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If opposing offensive linemen weren’t already intimidated by the three-time Pro Bowler, they may be now.
The facemask model, made by Bad-Ass Masks, according to Yahoo!, looks part-bug, part-Bane from The Dark Knight and part-freight train. Twitter users were forced to amuse themselves during the matchup between the Seattle Seahawks and the Denver Broncos, after the Seahawks jumped to an early lead and never looked back.
While Tom Brady and Peyton Manning don't actually play against each other, there's a lot of excitement every time their teams match up. There's practically a seasons worth of games to pick from, but one of the most legendary of the Brady-Manning saga came last year on a bone-chilling Sunday night in late November. Naturally, I got on the next train to Boston and put off a paper that was due the next morning. There was some reason to have hope, because they would move the ball a little bit on each drive, and then turn it over. Our seats were 5 rows back in the end zone, so we were mostly surrounded by season ticket holders.
For myself and the fans who stayed, our hope was beginning to turn into a belief that they might actually pull this off. Following a Denver punt, the Patriots drove up the field and finished it off with a Rob Gronkowski touchdown.
This belief that the Patriots were going to comeback became an affirmation, a deep conviction that any fan, there or watching at home, could feel. Peyton could feel the heat, and after the Patriots got it to within three, he threw a crucial interception to Logan Ryan in their own territory.
What was at first a cold, frigid night, turned into a warm, electric night at Gillette Stadium. The Patriots added a field goal, and had it not been for a questionable defensive holding call that negated an Aqib Talib interception, the game wouldn't have made it to overtime.

Wes Welker was back to receive, and he made a late call telling everyone to get away from the ball.
It was one of the most memorable games in Patriots history, let alone the Brady-Manning era, and one that fans, both those who stayed faithful and those who left, will remember forever. Anytime these two are on the same field, there's always a chance that something special could happen, so Sunday afternoon will be one to watch. Soak up the last few weeks of gorgeous fall foliage in Boston while enjoying the Boston Comedy Festival, opening days of ice skating on Boston Common's Frog Pond, the annual Veterans Day parades (yes, we have two of them), and the season's first performances of The Nutcrackerat our stunning Opera House. Sports fans love Boston during November because we have three top teams to watch and cheer: the Celtics, the Bruins, and New England Patriots, with plenty of local games scheduled throughout the month.
Discount tickets for November 2016 are just beginning to become available - so check back later for more! Some of Boston's top restaurants serve special once-a-year Thanksgiving dinners where you can enjoy a memorable meal, ranging from formal traditional dinners to more casual buffets. The Boston Celtics play their first full month of the regular season, with plenty of home games at TD Garden.  Get ready for some green and white action! Get your Boston Bruins tickets for November home games, and head over to TD Garden for some fast action on the ice.
The Garden's convenient location next to North Station and close to Faneuil Marketplace makes it super-easy to get to.
Don't miss the chance to see Boston's hockey team, winner of 6 Stanley Cup championships! Boston Pride, part of the National Women's Hockey League, is the city's newest professional team and the first time ever that women are getting paid to play professional hockey. Faneuil Hall Marketplace puts up its giant Christmas tree and turns on the lights for Blink! Look for Globe Santa at the Marketplace every Wednesday through Sunday during the holiday season.

Over 4,000 art fans, collectors, and shoppers attend the School of the Museum of Fine Arts' annual sale each year to snap up the fabulous creations by faculty, students, and alums.  Thousands of paintings, photographs, prints, sculpture, new media, and more! Find out how a Boston Discount Card gives you free entrance to museums and lots of other attractions every day while your card is valid - plus you get to go straight to the head of the line. In preparation:  Take a nap right after Thanksgiving dinner, pack a turkey sandwich, start early, and keep your sense of humor!
To enjoy one of Boston's most unique holiday concerts, head over to Faneuil Marketplace on Saturday, November 28 at 2pm, when more than 150 tuba players will delight the crowd when they perform their annual free holiday concert of Christmas classics. Never heard 150 tubas in concert before?  Then you should definitely attend - this is an awesome concert! Festive holiday events take place throughout the last 3 weeks of November as dazzling holiday decorations get put into place, such as these giant golden balls, part of an expansive display in Prudential's South Garden.
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The Patriots couldn't stop turning the ball over, and before you knew it they were down 24-0 at the end of the first half. By the end of the first half, my entire row, and section for that matter, had exited the stadium, sick of both the Patriots play and the uncomfortably cold temperatures.

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