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Tom Brady and Andy Dalton of the Cincinnati Bengals hug after the game at Gillette Stadium on October 5, 2014. BOSTON (CBS) — With the way the 7-0 Patriots are playing right now, and the weakness of their remaining schedule, the road to Super Bowl 50 looks as likely as ever to go through Foxboro. Just one problem: there are two other undefeated teams in the conference, and they both have a chance to beat the Pats for the top two seeds. The Patriots and Broncos are both 7-0 and don’t play each other until Week 12 at Denver. The undefeated Bengals are exceeding most people’s expectations this season, mainly on the strength of quarterback Andy Dalton enjoying a career-best season. Since the Patriots and Bengals don’t face each other in the regular season, the playoff tiebreakers between the teams come down to circumstances somewhat beyond their control.
Of course, this could all prove meaningless if the Patriots simply finish with a better record than the Bengals. Between both the Patriots’ and Bengals soft remaining schedules, one big outlier is the 6-2 Arizona Cardinals, who play Cincinnati at home in Week 12 and do not play the Patriots in the regular season. Tom Brady congratulates Peyton Manning after the Broncos defeated the Patriots 26-16 in the 2013 AFC Championship game at Sports Authority Field.
As stunning as this sounds, the Patriots may actually need to go 16-0 to secure the #1 seed in the AFC.
Whatever happens with Denver and Cincinnati from here on out, the Patriots just need to focus on winning as many games as possible. The Chiefs have three total PRIMETIME games: Sunday night vs the Steelers, Thursday night against the Raiders and Christmas night against the Broncos. Check out the Black and Blue Report, a 30-minute show about the New Orleans Saints and Pelicans.

New Orleans Saints were one of the first professional teams to have Gatorade Fuel Bar installed At the beginning of the 2013 season, the New Orleans Saints were one of the first professional sports teams to integrate the latest state-of-the-art fueling and education systems to its training facilities, the Gatorade Fuel Bar.
Natalie Halcro is a hot fashion blogger, who dates Denver Broncos linebacker Shaun Phillips, and who will star alongside her cousin Olivia Pierson on the new reality show “WAGs” which debuts August 18th on the E! Jordan Poyer Takes A Nap On Rachel Bush’s Pillows Cleveland Browns safety Jordan Poyer is one lucky man.
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Apex Boxing Opens in Mahwah, New Jersey We are pleased to announce that we are now officially open for business. As long as they win as many games as possible (and I’m not going there with you-know-what-and-0 yet), the Patriots should end up with home field advantage throughout the AFC Playoffs.
The former second-round pick looks to have made a leap forward this season, but still has questions to answer about his ability to perform in the postseason and big games in general. If they maintain their current pace and finish with the same amount of wins as the Patriots, they would have a chance to beat New England in tiebreakers for home field advantage. If their records against the AFC could be the impressiveness of the teams’ wins that could determine playoff byes.
This obscure criterion measures the winning percentage of the opponents each team has beaten and awards the higher seed to the team with the higher winning percentage among defeated opponents. A victory over the Cardinals would give the Bengals a massive boost in the strength of victory tiebreaker. If they lose at Denver and both of those teams end up 15-1, obviously the Broncos win the top seed; if the Bengals also manage a 15-1 record, they could leapfrog the Patriots for the #2 seed if these complicated tiebreakers shake out the way they potentially could. It’s still too early to think about anyone going 16-0, and it remains a question mark for Dalton to play this way throughout the season for the Bengals (and for coach Marvin Lewis not to screw it up).

Because if they and the Bengals end up with the same record, it could be their opponents’ performance, rather than their own, that could determine who gets home field.
Arrowhead will be rockin' this year as the Chiefs stadium hosts a December game against the Raiders and CHRISTMAS NIGHT at Arrowhead against the Broncos.
The Broncos, meanwhile, have been saved by their defense for most of the season while Peyton Manning and Gary Kubiak have struggled to figure out the best way to run the offense.
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Both New England and Cincinnati have to go to Denver to play the Broncos, who could decide their own fate with victories in those games. So unless they can keep the momentum going from their impressive 29-10 win over the Green Bay Packers on Sunday Night Football, it would be difficult for the Broncos to lean on their defense as heavily as they have all the way to 15 wins – especially as the weather gets colder and the games get tougher for Manning to throw.
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