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The New England Patriots have seven wins through nine games for the fifth time in the Brady-Belichick era. New England has had to deal with numerous injuries to key players this season, most notably on defense. With Jerod Mayo and Vince Wilfork sidelined for the rest of the season, the Pats will be counting on several young players to step up as the playoffs approach.
Aqib Talib hasn’t played since the win over the New Orleans Saints and his status is still up in the air. The Patriots’ offense was justifiably called in to question throughout the first half of the season. Tom Brady and Bill Belichick have a tendency to win games down the stretch of the regular season, when it matters most.
The Cleveland Browns have a somewhat delicate situation with Corey Coleman to try to both utilize him as a rookie while still developing him for the long term.
Corey Coleman was the first selection of the newest Cleveland Browns regime in addition to being the face of this youth movement at wide receiver. The natural question is, how do the Browns develop and utilize Coleman so that he can get his career off to a good start? At Baylor, Coleman played at the X wide receiver, lined up exclusively on the left nearest to the sideline. Coleman possessed the speed to stretch defenses deep, the agility to make opposing tacklers miss and more than enough strength to be confident in anything he was doing with flashes of him simply overpowering opponents. When the Browns got a hold of Coleman, there was some hope that he was more advanced as a technical wide receiver and he just hasn’t shown it yet.
Now that the Browns have him, they could just keep him as that X receiver on the left the way Baylor did and try to expand his route tree. There’s no question that Coleman will still have a physical advantage against a lot of NFL competition, but it won’t be nearly as decisive as it was in the Big XII. The best thing that Hue Jackson can do to create opportunities to get the ball in Coleman’s hands is to move him around the formation. Against man coverage, it switches who is covering Coleman, which can create a favorable matchup.
And while the Browns are already trying to expand Coleman’s route tree, motion would allow him to focus on mastering a smaller number of routes if necessary.
Improved technique will be what allows him to go from being a dangerous receiver to a dominant one, winning at all levels of the field, but that takes time.
This is where fellow rookies Jordan Payton and Rashard Higgins might get a nod over Coleman if they have to make a choice. Payton is a good athlete in his own right, but the Browns balanced out their draft at wide receiver by picking Coleman and Ricardo Louis as explosive athletes with huge upside while taking Payton and Higgins who need to be step in and play their roles early. If Coleman can prove viable on third down and in the red zone opportunities where Robert Griffin III (likely) is comfortable throwing the ball his way, it would be a major step in his development. There is a ton to like about Coleman as a prospect, but it isn’t realistic to expect greatness out of him right away. 3 games left on the schedule with their next game at home game against the Steelers this Sunday, a road game with division rival New Orleans Saints and the season finale at home against the Carolina Panthers.
Belinelli inherited a starting role in Chicago, ravaged by injuries last year, and he can play 28-30 minutes in a pinch. Go to best deal casinos to find the best deals for betvictor casino and other well-known online casinos. With the 2014 league officially over, teams have been moving on to 2015 and roster moves have already been made. Both of the Lions starting defensive tackles are headed for free agency, and the Lions ultimately only have enough cap room to retain one of them. Like Detroit, Dallas has two marquee free agents in Bryant and running back DeMarco Murray, but will only be able to retain one of them. Revis finally won his Super Bowl with the Patriots and there is always a chance for him to return on a more team-friendly deal, but Pittsburgh is another intriguing option. McCourty will likely receive the franchise tag in New England, but if he does not, Tennessee could be an option where his twin brother, Jason, plays. As I mention in a previous article, Hardy makes sense for the Bengals and shouldn’t come as much of a surprise.
Unlike Osi Umenyiora and Justin Tuck, who the Giants let walk in previous offseasons, Pierre-Paul just turned 26 and his best years may be ahead of him. Cobb will likely look for a team where he will be the top wide receiver after playing second fiddle to Jordy Nelson in Green Bay. The Chiefs are reportedly set on obtaining Maclin and it makes sense for a number of reasons.
While Detroit may let Fairley walk in favor of Suh, he may wind up landing a better situation in Seattle, where they have played in the Super Bowl in the past two seasons. Hughes resuscitated his career after being traded to Buffalo and is one of the more sought after free agents this offseason.
A shakeup in the Cowboys secondary is imminent and in a cornerback-shallow draft, they will need to lock up a corner in free agency. Jacksonville attempted to land Alex Mack last year, but the Browns matched his offer sheet. If New England loses out on Darrelle Revis, they will need to find some type of replacement.

Oakland is expected to pursue Knighton, who played under head coach Jack Del Rio last year when he was Denver’s defensive coordinator. Neither the Browns nor Cameron are interested in remaining together, so he will test the free agent market.
With Ahmad Brooks a possible cap casualty, the 49ers will need to search for a replacement. Pittsburgh needs an upgrade at nose tackle, where they have not seen consistency since Casey Hampton.
Miami will try to retain Odrick, but after lashing out on his coaches last December, he may look for greener pastures. The Cowboys line finally gelled last season, so they will likely do what they can to retain continuity. Andy Levitre will likely be a cap casualty and the Titans may look past Iupati due to his injury history. Houston is not tagging Jackson or breaking the bank on him, so he will likely walk as a free agent. Morgan may have never become the edge rusher Tennessee envisioned when they drafted him, but he performed very well as a strongside linebacker when the team switched to a 3-4 last season. Spiller has been linked to the Jets since Chan Gailey was hired at the team’s offensive coordinator.
Houston found a gem in the seventh round of the 2011 draft in Newton, who has been a serviceable right tackle in the NFL.
Harris excelled with Rex Ryan at the helm, so it wouldn’t come as a surprise to seem him follow his old head coach to Buffalo. One of the few bright spots on the Bears defense, Chicago will likely be aggressive in retaining him.
With McVay at OC and with a season of experience under his belt (as well as a second offseason), Jordan Reed should be one of the league’s most dangerous pass-catchers next season. Three of the previous four seasons they accomplished this, the Pats went to the Super Bowl. New England is currently ranked 30th in the NFL in rushing yards allowed per game, which is directly related to the injuries of those defensive captains. Ridley, Blount, and Bolden have not been able to replace the pass-catching and screen play skills that Vereen has. If the offense continues to progress the way it has, New England should have every opportunity to compete in the playoffs. The expectations for the Browns this year should be pretty low in terms of the standings but there will be pressure for Coleman in particular to show that Hue Jackson’s group has this team headed in the right direction.
His remarkable physical gifts made it so the second he walked onto the field, he had a decisive advantage over anyone tasked with trying to cover him. Despite his route tree being limited to running screens, hitches and go routes, he was still able to win the Fred Biletnikoff Award as the nation’s top receiver, recording an impressive 74 catches for 13,63 yards and 20 touchdowns in 12 games.
Jay Lee, Coleman’s teammate, currently with the Detroit Lions, had the same limited route tree at Baylor, but when he was able to participate at the Senior Bowl practices, Lee showed he was more advanced than his college tape would lead anyone to believe.
It didn’t help that Coleman suffered a sports hernia during his final season at Baylor and the resulting surgery and recovery forced him to focus almost entirely on his athletic testing rather than the nuances of the position.
However, without the overwhelming physical dominance he possessed in college, this ends up limiting him more than it helps.
Certainly, they will have him line up in different spots, but one of the concepts Jackson will import from his time with the Cincinnati Bengals is the use of motion.
Realistically, Coleman could run nothing but screens, hitches and go’s this year and find ways to make plays just by having Jackson use motion to create favorable matchups.
His out of this world agility combined with blazing speed make him a threat to score anytime the ball in his hands, so as important as the route tree is, creating mismatches does more for both Coleman and the Browns on offense. His outstanding body control will shorten that learning curve when it comes to executing and understanding how to run routes. Unless he shows he is just completely ill equipped for the NFL, the Browns appear poised to make sure Coleman gets enough touches to show some flashes of his play-making capability and build his confidence for the future. However, on third down and in the red zone, Jackson might put a premium on execution and given where Coleman is in his development, he might not be the obvious choice.
The Browns picked them specifically due to the fact they were so polished coming out of college. When plays break down, some receivers have a knack for finding space for their quarterback to throw the ball.
Outside of general direction the return is designed to go, Coleman would basically be able to use his athleticism however he chooses. Nevertheless, Hue Jackson and his staff  can take what he already does well and try to take advantage of it now while he becomes a more well-rounded player in the long run.
Next up is their friendly divisonal rival New Orleans Saints at the Super Dome where under Mike Smith the Falcons are 1-6 and are 4-9 overall since Smith has been head coach in Atlanta beginning in 2008. Enter Marco Belinelli, the 27-year-old swingman that, if you squint, kind of resembles Ginobili. They amassed a 6.2 points per 100 possessions margin, still awesome, in his absence last year.
Free agency is 24 days away and many players will still be released before that day, but for the most part, the top free agents are already known and greener pastures may be in their future.
Suh will be targeted by them and will likely make him the richest defensive tackle in league history.

Revis grew up in Pennsylvania and went to college in Pittsburgh, so there is a chance he could return to his hometown team. The franchise tag is a possibility, but in the end I can see Pierre-Paul signing a long-term deal to stay in blue. While I think Julius Thomas’ production was a result of playing in a Peyton Manning offense, he may see similar production on a Green Bay squad helmed by another elite quarterback. Indianapolis is ready to move on from the Trent Richardson fiasco and need a game-changer at running back to take some pressure off of Andrew Luck.
Kansas City is desperate for an upgrade at wide receiver and Maclin is from Missouri (though his hometown is closer to St. Louis has a messy situation along their offensive line, which at one point had Left tackle Greg Robinson playing inside. Aaron Rodgers has been very vocal about retaining him and he performed well in 2014 when finally healthy.
Flowers had a rough season in San Diego, but he was hampered with injuries throughout the season. Many defensive coordinators likely see his value with his hand in the dirt in a 4-3, which is likely how he will land his next deal. Larry Donnell showed flashes in New York, but overall, the Giants could upgrade at tight end.
Quarterback Blake Bortles looks like he could be the next David Carr if he isn’t protected.
Chicago was decimated at cornerback all season and will need to address this in the offseason.
Clay has the potential to break out, and Peyton Manning could possibly help him reach his full potential. Many teams will likely pursue Smith, but when it is all said and done, he will likely return to the only team he has known in his professional career.
Re-signing with Tennessee is an option, but with Dic LeBeau present, Jason Worilds could also be targeted. Even Spiller has mentioned his desire to play with Gailey, with whom Spiller achieved his best season in the NFL.
If they decide to find a replacement in free agency instead of the draft, Ingram could be a viable replacement.
The Florida Gators product definitely exceeded expectations in his first season in the league, and it’s clear that both he and Pierre Garcon are excellent targets in the passing game for soon-to-be-third-year QB Robert Griffin III. He’s incredibly quick for a tight end, and his speed and explosiveness make him a massive weapon for RG3 and the Redskins offense.
Clearly the Patriots are in a good spot, with a two game lead on the New York Jets in the AFC East race. In the next six games Talib would cover Steve Smith, Demaryius Thomas, Andre Johnson, Josh Gordon, Mike Wallace, and Torrey Smith. The Patriots have been missing Shane Vereen since he suffered a wrist injury week 1 against the Bills. Brian Hartline, now released, was actually quite effective in this area last year, coming up with a few touchdowns(in the preseason and regular season) because he instinctively knew where to go and Josh McCown was able to find him. If he’s comfortable in that role, there’s no simpler way for him to have a potential impact.
If Coleman can find ways to contribute as a rookie while becoming more technically proficient, he could become everything the Browns intended in selecting him 15th overall. Next up, it is the final game of the regular season to take on the Carolina Panthers for the NFC South Crown. The Falcons look to change their road woes against the Saints in a positive way beginning this Sunday when it matters most. In a free agency class that may be the best ever, here is a look at the top 40 free agents and an idea of where they will land. One issue standing in the way, however, is unlike Houston, placing the franchise tag on Suh will cost way too much for Detroit. The Redskins can pretty much line him up anywhere, and he would have posted insane numbers this past season had his year not been cut short by a pretty severe concussion. He is eligible to return for the Monday night game against the Carolina Panthers, and has been practicing. Kickoff that was previously set for 1pm EST has been moved to 4:25pm EST and for some strange season is being picked up by CBS.
Additionally, Maclin played for Andy Reid in Philadelphia and could be interested in a reunion. 2 option and should already be regarded as one of the most versatile pass-catching tight ends in the NFL. Reed should pick up where he left off next season, and I would be surprised he if he doesn’t pick up at least 70 receptions in his second season.
When opponents are able to stay with him, that will force him to win with technique which is something to watch as the season progresses. I can not recall ever CBS doing an all NFC matchup outside of their involvement now with the NFL Network and Thursday Night Football.

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