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This page's content and author are not in any way associated with Little League Baseball Incorporated, its international headquarters, or any individual league. New England imports thousands of tourists each year as visitors flock to see the region's legendary fall colors. The New England Region tournament was first held in 2001, when Little League Baseball expanded the annual Little League World Series from eight to sixteen teams.
Both tournaments are held at Little League's Eastern Region Headquarters complex in Bristol, Connecticut, and the champion of each tournament advances to the Little League World Series in South Williamsport, Pennsylvania. Click on the toolbar on the left to view current and past tournament results for the New England Region tournament, and for Eastern Region tournaments held prior to the Little League World Series expansion in 2001.
Check out the Forest Service's Current Conditions for the latest information about water dangers as well as trail closures in the White Mountains. Our free hiking trail guide resource offers everything from short, easy, nature walks to challenging mountain climbs above timberline in the alpine zone.

We offer ideas for all seasons so take those boots or snowshoes out of the closet and go for a hike! The information on this site may freely be used for personal purposes but may not be replicated on other websites or publications. Printable political Map of MassachusettsPolitical map showing roads and major cities and political boundaries of Massachusetts state. Political color Map of MassachusettsColor map showing road networks and political boundaries of Massachusetts state. Free outline Map of MassachusettsOutline map showing county boundaries and county names of Massachusetts state.
Elevation contour Map of MassachusettsContour map showing interstates and major cities of Massachusetts state. County outline Map of MassachusettsOutline map showing county names and county boundaries of Massachusetts state.

Contour elevation Map of MassachusettsElevation map showing highways and major cities of Massachusetts state. You can save it as an image by clicking on the labeled map to access the original New England Reference Map file.
The map covers the following area: state, New England, showing urban centers and vegetation of New England.

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