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February 1st was the date for probably the biggest sporting event on US soil for the year 2015.
This logo came into being in the year 93 and what unique about the patriots logo is that they always used the help of amateurs.
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Rugged happy go lucky jock gets the hot cheerleader, who says life isn’t like high school? Although this year has just started and a lot more is yet to come but by the look of things, Super-Bowl will be hard to beat. I knew a dude that was banging a jets cheerleader and he wasnt even good looking or had a good job. She is friends with Camille and I have been admiring her on Facebook for some time now in the pics my friend would post.
It’s that event of the year where 63,000 fans will witness the XLIX 49th version on the star studded event.

The Patriots are the richest and biggest team in the league but their logos have a humble beginning. I do hope that these kids waited until after the Super Bowl to express interest in each other, though.

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