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Lockouts are looming in the NFL and in the NBA but that hasn’t stopped players from scoring endorsement deals. There has been footwear endorsement news involving the New England Patriots and it has nothing to do with Tom Brady and UGG boots. Woodhead signed a two-year marketing deal to promote the brand’s Resistance ProSpeed running and ProTR training shoes, which he will use to prepare for the upcoming season. He was the ninth overall pick in this is year’s NBA Draft but Kemba Walker is the first new player to secure a shoe endorsement deal. Brandon Jennings’ signature shoe, the Micro G Black Ice, has been successful for the Under Armour brand. Knicks frontman, Amar’e Stoudemire, took to twitter to announce that he would extend his endorsement deal with Nike.
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Nearly a decade removed from posing at the Scouting Combine for a photograph that conjured images of someone’s dad heading to the bathroom to take a whiz after drinking too much schnapps the prior evening, new images have emerged, which show that Tom Brady is supplementing his training regimen with boxing.
Brady did not appear for the first week of the Patriots’ offseason workout program, which opened on Monday.
He is only 18 months removed from a serious knee injury, from which he has by all appearances completely recovered. I bet he still cries like a girl and does a dance or the officials to get a flag every time a pass rusher gets near him!

I get that he’s been busy knocking up Hollywoods finest over the last few years, but an offseason workout program (with weights, in a gym) needs to be included somewhere.
Have to admit I’m a Brady and Pats fan, but looking at this mugshot, I could kick his ass. Brady is only shadow boxing, does anyone think Brady would let anyone hit that pretty face he is so proud of. Brady will never be the same after the knee and wont ever win another title with that trash team (no RB or pass rusher, secondary blows, only 2 deep at receiver). Manning was just punked by the Breesus in the SB and Brady had to be pulled in the 4th to saver even more embarrassment.
Danny Woodhead, Kemba Walker and Amar’e Stoudemire are among the pro athletes causing quite a buzz with their recently announced sneaker gigs.
New England running back, Danny Woodhead, is following in the footsteps of NFL great Joe Montana, as the newest pitchman for SKETCHERS. He will participate in the brand’s Holiday 2011 Fitness Footwear Collection campaign, which will include print, television, outdoor, in-store and online marketing. The Charlotte Bobcats rookie point guard has signed a deal with Under Armour, joining basketball players Brandon Jennings and Greivis Vasquez who also rep the brand.
Walker will wear the company’s footwear during practice and in games and down the line could have his own shoe like Jennings. The move was a bit of a surprise to some, who believed that Amar’e might instead tie the knot with Reebok.

After all, pu$$y Cindy Brady is protected by gun toting people shooting at photographers, NFL refereees, and Roger Goodell. When he does actually box, you know with gloves and an opponent, will there be a ref to throw a flag if he gets hit? Half the comments are calling Brady gay, and JoeSixPack is posting hero worship because Brady impregnated two hot women (a creepy thing for another man to get excited about). Kemba led his UConn team to an NCAA Championship win back in April, and the brand hopes his visibility will help Under Armour to expand their presence on the hardwood.
Despite the lockout, Walker has also revealed that he will still be a part of Under Armour advertising this year. He has to eventually shed his panties and drag queen clothes and come out of the closet someday. I don’t remember anybody saying anything negative when Tim Duncan decided to inject boxing training into his off-season workout program.
It appears to have served is career very well … -He not actually fighting anyone people, but you do learn to use different muscles and it keeps your timing sharp.

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