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There are lots of parties going on next week, however, and PT has you covered like Bernard Pollard. Cornyn's Birthday BBQThe new senior Senator of Texas, Republican John Cornyn, has also been making waves in Washington recently. 1st High-Dollar Event of 2013 Is HereWhile the NRSC rents out its building to McConnell, it will be generating some green of its own with a dinner at the Caucus Room. The Sunlight Foundation is a nonpartisan nonprofit that advocates for open government globally and uses technology to make government more accountable to all.
Jack Nicholson Jack Nicholson has been out of the public eye and he's a major icon, so if he ends up in the ballroom it will be a season unlike any other. What’s up, this weekend is nice in favor of me, since this point in time i am reading this impressive educational paragraph here at my home. Tom Brady threw 3 touchdown passes to beat the Ravens on Saturday night and made history by breaking Joe Montana’s record for most postseason touchdowns with 46. Brady tied the record with a touchdown toss to Gronk in the 3rd but broke it in the best way possible, by leading the team down the field being down by 3 in the 4th, and throwing a touchdown pass to Brandon LaFell to take the lead with not much time left. Brady also passed Peyton Manning for most postseason passing yards in NFL history in the first half with a touchdown to Danny Amendola.
Belichick weighed in on Brady passing Joe Montana’s postseason touchdowns with glowing praise for his QB. Sign up to receive our daily Patriots Gab newsletter, and keep up to date with all the latest New England Patriots news.
Celebrity Seats has all the best New England Patriots Tickets, Boston Red Sox Tickets, Boston Celtics Tickets, and Boston Bruins Tickets! The New York Jets 2015 NFL schedule has been released, revealing dates and times for all 16 regular season games.

The New York Jets had a disastrous season in 2014, finishing 4-12 and at the bottom of the division. So there is a lot to be optimistic about next year, though a fair deal of uncertainty as well.
The Jets will travel to play the following teams: Buffalo Bills, New England Patriots, Houston Texans, Indianapolis Colts, Dallas Cowboys, New York Giants, and Oakland Raiders.
Whether you're "Kaepernicking" in support of the 49ers (hint: You're not) or swear by the Ravens' so-intense-he-can't-even-keep-the-drool-in-his-mouth Ray Lewis, the "Harbowl" is shaping up to be a classic. We're going with the 49ers, because QB Colin Kaepernick isn't just playing for NFL prestige, the Vince Lombardi trophy or even a trip to Disney World -- he'll get free Red Robin FOR LIFE if he wins. He's holding firm against immigration reform, was one of only three to vote against new secretary of state John Kerry, and is leading the charge against former Nebraska Sen.
Mary Landrieu, D-La., could face a tough battle for re-election in 2014 as a blue politician in an increasingly red state. Enjoy the big game on Sunday - but don't get too invested in the festivities, because this one might already be decided by -- if opinion polls reflect reality -- God.
They parted ways with Rex Ryan, brought back some cornerbacks and have a new head coach in Todd Bowles. Party Time is usually pumped up for the big game because it can be a hotbed for political fundraisers, yet this year we've had no such luck -- not a single Super Bowl event! The ultra-conservative first voted against John Boehnor, R-Ohio, for House Speaker, then threatened to impeach President Obama over potential gun regulations, comparing him to Saddam Hussein. But she isn't going into the fight unprepared, as recent financial filings indicate that Landrieu has over $2.5 million in her coffers. But last month, Kirk valiantly climbed the steps of the Capitol, signifying his return to Washington.

Now find Seattle on the map, it should be easy because the next closest NFL team is 800 miles away (yes, I Google mapped it).
That means a little bit more travel than they’re usually accustomed to when going on the road to play the Jets. After making enemies on both sides of the aisle, he thinks now is a good time to start fundraising. Democrats claim Cornyn is on "Cruz-control," being heavily influenced by freshman Tea Party sweetheart Ted Cruz, R-Texas, in the hopes of avoiding a primary challenge in 2014.
The so-called "Bluegrass Committee" is holding a $1,000 reception benefitting McConnell's leadership PAC on friendly grounds, the offices of the National Republican Senatorial Committee. Now PT has obtained an invite to a reception that signifies his swift return to fundraising as well. Mitch must be awfully worried about 2014 -- this is his seventh fundraiser since the election just a couple months ago. The event is hosted by lobbying powerhouse Akin Gump, which contributed almost $900,000 to political candidates this past election, and they're expecting big bucks in return: A suggested maximum of $15,000 per PAC, and a minimum of $2,500 for individuals. But it's not so uncommon for Udall, who has climbed all 54 mountains in Colorado with peaks above 14,000 feet. We'll see at his Birthday BBQ Kick-Off Reception, where PACs are expected to shell out as much as $5,000 and individuals as much as $2,500.

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