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After a challenge and a video review New England Patriots running back Shane Vereen (#34) celebrates his second touchdown of the game with New England Patriots running back Stevan Ridley (#22) in the third quarter. The New England Patriots have Stevan Ridley and Shane Vereen in the mix to be their top RB this season and fantasy football owners in Week 1 should look at those names as starters over James White or Brandon Bolden, as they have the most experience of the group and are the more likely options to put up fantasy points this year, although White could end up as a sleeper in deep leagues.
Ridley previously was looked at as the starter but now that is in question, as ESPN beat writer Mike Reiss writes that Ridley may not even make the roster this season. Ridley had his best season two years ago, rushing for 1,263 yards on the season and scoring 12 touchdowns, but last year his numbers were down. Last season Ridley had some issues for ball control and he was pushed out of the starting job and now that Vereen is coming back from an injury, he could end up as the starting back.
Vereen isn't known as a great rusher compared to his pass catching skills, but he has been getting playing time in the preseason with the first team offense and that likely means he will be the starter. Belichick loves going against what everyone expects though, so in deeper leagues grabbing names like Bolden and White are smart options. Over the next couple of days, Musket Fire will be running an end of year, ‘report card’ feature, that will give a final grade to each positional group for the 2013 season. Despite some fumble problems, Stevan Ridley also had a good year, as he led the team in rushing. On Sunday, he got a lot of help from his running back; something New England fans havena€™t been able to say too often since Corey Dillon left in 2006.
Second-year back Stevan Ridley carried the ball 21 times for 125 yards a€“ both career highs — and found the end zone late in the third quarter to put New England on top 28-10 in their eventual 34-13 season-opening victory over the Titans. For Ridley, who was used sparingly throughout his rookie season, it was a surprise to get that many touches. Barring injuries, San Francisco's defense is strong enough to win games and division titles, as it did last season, without much help from the offense. The Gardiner football team is off to a strong start, winning its first two games by a combined score of 58-14.
He never thought that he'd end up serving as the catalyst of the offense during the Patriots' 34-13 win over the Titans Sunday and end up carrying the ball 21 times for 125 yards. Ridley showed good burst in his first performance since BenJarvus Green-Ellis took off for Cincinnati during the offseason during free agency, but his best work came during a third-quarter scoring drive where he accounted for 35 of New England's 48 yards. The second-year running back bounced outside the left tackle for a 15-yard gain on his first carry of the series, then took the ball to the right for a gain of five. Head coach Bill Belichick was pleased with Ridley's performance but gave credit to the offensive line. Ridley, who ran 87 times for 441 yards last season, agreed with Belichick's assessment of the offensive line, though added that getting in a zone early put him in a position to succeed.
Friday we saw the much awaited return of New England Patriots football in a preseason matchup against the Philadelphia Eagles.
Shane Vereen- Vereen didn’t have a huge impact running the ball in this game, as his big opportunities came through the passing game. Brandon Bolden- Bolden had some of his looks stolen from him by the new LeGarrette Blount, and even with his touches, he didn’t stand out very much. Leon Washington- The final man on this list, is someone who didn’t even record a carry, but impacted the game in two other ways.
No doubt the Patriots running game looked fantastic in this game, but you have to take it with a grain of salt. That seems a bit much, but fantasy owners should keep an eye on those developments as the week moves to the start of the schedule. He played in 14 games and those two missed games were for issues with ball control and the head ball coach in Bill Belichick and that is why fantasy owners have some pause with him right now.
Vereen is a great pass catching receiver out of the backfield and he could be a great fantasy option in PPR leagues, as he was on his way to a great season before getting injuries last year and he came back for the playoffs and showed off what he could do.

Bolden is also used in the passing game sometimes and last season he had 21 catches to go along with 271 rushing yards and he could get more touches if Ridley is gone.
I would love to give them an A+, just based on their overall performance, but when you gain 64 yards in the biggest game of the year, an A+ is out of the question. Shane Vereen missed eight games due to a broken wrist, but he was a dominant force in the passing game when he was healthy. I still believe that Ridley is the most talented back the Pats have, as what he bring to the table is overall a little better than both Blount, and Vereen. If you said at the beginning of the 2013 season, that LeGarrette Blount would end up being a key contributor to the Pats playoff run, then you should be in Vegas, winning millions of dollars every year. Bolden filled in well when his name was called, but overall, he didn’t make much of an impact this year. The Tigers beat Belfast 27-6 in their opener, then came back and beat Morse 31-8 on Friday.
On the next play, he ran up the gut for a gain of 14 and capped off the drive with a 1-yard touchdown run.
He looked as if he had bulked up over the offseason, and it really showed, as he bullied the Eagles defense around, bruising every player who tried to get a hold of him. Vereen only had three carries for 12 yards in his first half of play, but more worth taking a look at was his contributions to the passing game, something that will be relied upon when the regular season rolls around. LeGarrette Blount showed exactly why the Patriots traded for him this offseason; his shocking power.
He managed only 14 yards on four carries, while playing with the second and third team offenses. Washington will never be expected to do much carrying on the Patriots, not with fresher and more talented carriers like Ridley, Vereen, Blount and Bolden, but we all know Washington’s really talent lie in his pass catching and return skills. This was a rather poor Eagles defense they gashed, but it was very impressive how badly they bullied them around. With that in mind, Vereen is the better option the first week of the season and especially in PPR leagues, as he is a great receiver out of the backfield. Ridley went for 773 yards on 178 carries and that number was down from 290 carries the previous season. Vereen had more receptions than rushing attempts, but the previous season he had a career high 251 yards and he could end up as the most consistent back for the team. White comes in with strong numbers from college and while that doesn't always translate, he has had quite the college career with 45 touchdowns in four seasons. Vereen is unstoppable as a receiver, because there is not linebacker in the league that can cover him. His combination of vision, speed, quickness, and power is something that is pretty rare to find in today’s NFL, and the Pats will need him on the field, if they wish to return to the AFC Championship. This guy came into New England as a washed up back, who everybody assumed was here for depth.
However I thought Develin was one of the most underrated Patriot players, as he paved holes for Vereen, Ridley, and Blount all year long. In this article, I will be looking at the positives and negatives of the five running backs who played significant time (sorry George Winn, -2 yards on one carry won’t get you onto this recap) last night. It was Ridley who started the game off with a 61 yard dash down to the Eagles 18 yard line. He managed two catches for 18 yards, which included an incredible catch over the shoulder from Tom Brady in the first quarter.
Blount was blowing up defenders all over the field, and ended up playing more second string running back than Shane Vereen did. Last year it seemed like him and Ridley were going to be a dual-headed threat of power and explosiveness, but perhaps Bolden has surrendered this spot to Blount.

He caught one pass at the end of the half from Tim Tebow for 15 yards, but also added 39 return yards on two kickoff attempts, and six yards on his lone punt return.
Ridley and Blount were powerful, and did whatever they wanted too, and Vereen showed his pass catching prowess, which will force defenses to be far more honest when he is on the field. But as the year went on, Blount got better and better, until he became an unstoppable force by the end of the regular season.
Fullbacks aren’t very popular in this day and age, but Develin put together a hell of year, doing nothing but blocking for his teammates (although he did have one sweet touchdown). While this was a fantastic run, showing some excellent quick bursts of speed to get to the next level, he didn’t have either the energy, or pure speed to finish the play. Vereen was also targeted four times as a receiver, which equalled the amount the other five running backs combined for. Blount has been a question mark as to whether he’ll make the final roster, but if anything, this helped his chances immensely. While he didn’t show his trademark explosive return abilities this game, I still expect Washington to shoulder a lot of these responsibilities when the season comes around. That being said, I believe everyone was rather happy with the production, and I am very excited to see if they can maintain this next week against the Buccaneers. He said that Bill Belichick told him to lower his pads, which he said worked wonders, as he really began to take off after doing this.
Ridley isn’t known as a home-run hitter, but after big runs like that, you expect them to be finished.
While Vereen is a very competent second back, that can be used as a change of speed guy, he’s really going to show his worth in the passing game, especially on third down. Blount can be a serious weapon, helping Ridley shoulder some of the load of the running game. He is a big guy, so getting his pad level low is tough, but when he got it going, it was extremely tough for the opposition bring him down.
Hopefully we can see even more Vereen’s versatile talents in the Patriots next preseason game.
Power is something everyone expected from Blount, but what was also surprising to see was how nimble he can be. However he disappeared in the final game of the season, carrying the ball only five times, for a total of six yards. One play involved him doubling back twice, and getting a massive gain, eluding defenders at each level. Part of this wasn’t his fault, as the Pats fell behind early, but it was a little disappointing to see him on the sidelines for the majority of the contest. Blount may be the newest addition to the Patriots backfield, but he made his presence known, as he ended his night with 11 carries for 101 yards and two touchdowns. Ridley is a powerful back, and if he has the explosive ability to burn defenses the way he did this game, it makes him even more dangerous. It’ll be interesting to see how the former 1000 yard rusher performs against his former team, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers next week. Also worth noting is that Ridley did not fumble, easily his biggest problem from last year.
While it was only a single preseason game where he only played a few series, this very encouraging, and I’m sure all Patriots fans agree with me.

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