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I’ll be rooting for the Saints but it looks like the Seahawks should move on to the Championship game. Jeff, you’re right about the Patriots being extremely lucky the last half dozen games.
I’m picking the Seahawks and Patriots, which is easy since the games ended hours ago. With this in mind, I want to introduce Wizbang readers to one of the rank-and-file colonial soldiers who fought in South Carolina during the American Revolution.
He became a prisoner of war when the British military captured the city of Charleston, but he escaped two months later. The battles that he fought in took place in South Carolina, with the most important one being the Battle of Cowpens, which, from a psychological perspective, was the equivalent of the Battle at Midway during World War II. Long after the end of the war, when Horse Shoe was an old man, a Maryland novelist named John Pendleton Kennedy encountered Horse Shoe while Kennedy was visiting South Carolina. During the encounter, Kennedy listened as Horse Shoe described his exploits during the Revolutionary War. In a book review for the Southern Literary Messenger, Edgar Allan Poe said about Horse Shoe, “.
Shortly before he died in 1838, Horse Shoe was visited by local reporters working for Tuscaloosa, Alabama’s Flag of the Union newspaper. The old gentleman  gave us a partial history of his Revolutionary adventures, containing many interesting facts respecting the domination of the Tory party in the south during the times of the Revolution, which Mr.
But it will chiefly interest our readers, or to that portion of them at least to whom the history of the old hero’s achievements as recorded by Mr. Before the close of the war, he says, he commanded a troop of horse, so that his military title is that of Captain Horse Shoe, although in infirm health, bears evident marks of having been a man of great personal strength and activity. He is now afflicted with a troublesome cough, which in the natural course of events must in a few years wear out his aged frame. The old Gentleman received us with warm cordiality and hospitality; and after partaking of the Bounties of his board and spending a night under his hospitable roof we took leave of him, sincerely wishing him many years of the peaceful enjoyment of that liberty which he fought so long and so bravely to achieve.
It will not be uninteresting, we hope, to remark that the old hero still considers himself a soldier, though the nature of his warfare is changed.
To get a better understanding of what Horse Shoe endured during the American Revolution, watch the Mel Gibson movie The Patriot, which is based on real events that took place in South Carolina.
Those who enjoy reading about the American Revolution can read Kennedy’s novel on-line by clicking here.
Upon his death, Horse Shoe was buried next to his wife in a small family cemetery located a few miles west of Tuscaloosa, Alabama.
So, on this Fourth of July, take a moment to say a word of thanks to the unsung heroes of the American Revolution, the names of whom have been largely forgotten. For those with a spare hour or two (or ten) This is an excellent series on The American Revolution. Nice recounting of one man’s bravery during the most remarkable revolution in the history of the world. Colonial American, and in particular, the Revolutionary War, is my favorite part of all history.
Emeritus: Jay Tea, Lorie Byrd, Kim Priestap, Paul, Mary Katherine Ham, Jim Addison, Alexander K. Get the craziest and best NFL stories, cutting edge Analysis, and Daily Fantasy Guidance hand picked by our expert team right into your inbox.
Getty ImagesThe Kansas City Chiefs steamrolled to a 41-14 victory over the New England Patriots on Monday night. The Patriots defense could do nothing to slow the Chiefs offense and Tom Brady posted one of the worst starts of his stellar career. Jamaal Charles and Knile Davis led the Chiefs to 207 rushing yards and Alex Smith passed for 248 yards and three touchdowns as the Chiefs (2-2) posted a dominant showing against New England. After missing last week due to an ankle sprain, Charles return to the lineup was a boost for the Kansas City offense. Smith tossed two scores to Charles and a third to Travis Kelce in posting a 144.4 passer rating on the night. Brady completed 14 of 23 passes for 159 yards with one touchdown with two interceptions – one returned 39 yards for a touchdown by Husain Abdullah.

The 27 point defeat was the second largest of Brady’s career, behind only a 31-0 loss to the Buffalo Bills on Sept.
Garoppolo led one touchdown drive that culminated with a 13-yard touchdown pass to Rob Gronkowski.
Also, apparently it’s unsportsmanlike conduct to pray to Mecca after scoring a touchdown.
I know people will say Brady has lost it, but if you pay attention, he still has a cannon for an arm and when given time can make all the throws.
Hey Mike, are you still going to put the Patriots in the top 10 power rankings again after tonight?
This is what happens when you are cheap Bill, Tom can only carry them for so long, Elway treated manning well because he has been there,give your aging HOF QB help. Look at the bright side my fellow Pat fans, if (when) this continues, at least we get a good pick in the draft. Why Terrible Tom Turnover continues to get talk as one of the best of all time is beyond me! This is the expected result anytime, and every time that Mike Dumturdi joins any organization in a personnel relates capacity.
I guess PFT is too big on the Seahawks to talk about Arrowhead taking the title of loudest outdoor stadium. Tom Brady said he’ll retire when he sucks, so the real question is why hasn’t he retired yet? Poor Tommy Terrific had a bad night and the Chiefs were on a path that couldn’t be slowed by that early form of a Patriots team. Violent biker gangs from Australia, Canada and the US have arrived in Europe prompting fears of a battle for organised crime markets throughout the continent.
Europol said the arrival of notorious gangs including Comancheros and Rebels from Australia, Rock Machine from Canada and Mongols and Vagos from the US has exacerbated tensions with established clubs. It has informed police forces across the continent that established gangs are expandings and said there are already ongoing territorial battles with organised crime groups.Football hooligans from Britain and the continent, as well as former military personnel, right-wing extremists and prison gangs are among those expected to be targeted for recruitment.
It has warned that gang members are known to use 'extreme forms of violence' including automatic rifles such as Kalashnikovs and grenades 'indiscriminately'. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Revolutionary War Minute men and militia soldiers usually did not have uniforms like the soldiers of the American Continental Army.
Even the American Continental Army would experience difficulties in obtaining enough uniforms for their soldiers throughout the Revolutionary War. General George Washington recommended hunting shirts and hunting frocks for the American Continental Army due to the uniform shortages. In 1779, a general order standardized the uniforms of the American Continental Army, although there continued to be uniform differences due to uniform and clothing material shortages that were present throughout the war.
Artillerymen: blue coats with scarlet lining and facing, yellow buttons and binding, yellow bound hats, coats to be edged with narrow yellow worsted lace or tape, button holes the same. Did You Know…In 2012, the West Virginia Society of the National Society, Sons of the American Revolution was awarded the prestigious Colorado Award. The Colorado Award is presented to the state society with the highest percentage of increase in membership among states with more than 100 members. As I said last week, the Saints only have themselves to blame for twice failing to hold a lead that they were holding with less than two minutes left in the game. Sorry, George, but your Colts didn’t have much chance with 4 more Luck interceptions.
That leads me to wonder if Seattle can beat SF a second time and if Denver could stop that Patriot running game. Kennedy is familiar, to be assured that the principal incidents therein portrayed are strictly true.
Yet, not-withstanding his infirmities and general debility, his eye still sparkles with the fire of youth, as he recounts the stirring and thrilling incidents of the war, and that sly, quiet humor so well described by Kennedy may still be seen playing around his mouth as one calls to his recollection any of the pranks he was wont to play upon any of the ‘tory vagrants’, as he very properly styles them.
He is now a zealous promoter of the Redeemer’s cause as he once was in securing the independence of his country. It is speculated that Kennedy did so because he wanted to protect the men, who were still alive at the time, and because his novel mixes fiction with fact.

War for Independence produced many war veterans who fought valiantly under difficult circumstances, and many of those soldiers are remembered only by a hand-few of people. I dont think he did maybe its because the great job of billichick shuffling offensive linemen constantly.
Many of has good draft picks, which seem like very distant memories, were greatly due to the great assistants he’s had. People arn’t scared of your run game and they are defiantly not scared of your 2 Yrd passes expecially when your down by more than 20 points and continue to do it. Britain has been warned that turf wars could break out as 'Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs' fight for control over the drugs, weapons and human trafficking criminal markets. Europol said the four main groups - Outlaws, Hells Angels, Bandidos and Gremium MC - were all increasing their membership, particularly in north east and south east Europe. Europol said the number of biker gang chapters in Europe has increased significantly since 2010 and there are now more than 700 chapters across the continent.
The Minute men and militia soldiers usually wore their own clothes or would wear hunting shirts or hunting frocks. An effect of the uniform shortages prompted the Americans to dye and convert the captured British and Hessian uniforms for use by the Continental Army. The hunting shirts and hunting frocks were also a favorite with the American riflemen units, both in the colonial militia units and in American Continental Army units. Winning those two games could have put the Saints on the road to another Super Bowl victory. Seems Jeff would rather have the Saints win (why, got something against the Pacific Northwest?) but I hope it doesn’t happen. I can envision a 49er-Patriot super bowl, though I’d rather see the Seahawks against the AFC winner.
Yet, their sacrifice was just as valuable as the sacrifice of the colonial soldiers who are named in modern American history books. While the teams are nearly completely decided at this point, there is still some seeding issues that need to be resolved so this past week was critical and next week looks to be even moreso, especially for those top spots in both the AFC and NFC.As usual however, not everything you saw on the field Sunday was as it appeared to the untrained eye.
The “greatest coach of all time” doesn’t fail to win a Super Bowl in the last decade with one of the “greatest QBs of all time” (in his prime) at his disposal.
That game came down to 4th and goal at the 2 with a few seconds left on the clock and Charles had been out since the first quarter. So does that mean Steeler Antonio Brown wasn’t flagged for obnoxiously spinning the ball and dancing around it, but just for falling to the ground?? The European Union's law enforcement agency has now warned of a repeat of the 1990s biker wars that left at least 11 dead.
The hunting shirts and hunting frocks were used by the American forces throughout the Revolutionary War.
It was just the 18th time in 195 regular season starts that Brady was held to a passer rating under 60.
Besides he will get to win another SB ring, although this time it will be without cheating. Eleven people were killed and dozens more injured during a three year battle between the Hells Angels and Bandidos in Scandinavia that involved the use of car bombs and machine guns. As the Who Dat Nation learned to say in the forty years prior to the Super Bowl win, wait for next season.
In 2008 seven members of the South Warwickshire Outlaws were jailed for the murder of Hell's Angel Gerry Tobin, who was shot as he rode his Harley Davidson on the M40 after leaving a biker festival.
With near seventy years upon his poll, time seemed to have broken its billows over his front only as the ocean breaks over a rock.
The sharp light gilded his massive frame and weather-beaten face with a pictorial effect that would have rejoiced an artist.

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