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Despite the explosion of offense in this year’s NFL, the New England Patriots remain the lone high-octane offense with a chance to win the Super Bowl. Love them or hate them, this is arguably Bill Belichick’s best coaching job of his career. Baltimore comes fresh off of a close victory over the Texans where the offensive line was atrocious and had Joe Flacco running for his life all game. Although Suggs is prone to line up on either side, his primary matchup will be against the Patriots’ veteran left tackle.
The Patriots are young, too, with Brady being one of the few stalwarts that can remember teh team’s storied playoff history nearly a decade ago. This entry was posted in AFC East, AFC North and tagged Baltimore Ravens, New England Patriots by Alex Koskey. According to the Associated Press, both the Ravens and Patriots have developed into one of the NFL's best playoff rivalries in recent memory.
The Patriots have home-field advantage throughout the AFC playoffs and hope to make a Super Bowl appearance for the first time in three years, according to the Associated Press. Although the Patriots are favored to win Saturday's game, Riccobono reported that the Ravens can beat Brady and coach Bill Belichick on their home turf.
According to the Associated Press, Joe Flacco has thrown for 17 touchdowns with one interception while winning six of his last seven postseason games on the road.
However, the Ravens coach played down his team's chances in this postseason, choosing instead to focus Baltimore's game strategy on winning Saturday's game.
WBAL and sister-station WCVB compare two beloved cities as the Patriots and the Ravens meet in the AFC Championship game.
Republicans expressed outrage Friday night after a report said the State Department will not be able to produce all of Hillary Clinton's daily schedules during her time leading the State Department until well after Election Day.
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The Game Express by Party Bus Plus is an air-conditioned leather captain’s chair equipped party bus with a killer soundsystem, awesome lights, and even includes plugs for you to charge your phones and cameras. I can already hear the pundits out there… Joe Flacco ahead of Tom Brady, are you nuts?!?! Hey, I’m not trying to say that Joe Flacco is a better quarterback than Tom Brady, but when it comes to this particular matchup, Joe Flacco just happens to be the better fantasy call.
Fullbacks have been getting more goal line calls this postseason than you normally might see, but since Leach already grabbed a TD in the Wildcard round, I wouldn’t start betting on a second anytime soon.
He might not have made it into the end zone, but Anquan Boldin had another nice performance against the Broncos this past weekend going for 71 yards on six catches (11 targets). Jacoby has a chance to be the X-factor this weekend, just as he was against the Broncos last week when he caught two balls for 77 yards and a touchdown. Doss was actually targeted three times against the Broncos, but he was unable to come away with a catch.
With guys like Aaron Hernandez and Tony Gonzalez headlining this list, how does Dennis Pitta end up with my top ranking? Dickson was in the game for 41 percent of the snaps last week and ended up catching three of the four balls thrown his way for 29 yards. The Ravens can be beaten on the ground, which is exactly why the Patriots will run the hell out of the ball this Sunday.
Woodhead has some sort of thumb injury going on, so he’s hardly a dependable secondary guy to take this coming fantasy weekend. Vereen certainly came into his own last weekend with three touchdowns and 124 total yards against the Texans.
So Rob Gronkowski is out of the playoffs, which means that Tom Brady will have to depend on somebody else to get those short-yardage gains he needs to be successful.
Brandon Lloyd had just two 100-yard games this season, but it just so happens that one of them came against the Baltimore Ravens back in Week 3.

He only saw nine snaps on offense last week and nary a target, but Branch is a seasoned veteran that could be useful in a pressure-filled game such as this.
The possibility of Hernandez coming up with the best tight end numbers for the week are as good as anybody’s this week, especially with Gronkowski out for the remainder of the playoffs. As Tom Brady gets a year older, Belichick has to rely upon #12 more, but also attempt to develop talent on both sides of the ball as the season progressed. Although they have made the playoffs in 5 of the last 6 seasons, the Ravens resemble more of the team sitting at the kids’ table in the AFC while other teams like the Patriots, Steelers and Colts have feasted on championships. Flacco has taken his fair share of criticism, from both teammates and the media, this week regarding his need to step up and take command of the Ravens’ offense. Baltimore had some atrocious losses on the road this season, most notably to Jacksonville and Seattle. These two are no strangers as Suggs beat Light for a sack in the previous playoff game back in 2010. If Baltimore is going to have any success stopping New England’s offense, it will be imperative for Suggs and the Ravens defense to get pressure with just 4 rushers.
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There will be no refunds for missing the bus so plan accordingly, it will really suck if you are watching the party drive away! If Torrey Smith could just give me an intermediate route every once in awhile, he’d be a top ten receiver from now to eternity. However, because I expect the Ravens to pass the ball more than they usually do in this one, it wouldn’t shock me to see Tandon put up something different than a bunch of zeroes in the box score this time.
He might see the same this weekend with the Ravens likely to be throwing the ball, but that’s not really enough to make him a fantasy starter now, is it.
In that game, Lloyd caught nine of his 12 targets for 108 yards, both of which would end up as his second-best outputs of 2012. However, the Ravens had the top defense against opposing tight ends this season allowing the fewest touchdowns and fantasy points to the position. The same Patriots that are playing in their 6th AFC Championship game in 10 years and fighting for the right to go to their 5th Super Bowl in that same time period.
Sure, the defense held up about as well as Tiki Barber’s comeback, but Belichick managed to continue to pile up the victories.
Yates three times, but an Ed Reed ankle injury could be cause for concern for an aging defense that needs all of its key players to stop a Tom Brady-led offense that was scorching in the sub-freezing temperatures last weekend against the Broncos.
However, if Baltimore can get pressure without blitzing, Brady tends to get skiddish, as he did the last time these two teams met in the playoffs in 2010 where Baltimore embarrassed New England 33-14 at Gillette Stadium.
New England had a turnover margin of (+17) during the regular season while Baltimore was just (+2). If you’re looking the main reason behind those losses, look no further than the abandonment of the running game by offensive coordinator Cam Cameron.
If Suggs can find his way in, around or through Light, then it could be a long day for the fans at Gillette. On defense, the Patriots defense might not be as dominant as they were a week ago, but they’ve been hitting their stride in the final quarter of the season. Online viewers will be required to have subscriptions for both options, but the game can be streamed live on NBC Sports Extra and watched on demand through NFL Game Rewind.
There will be non alcoholic refreshments served on the bus, you will need to bring your own hard beverages. Bernard Pierce may have taken himself out of the equation with an injury last weekend, but Rice did all he could against a dominant Denver run defense anyway rushing for 131 yards and a touchdown on 30 carries. His speed is simply jaw-dropping, as anyone could see in watching him get behind Champ Bailey last weekend. In fact, his average of just one passing touchdown per game against them (seven games, playoffs included) is tied for the worst against any team in his career. The reason is because of the New England Patriots running game and how little it’s paid attention to throughout a game.
The little guy continues to be one of the most under-estimated wide receivers in the game today, both in fantasy and real life.

Without Gronkowski in the lineup, Tom Brady will need Brandon to step up his game once again if they want to avenge their last-second loss to them from earlier this year. Simply put, Brady doesn’t turn the ball over and, despite their troubles, the Patriots defense has been opportunisitc at times. In 7 of his 16 regular season games, Flacco had under 200 yards and struggled with his accuracy at inopportune times. In the Ravens’ 4 road losses, RB Ray Rice totaled 36 carries for 155 yards and 0 touchdowns.
Our experienced professional Ticket Brokers have access to the BEST SEATS in the house for EVERY GAME! Our experienced Ticket Brokers have access to the BEST SEATS in the house for EVERY SHOW and EVERY GAME! The Patriots have been awful against running backs who can catch the ball out of the backfield this season, so Rice will have every chance to dominate come Sunday. Baltimore and San Francisco are two of the best in the league at covering the tight end, while New England is one of the worst.
New England has the top rushing attack in the league, believe it or not, and I have no doubt it will be used to its fullest this Sunday.
However, if Belichick has the slightest doubt in him, Woody will be on the bench all day.
Last week, however, Welker grabbed eight balls for 131 yards and was the best player on the field… again. My guess is that Brady targets Aaron enough to get him six or so catches for around 80 yards, but a touchdown being added to the mix is questionable at best. In three regular season games against the Patriots, Joe Flacco averaged 310.3 passing yards a game and has thrown for seven touchdowns compared to two interceptions. I absolutely love his game and believe he can be a stud in the years to come, but in a do-or-die situation like this, I’m not expecting too much. However, this is a new week and a different game—one in which I believe Torrey has a slightly better chance of getting behind the secondary than he did against Denver. So even though Gonzo and Hernandez are ranked ahead of Pitta 95 percent of the time, this happens to be that five percent where Pitta comes up as the lead dog.
With Tom Brady drawing the most eyes, Ridley could very well be the focus of the attack and should be able to go over 100 total yards with a score. Just once all season did he see less than eight targets in a game and only twice did he catch less than five passes. In those same three games, Brady averaged 295 passing yards, yet only threw for three touchdowns and two interceptions. Back in Week 3, Smith went off for six catches, 127 yards and two touchdowns against this New England secondary. Last week, the Patriots allowed TE Owen Daniels to catch nine passes for 81 yards against them, as well as both James Casey and Garrett Graham to combine for 42 yards on five receptions. Still, he’s 4-1 against them in the regular season and 1-1 in the playoffs, so it looks like coach Bill Belichick and the Pats coaching staff find ways to win regardless.
He had 13 targets last week against the Texans, and I fully expect him to see that many and more against the Ravens. That being said, I can’t see Brady having one of his better fantasy games this Sunday, especially with Rob Gronkowski being out. Absolutely he can, though I’m thinking more along the lines of one deep touchdown and about four catches for 90 yards. Pitta caught a touchdown versus the Pats both in Week 3 of this season and in the Conference Championship last year.
If not, then he’ll merely catch a bunch of passes for enough yards to be a top-three wide receiver by the end of the championship weekend.

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