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As the NFL regular season comes to a close, the playoffs are right on the horizon, which is really everyone’s favorite part of the NFL season. Most of the league gets eliminated, and their fans don’t have a team to root for, yadda, yadda, yadda.
Let’s take a look at the best playoff matchups possible for each conference and the Super Bowl. It became quite clear on Monday that the Patriots weren’t about to sign a veteran cast-off quarterback, either as back up for Cassel or as starter.
A crowd of about 28,000 were on hand to see the New England Revolution defeat NYCFC Saturday night in Foxborough. The goal of fans and supporters of a club (I use that term loosely with MLS teams) is to show up to games and do exactly that: impact the match in their team’s favor to the fullest extent possible in the stands. I am a Revolution supporter myself who has stood in The Fort, the standing-only section of the stadium for the team’s three main supporters groups: The Midnight Riders, The Rebellion, and Rev Army, for about 12 years running. From Buenos Aires to Manchester and Rome to Melbourne, these supporters had a visible passion for both their club and the game. Chants were brought up almost as if they appeared on a repeated playlist of ten or so songs. The Fort has turned into a social meet-up rather than a place where fans and supporters can share in their passion for the club and the sport.
More focus needs to be directed to the play and less on trying to muster up an artificial atmosphere. The 2015 Women’s World Cup begins Saturday, and Team USA is among the favorites to win the tournament despite a tough draw in Group D that includes Sweden, Australia and Nigeria.
As the 2016 NFL season approaches, rosters will begin shrinking down to the 53 players for Week 1. From rookies to longtime veterans, roster cuts are always a scary time for everyone in the NFL. The Cleveland Browns made their desire to keep wide receiver Josh Gordon in the fold clear publicly, but a new report suggests they set an asking price during trade discussions. According to NFL Media's Mike Garafolo, Cleveland asked for "a second-round pick and then some" during negotiations. The free-agent pool isn't quite what it was back in March, but NFL teams can still find players who can help them win in 2016.
Between veterans who have remained on the market for months and talented players who were recently cut for whatever reason, there are potential difference-makers looking for new homes.
The Cleveland Browns were reportedly interested in trading Josh Gordon after the star wide receiver was reinstated, but the asking price was too high.
According to Mike Garafolo of NFL Media, the Browns were seeking a€?a second-round pick and then somea€? from teams that inquired about Gordon. Dallas Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott isna€™t in any trouble with the NFL at the moment, but hea€™s being watched closely by the league office.

According to ESPNa€™s Ed Werder, the league is concerned with Elliotta€™s recent a€?pattern of behavior. Ita€™s no secret the San Diego Chargers are looking at the Cleveland Browns in the rear view mirror asA the NFLa€™s most dysfunctional organization. Veteran running back Stevan Ridley is drawing attention on the free-agent market with less than two weeks before the 2016 NFL regular season begins. The winless Jacksonville Jaguars will try to earn their first victory of the preseason at home Sunday night when they host the 1-1 Cincinnati Bengals as 1.5-point betting favorites at sportsbooks monitored by Odds Shark.
The National Football League reportedly created a new Chairmen's Committee this week that features five owners, who lead some of the league's most high-profile committees. There is a resounding feeling across all of football that the rookie season of Joey Bosa isn't heading toward trouble. The 2016 regular season is only a few weeks away, and NFL teams in need of last-minute additions to their secondary could start looking at free-agent safety Donte Whitner. Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo left Thursday's preseason game against the Seattle Seahawks with an apparent back injury, per NFL Network's Ian Rapoport. Every fantasy football owner has their own predictions for players who will burst onto the scene.
The expectations surrounding Tampa Bay Buccaneers kicker Roberto Aguayo are tremendously high, and the oldest active player in the NFL knows just how difficult it can be to live up to them. Adam Vinatieri, who is 43 and entering his 21st season as a pro, started out rough his rookie season with the New England Patriots. NEW YORK, NY – With the Wild Card round in the books, the NFL layoffs continue this weekend with the four divisional round games. Patriots signed Gutierrez as an undrafted free agent last year and kept him on their 53-man roster last season as third-string quarterback behind Tom Brady and Matt Cassel.
That left them with almost no depth and the only remaining short term way for the team to add depth at quarterback was to sign Gutierrez. This is what separates the supporter from the casual spectator who shows up once in a while to catch a game. I loved the experience as a youngster: the chanting, the camaraderie, and the feeling that my presence was making a difference. I became more observant of the fan culture in New England and compared it to cultures of other clubs around the world. The little things say a lot, and the story they tell is a disconnection from the actual game.
Or, my favorite, singing “RE-VO-LU-TION” half-heartedly for the twentieth time while a player is down with an injury and nothing is happening on the pitch.
The Fort has become a place where a Revs goal is celebrated with a quick high five to a nearby friend rather than a massive eruption of unbelievably impassioned fans.
Focus and attention toward the game is the most important ingredient to a passionate fan base.

While many fringe players will see their professional journeys hit a road block of sorts, there is the possibility that some will catch on with another team for 2016. As teams try to settle on a final roster before the season begins, noteworthy players will end up without a job. People finally get to watch their their favorite teams for the first time in several months, but it’s sometimes hard to tell what they can actually take away. Unfortunately, at the end of the day, only 12 of the NFL's 32 franchises are awarded the opportunity to compete in the playoffs. The Joey Bosa situation, which was preceded by All-Pro safety Eric Weddle getting punched in the nuggetsA by the Chargers, only serves to highlight this truth. Many believe this weekend represents the most entertaining football of the season as the remaining eight teams battle for NFL supremacy. A crowd that large would make almost any soccer-specific stadium in the United States a blustering fortress. Sung in monotone with no purpose or motivation, people were just going through the motions. Flags were flown uninterestedly, as if the weight of the New England colors were too heavy for the bearers (seriously, do we need flag waving classes before seasons?). It has become a place where the continuation of a lousy generic chant takes precedence over immersing oneself in the game and motivating the team in each individual battle on the field. Once this focus has developed, a natural expression of passion will soon develop into an impressive stadium atmosphere. The Seattle Seahawks begin their quest to repeat as Super Bowl Champions when they take on the Carolina Panthers.
I’m not saying it would have been a big deal for the Patriots but considering how batty head coach Bill Belichick went when the lowly Minnesota Vikings snatched fourth-round draft pick Garret Mills from the Patriots last year it surely would caused the reigning conference champ some disruption.
But in Foxborough, the emptiness of the remaining 40,000 seats drained the crowd of its full impact on the game.
There’s a steep drop-off after that, as the statistics website gives Japan a 10 percent chance to take home gold. The New England Patriots led by the historic duo of coach Bill Belichick and quarterback Tom Brady meet familiar playoff foe the Baltimore Ravens Will Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos redeem themselves from last year’s Super Bowl humiliation as they take on Manning’s Indianapolis replacement Andrew Luck?
Will the Dallas Cowboys keep their magical run going with a win in frigid Green Bay as they face off with probable NFL MVP Aaron Rodgers?

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