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This new brand of the beautiful game brings a whole new meaning to ball control because players compete inside giant BUBBLES. Bubble Football is the creation of Lee Moseley, 30, who used to work as an asbestos surveyor but packed in his day job to set up his dream company.
The game sees 14 players encased in a zorb-like inflatable bubbles and then encouraged to bounce into each other as they fight for possession of the ball. Costing up to A?400 for a whole day with 14 bubble suits, Lee's latest creation is in high demand and a giant tournament with 34 teams will be held in December.

Lee, who regularly plays in the bubble football matches, was originally turned down by investors who couldn't see the potential in the product. The football fanatic stuck to his guns and with support from his wife, financed the whole operation, which now caters to events across the whole of the UK.
Taller and bigger than the usual quarterback, but Garoppolo has a lot of skills going for him.
New York Daily News Hottest wives & girlfriends Hottest wives and girlfriends in sports Game on! All tickets for the NFL game at Wembley offer unrestricted views of the game and represent excellent value for money and most importantly all will allow you to experience the unique atmosphere that a regular season NFL game has to offer. The thought of someone knocking into you and pushing you over you can't help but think it's going to hurt. These run down either touch line of the field and put the spectator as close to the action as possible as well as providing unrivalled views of the action.

Again if you want to be close to the action and witness your heroes as they add the points to the scoreboard, these seats are perfect. Whilst these seats don’t give you the proximity of the ?100 seats, they still offer a superb perspective of the game and at ?70 represent good value. Not only do athletes have fame, fortune, legions of adoring fans and countless endorsement deals, they also have some of the most gorgeous wives and girlfriends of all time. If you want to hear the plays being called and have a view beaten only by the players and coaches, these are the seats for you.

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