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After the New England Patriots stomped the Colts 45-7 last Sunday, the NFL was tipped off by Indianapolis to look into the game balls used by the Pats.
The network recorded that last week the New England used balls 2 pounds per square inch below the air pressure required by NFL regulations. Under inflating game balls gives the team using them an unfair advantage because flat footballs are much easier to catch, throw, and fly differently through the air. Had Patriots quarterback Tom Brady played a perfect game, the secret might have stayed with New England. After being brought down near the Colts 6 yard-line, Jackson returned the football to a ball manager and reported that the ball felt “flat” to him.
According to TMZ, the new lovebirds where seen taking a stroll at Straight Wharf in Nantucket over the weekend. The stunning, divorced and hot mom of two, Lima has been linked to a number of men in the past including former husband Marko Jaric and Joe Thomas. The wide receiver made his NFL debut in 2009 for the New England Patriots and helped the team win Super Bowl XLIX in 2015. He played one year of college football at College of San Mateo, and three years at Kent State University. He was re-signed by the New England Patriots as an unrestricted free agent on March 18, 2014.
Lima’s new man has totaled 142 punt returns for 1,697 yards during his career, a 12.0 average, tying the best in Patriots history and seventh in NFL history. Edelman earned his first career Pro Bowl invitation in 2014 after finishing eighth in the NFL with 92 receptions. Adriana –who was married for five-years to NBA player Marko Jaric –is also the mother of two children, Valentina and Sienna Lima, both born from her marriage to Jaric. Julian has also done some modeling and according to his page, he is a smoothie “connoisseur”; basically he is also a model who likes to eat healthy, who better partner for Adriana Lima.
In a move that many saw forthcoming, the Houston Texans have announced that they have given Andre Johnson, one of the league’s very best wide receivers, permission to seek a trade.
If Johnson wants to be on the best possible team, what could be better than becoming a Patriot?

Tom Brady has maybe about two to three years left at an elite level, and giving him a weapon of Johnson’s caliber would maximize Brady’s production.
Aaron Rodgers certainly makes the most of what he has, but I doubt he would mind if the Packers’ front office decided to make a run at Johnson. Johnson could go to any team in the league because every one will want him; it really breaks down to what teams are willing to give up and what the Texans are asking for. However, early in the second quarter Brady threw an interception near the goal line to Colts linebacker D’Qwell Jackson.
This eventually would reach the league office and spark the investigation that led to the discovery of the under inflated balls. And while nothing has been discovered by the league that catches the Pats red-handed,investigations are still underway. In 2007, Belichick was fined $500,000 for having an assistant spy on the New York Jets’ defensive signals. The site says Lima and Julian were introduced by mutual friends in early July, while in Miami and have been seeing each other ever since. In college he was a quarterback, but after being selected in the 7th round of the 2009 NFL draft, he converted to wide receiver. He was originally drafted by New England in the seventh round (232nd overall) of the 2009 NFL Draft and re-signed by New England as an unrestricted free agent. Also had a 15.5-yard return average in 2012 but was limited due to injury to 17 punt returns in nine games.
Who knows, what we do know is that the Brazilian stunner and hunky Edelman looked pretty into each other.
Though he tallied less than 1,000 receiving yards in 15 games last year (936), the 33-year-old remains a top pass-catcher when he is healthy and has a competent quarterback throwing to him. Sure, whichever team lands Johnson will not be getting the second-round-fantasy-pick Andre Johnson, but they will be getting a seasoned veteran who has played in 47 of 48 possible games in the last three years. Granted, I have no idea how the salaries would work, but, fresh off of a Super Bowl XLIX victory over the Seattle Seahawks, I could definitely see the Pats welcoming Johnson with open arms. I can guarantee you the Patriots aren’t looking to wait until ten years until their next Super Bowl, so it would be intriguing to see a very anti-Belichickian move by getting Johnson.

Jody Nelson is currently Rodgers’ most reliable option to throw to, there is not much else for him to lean upon. Carolina is in that weird “pretty good, but not great” zone that teams are in right before they jump to contender status. Because trades are not all-that common in football, it is hard to gauge which clubs have the best shots at trading for Johnson. Famous for her Super Bowl Ads, Lima and WR Julian Edelman were pictured holding hands in broad daylight.
Having said that, a new relationship with a famous and successful athlete like Julian Edelman, makes perfect sense. The following year, he set a franchise record with a 94-yard punt return for a touchdown vs. Most of all, the anti-diva receiver is hungry for a Super Bowl ring, meaning he will likely angle to be traded to a contending team.
Adding him to the mix would give New England its second big, strong receiver to work with (Gronk being the first).
Green Bay certainly feels the pressure to succeed next season after their heartbreaking loss to the Seahawks in the NFC Championship Game, and Johnson may give their offense a shot in the arm while balancing the pass and the run. Regardless, if he gets his wish and lands on a contender, you can be sure that the will make quite the impact. Cam Newton has had an up-and-down NFL career, but his youth and athleticism give me hope that he can one day be a Top-5 quarterback. Kelvin Benjamin came on last year with 1,008 receiving yards and 9 TDs, while Greg Olsen remained a strong target with the same yardage and 6 TDs.
Investing in Johnson would show a commitment to giving Cam the tools he needs, and perhaps elevate the entire team to being one of the favorites in the NFC.

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