presents with flu-like symptoms and is transmitted through aerosolized respiratory fluids. Initially, these viruses are nonpathogenic before being transmitted via saliva to vertebrate hosts. They are cytotoxic as well as heat and water-stable, allowing them to form pores in the epithelial cells of the intestinal wall; this leads to excessive vomiting, diarrhea, and abdominal pain. First named "Le Beauport" by Samuel de Champlain because of its beautiful harbor and scenic rocky shores, Gloucester has been a destination community ever since.
A perfectly blue sky and morning sun that warms your soul, soft breezes that sneak down narrow streets and intriguing shops aligning cobblestone walking paths. We hope you enjoy the website and feel free to send along information you feel will help make this a great Port of Call for the lover of Seaports, and Lake Marina’s. The harbor has always been the center of activity in any port of call, and for most creates visions of pirates, sea captains, fishing boats and lighthouses. So whether visiting and old Irish pub, or the bright lights of a modern club, the harbor is sure to excite you.
Harbor Watch is all about Harbor Ports, Seacost News, It’s history, and each of their unique and wonderful charms.
Although girls were known to perform other work, they often worked as inspectors and packers of finished glass.
The 40-hour work week with overtime pay ("time-and-a-half") was not introduced until the 1940's.
The lowest rate for a male was 15 cents and the highest rate for a female was still 11 cents. As length of service increased, opportunities to learn a skilled trade were usually available to those who qualified. Spectra said it also is anticipating a request for proposals from The New England States Committee on Electricity (NESCOE). Atlantic Bridge's proposed in-service is November 2017, and it will be similarly supported by gas utilities, Spectra said (see Shale Daily,June 20).

During his absence, he was the editor of Hart Energy Publishing's "Energy Markets" magazine. These spores may remain dormant for years and are resistant to heat, desiccation, and disinfection. Brucellae behave as intracellular parasites, and are highly communicable and resistant to various environmental stresses. There are a wide range of symptoms and treatment requires a cocktail of antibiotics, which has led to drug resistance. Plague is caused by a small coccobacillus, Yersinia pestis, and is transmitted by fleas to rodents and humans. Source: National Institutes of Health, United States Department of Health and Human Services.
Rickettsia prowazekii is a NIAID Category B Priority Pathogen; other Rickettsias are NIAID Category C Priority Pathogens.
There are two potentially fatal forms, Hanta Hemorrhagic Fever with Renal Syndrome (HFRS) and Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome (HPS). Although vaccines are available, the number of worldwide pandemics due to new strains has encouraged research in viral genomics and epidemiology. Although it is a relatively rare disease, it is highly transmissible and there is currently no cure or preventative vaccine safe for use in humans.
In humans, nearly 80% of the cases present no symptoms, but in those that do, it progresses to encephalitis, meningitis, or poliomyelitis.
Of particular interest is Staphylococcal enterotoxin B (SEB), a common cause of food poisoning. Let harbor watch be your port of call when seeking that water front destination or information to the many fine stops on your journey. Whether a lake port, or or one of the many ocean harbors that sit along the many miles of endless coastline. Harbor Watch is the place we may be, with our feet up on the deck of a seaside porch, or the side railing of a sleek sailboat, canvas flapping in the oceans breeze.
They were thought to have the "keener eyesight" required to sort out poorly made glass, and it was also thought that they would be more careful packing the finished ware in shipping barrels. A 1917 statistic for the same factory shows that the average yearly wage for the lowest pay-rated male was $526, well above the U.S.
The case fatality rate for cutaneous anthrax is 10-20%, while inhaled anthrax is 30-70% fatal.
The bacteria evades and destroys the host immune system, causing septicemia, abscesses, and pneumonia. Although infectivity rates are low, this bacterium is highly virulent and can be aerosolized.
Although rare in the United States, it is widespread in developing countries in Asia and Africa. As a zoonotic disease, influenza has been documented in birds (avian influenza, H5N1) and pigs (swine influenza, H1N1). SARS is a NIAID Category C Priority Pathogen.  Work on SARS can be done at the Tufts RBL upon request. Disease normally presents with fever and malaise, but can progress to encephalitis and hemorrhagic fever. SEB is a superantigen, and because of its stability, if aerosolized, it can cause toxic shock syndrome and multisystem organ failure.
Usually, a gaffer would be paid for a job by the company, then he would hire and pay the people with whom he wanted to work. He also has worked for daily newspapers in Louisiana and Ohio, covering, at various times, business, education, features and entertainment. Anthrax is not known to spread from one person to another and its prevalence in the United States is sporadic. Brucella species are NIAID Category B Priority Pathogens.  Work with Brucella can be done at the Tufts New England RBL upon request. The IDGH is registered to work with Clostridium botulinum toxins; registration is pending at the Tufts New England RBL. Tuberculosis, including drug-resistant TB (MDR TB and XDR TB) are NIAID Category C Priority Pathogens.
Influenza is a NIAID Category C Priority Pathogen.  Work on influenza can be done at the Tufts New England RBL upon request.
Eastern equine encephalitis (EEE):  Found in the family Togaviridae, this zoonotic arbovirus is endemic to the Eastern United States, including Massachusetts. Although antibiotics are available, these pathogens are highly virulent and mutate quite rapidly. It is transmitted from mosquitoes to a wide range of mammals, but presents strongly in horses and humans. Strongly related to EEE is Venezuelan equine encephalitis virus (VEE) and Western equine encephalitis (WEE). WNV, EEE, VEE and WEE are NIAID Category B Priority Pathogens.  Research with arthropod vectors can be accommodated in the Tufts New England RBL insectary.

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