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New York NYC Crime Bronx Brooklyn Manhattan Queens Education Weather Obituaries Sports Yankees Mets Giants Jets Knicks Nets Rangers Islanders Football Basketball Baseball Hockey Soccer College High School The Score More Sports News Crime U.S. New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady takes questions from members of the media during a news conference before a scheduled NFL football training camp practice Tuesday, Aug. Tom Brady says he's ready to play after a "silly accident" cut his right thumb with a pair of scissors before the Patriots preseason game against the Bears last week. Brady said Tuesday he missed the first two practices this week for personal reasons, but that he's available and ready to play as New England visits Carolina on Friday. He hasn't missed a regular-season start since 2008, when he suffered a torn ACL in his left knee during the season opener. Belichick has said previously that Jimmy Garoppolo will start while Brady's out, with Brady returning to the starting role once his suspension ends prior to New England's game at Cleveland on Oct. Brady is eligible to participate in all preseason games and practices, but won't be allowed to have contact with the team during his suspension. Though he's been a spectator so far this preseason, he said there has been a good dialogue between him and Garoppolo. He said how he will handle staying in football shape during that time is still to be determined.
With all of the credit card options out there, how do you choose one that best fits your needs? BYU's academic credentials and reputation will factor into whether it is invited to the Big 12.

Write out the words.Or was Belichick simply, ingeniously prophesyingA  the arrival of the texting generation?
Louis Cardinals manager Tony La Russa's daughter Bianca made the Raiders squad earlier this year."A goal and a dream come true," she posted on Twitter.
They plow snow for their field-goal kickers.The Patriots have always been way too good at cheating, even BB (Before Belichick). They slyly hone their craft against non-New York teams, so they'll be ready with the really big stuff against the Jets.On Dec. 12, 1982, snowplow driver Mark Henderson cleared a spot at Schaefer Stadium with less than five minutes left so that placekicker John Smith could boot the winning field goal against Miami for a 3-0 victory.Henderson received a game ball for his efforts.
Dolphin coach Don Shula protested the game to no avail, foolishly believing the Patriots should have demonstrated an iota of sportsmanship. What is that, exactly, on their helmets?New England used to have a humorous illustration on their helmets of kitschy colonial figure, Pat Patriot, hiking the ball. Then in 1996 the Pats changed their logo to something best described as a nationalistic fish swimming upstream.It is a disturbing image, this half-fish, half-xenophobe, and one that would look more appropriate perhaps on the jersey of an expansion hockey team.
The rest of their uniforms are fairly generic, which only makes Nathan Hale-ibut stick out that much more.7. An odd fetish for razor blades.We have no idea what this is about, and probably don't want to know.
But the Patriots were owned for several years until 1991 by Victor Kiam, the former president and CEO of Remington razors. Now they play in Gillette Stadium, one of the cookie-cutter sound stages that have rendered NFL fields so interchangeable.Considering Tom Brady's occasionally unshaven appearance, this franchise attachment to razors is perhaps a meta-message from management to the quarterback, hoping he will clean up his act.
Or maybe it's a vague, sharp-edged threat to the rest of the league.Or maybe it's merely about money, in which case New Yorkers would know nothing about such mercenary matters. They gave us Eric Mangini.This was one of the dirtiest tricks of all, and then Belichick pretended he was unhappy about losing the guy, which only made matters worse.

It's just that the guy spoke Martian to the media, while demonstrating all the paranoid, unpleasant, control-freak traits of Belichick - without the positive results.We dumped him on Cleveland, which dumped him on ESPN. It wasn't bad enough that Belichick's teams were so much better than their New York counterparts. The coach then had to go and illegally videotape the Jets' defensive signals, so that he could trounce Mangini's teams rather than merely defeat them.Spygate was a case of piling on after the tackle, a personal foul on Belichick for unnecessary check-mating. Tom Brady dumped his beautiful, pregnant girlfriend actress for a supermodel who kind of freaks us out.That's our take, anyway, and we're sticking with it. The Tuck Rule gameJust another example of the endless, lucky-bordering-on-illegal advantages bestowed upon the Patriots. In a tight, 2002 divisional playoff game against the Raiders, Brady was sacked by Charles Woodson and apparently fumbled the ball, which was recovered by Oakland's Greg Biekert.But nooo . The title remains tainted in our minds, though somehow still celebrated as a championship in Boston.2.
We're never sure how to spell Foxboro(ugh), because Foxboro(ugh) isn't sure, either.This is the biggest pain-in-the-neck dateline in the newspaper business. We used to spell it without the "ugh", and then they told us to spell it with the "ugh," which looks pretentious.
The official spelling is Foxborough, yet the post office building in town still identifies the municipality as Foxboro.Go figure.
If you have to vacation in one place or the other, gun to the head, pick East Rutherford.1.
He looks like that unfriendly neighbor who won't turn around to acknowledge our hello, even after we helped him change his flat tire.So on Sunday, win or lose, we are refusing to extend our figurative, regional hand in friendship after the game.

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