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One of the greatest midfielders this sport has ever seen, Ruud Gullit, wrote a news article in India's biggest newspaper where he revealed that he'll be following Cristiano Ronaldo very closely in the upcoming EURO 2012. Ruud Gullit dazzled the World back in the days where he played for AC Milan, winning three Serie A, two European Cups (former designation for the UEFA Champions League) and two Intercontinental Cups.
Cristiano Ronaldo had a year close to perfection in Real Madrid, scoring up to 60 goals within all competitions that he played for the Merengues.
As for expectations regarding Holland's possibilities of winning the EURO 2012, Ruud Gullit confessed to be lying most of his hopes on Bayern Munich's Arjen Robben and the Gunners forward, Robin van Persie. Real Madrid will be back in action on July, when the club's pre-season is scheduled to start. An independent organization of leading scientists and journalists researching and reporting the facts about our changing climate and its impact on the American public.
Climate Central surveys and conducts scientific research on climate change and informs the public of key findings.
Members of the Climate Central staff and board are among the most respected leaders in climate science. The annual maximum sea ice extent in the Arctic Ocean usually occurs in middle to late March. The area of ice in February averaged 5.48 million square miles, which is the lowest February extent since the satellite era began in 1979. The decrease in ice provides new shortcut shipping lanes through the Arctic and poses new national security concerns, as less ice allows easier access to competitive oil and natural gas resources in the Arctic.
Dana Vollmer of the United States celebrates after winning the gold medal and setting a new world record time of 55.98 seconds in the Women's 100m Butterfly final on Day 2 of the London 2012 Olympic Games at the Aquatics Centre on July 29, 2012 in London, England.

Beautiful World is a travel blog on naturally beautiful locations to inspire plans for your next holiday or trip. Holland will face Portugal precisely in Group D's last fixture, on 17th of June 2012, in a game where half world is expecting that Ronaldo carries Portugal on his shoulders, towards the EURO 2012 quarter-finals.
The Dutchman, who is now a football manager will be one of many millions following closely the EURO 2012 this June, with a special attention to the Group B, where Holland got seeded with Germany, Denmark and Portugal. However, I'll be following closely just a few of those and especially the ones who are able to change the fate of their own team in the competition. Gullit believes that if the Portuguese manages to keep that form in June, then he'll most likely drive the Portuguese National Team to success in the EURO 2012. I'm sure he'll give his best to extend his form to the Portuguese National Team and if he succeeds in doing that, he'll be a menace to every opponent that faces Portugal in the competition.
The two have played an important role in their respective teams throughout this season's campaign and certainly got enough talent to put any of Holland's opponent into trouble.
I have the feeling they are still frustrated for having loss the 2010 World Cup in the final against Spain, so they'll be extra motivated to go all the way this time.
In the meanwhile, Cristiano Ronaldo's next game will be for Portugal, in a friendly game against Macedonia, on May 26 and in order to start preparing the EURO 2012. Our scientists publish and our journalists report on climate science, energy, sea level rise . Staff members are authorities in communicating climate and weather links, sea level rise, climate . But last year that maximum came in late February, and there are signs the peak may come early again this year, suggesting a shorter winter in a warming Arctic.

Remember, this is a different measurement from the one taken in September, when the annual minimum sea ice extent is measured.
Decreasing ice also increases the amount of solar energy absorbed by the Arctic Ocean, further enhancing planetary warming. Gullit pointed out Cristiano Ronaldo as one of the few players with potential to leave a mark in this summer's biggest competition, as long as the Portuguese can extend his impressive form at Real Madrid, into Ukraine and Poland's football pitches. Naturally, Cristiano Ronaldo fits into that description as he can make the difference if he finds his best form", remarked the Dutchman. He has an amazing talent and he literally can score from any position", alerted Gullit, who is more than aware that his home nation, Netherlands, are expecting a very tough challenge against Portugal on the 17th of June 2012. Van Persie had an amazing season, scoring a huge amount of goals, while Robben also found his old taste for goals as well, just in time for the EURO 2012", noted Gullit, when revealing his optimism towards two of the best Dutch players in the current days. You can watch Portugal vs Macedonia, Barcelona vs Athletic Bilbao, Norway vs England and Philadelphia 76ers vs Boston Celtics, all from our sports live streams section.
In the long term, this puts the rate of February decline in Arctic ice extent at 3 percent per decade since 1979.

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