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Everyone loves talking about the best games of the year in the NFL, so today I wanted to do something different. This week four matchup will likely be tight, as division battles usually are, but when you look at the history between these two teams, there is a very, VERY good chance the Pats will win this game. I certainly don’t think the Pats will blow Buffalo out of the water, but I also doubt the Bills will win. Having said that, when your quarterback throws to a guy that often (174 targets last year), you know he is an important receiver. Getty ImagesLast July, the Panthers waived running back Tyler Gaffney with a knee injury that was going to force him to miss the entire season. Carolina intended to put Gaffney on injured reserve, but didn’t want to hold the roster spot until they could do it without going through the waiver process.
Gaffney ran for 1,709 yards and 21 touchdowns at Stanford in 2013, but it will be almost three years since his last meaningful on-field action if he is out until 2016. Seriously, I’m Wondering if he’s having trouble holding onto fully inflated balls?
Word is he couldn’t hear the audio from his headset correctly or look at teams practices accurately enough.

Gaffney’s original injury was a torn meniscus, which is not a season ending injury in most cases.
Bill likes the idea of signing guys with injuries and storing them for the future but, based on my recollection, the return in investment has been low. This is an unofficial and independent source of news and information not affiliated with any team(s) or the National Football League (NFL). If you are a member in good standing, then you can navigate to the 2015 Miami Dolphins Media Guide from the navigation bar at the top of the forums. Post your jokes or pictures or anything else that might make fun of or insult the Patriots! The last time New England lost a game at home to the Bills in which they actually tried to win (finale in 2014 the starters sat) was in 2000, before Gillette Stadium was built, and before Tom Brady was the quarterback. He was essentially Julian Edelman's backup at the beginning of last year, and apparently Welker thinks he may not have gotten back in the rotation if Aaron Hernandez and Rob Gronkowski did not get injured. Welker played two season outside of New England and he had one touchdown and under 100 catches. Gronk and Hernandez are great but they barely spent any time on the field together last season because of injuries, Brandon Lloyd apparently has an attitude problem and will not return, Edelman fights injuries, and that leaves almost nobody for Brady to throw to.

The Patriots didn’t mind doing that, claimed Gaffney and held onto the 2014 sixth-round pick until they could make the necessary transaction. Ian Rapoport of NFL Media reports that Gaffney, who has been sidelined since early in camp, is going on waivers with an injured designation and that the Pats intend to stash him on injured reserve again this year if he goes unclaimed. Also, in the sticky section of the main forum, there is a link to vote on your top 50 dolphins players of all time. Either way, Rosenthal goes on to say that the Patriots are in need of wide receivers, and quite frankly, Wes Welker needs Brady and the Patriots because it is the only scheme he has really been successful in. Even with his early benching, Welker still was targeted more times this past year than any year prior. He still has not won a Super Bowl, and I guarantee if he leaves he will not win one anywhere else. If Welker goes to get big money elsewhere, we will see a Deion Branch rerun, and Welker will come crawling back as a shell of his former self.

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