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The Patriots have also made the post season most frequently since their last Super Bowl appearing in 8 of 9 playoffs and hold more individual and team records since 2000, then I care to address in this post.
Yet they have not won a Superbowl for eight years and after losing to the Denver Broncos in the AFC Championship game they are once again bridesmaids.
By any standard the Patriots can be considered a team of missed opportunities and “what ifs”.
I talk to people every day who look back on missed opportunities and repeatedly go over how they might have handled a situation differently, or for that matter imagine or question why others acted the way they did.
This is all done in an attempt to make them feel better or at times question why they are subjected to either having bad luck, karma, or in the more extreme cases— some are certain that they are cursed. Dealing with disappointments is part of life and how people process and cope with them is crucial to how they are going to move on, recover and hopefully persist. I can certainly see how Patriot fans at this stage might be a bit frustrated coming all so close but yet so far on so many occasions . This season in particular has been one of the most frustrating seasons filled with consternation and angst. Having rebuilt both the offense and defense with a combination of youth and veteran talent Bill Belichick who continually wins with what he has, lost three out of his best four players. They were an odds on pick to seriously contend for the Super Bowl at the start of the season, however, with the exception of Tom Brady the Pats have lost three irreplaceable players, DT Vince Wilfork, LB Jarod Mayo and TE Rob Gronkowski.
If you count additional games lost by wide receivers, and the loss of back-up offensive and defensive lineman you have to wonder how the Patriots achieved what they did.
While nothing is certain one has to wonder if the Patriots had their full arsenal of players how far they would have gotten this season. It is widely known that the Patriots have a “next man up” philosophy which has held them in great stead over the years.  Moreover there are few complaints if any when blown calls go against them, and they most frequently point to their own missed opportunities or poor play. This mentality and culture has been instilled by Bill Belichick and espoused by his quarterback Tom Brady.
If you measure success as winning the most games then the Patriots by far have accomplished the most.
Most teams profess that they want to give themselves a shot to win it all by getting into the playoffs. However if you look at success as winning the Super Bowl  which is the only thing that counts for the Patriots, then they have not been successful. Belichick when presented with a realistic excuse by an understanding press about how this team was injury ravaged and had overachieved, quickly dismissed it and correctly surmised that the organization and particularly himself, did not do enough to win the game. Since winning their last Super Bowl in many of the last nine seasons the Patriots had a good chance to win it all.
The Pats and their fans are going to look back and say once again–what might have been. But I almost forgot the Patriots do not indulge themselves in such thinking, and predictably Belichick will sum it up and say that he was disappointed but is moving on to the next season– always looking to improve and get better.
Tom Brady and crew are the defending Super Bowl champions and will be looking for yet another title to add to the team’s case.  At this point, Deflategate punishments are not being considered for this piece.

A few writers at Sports Unbiased and contributors to the website got together to take a very early look at the team’s chances for next season. Keith Rivas – After a miraculous Super Bowl win against the Seattle Seahawks in an instant classic for the ages, the New England Patriots now must assess next season carefully and proceed with caution. In their respective division, the Dolphins and Bills have made the big noise this off-season. Everyone talks about the additions of the Miami Dolphins, Buffalo Bills and New York Jets but the reality is that none of those teams have taken the field yet. Jordan Cameron disinterest reflects Cleveland Browns issues by Joe SorianoWill Johnny Manziel save himself after rehab? As many felt going into the game, Super Bowl XLIX between the New England Patriots and Seattle Seahawks had a chance to be one of the best games in the 49-year history of the series. The Patriots’ thrilling 28-24 victory has made for a lot of second-guessing when it comes to the Seahawks and head coach Pete Carroll. There had never been a Super Bowl prior to XLIX in which a team totaled fewer rushing attempts, amassed less yards and lost the turnover battle and still managed to come out victorious. Is it possible that the Patriots with their Brady and pass-catchers such as running back Shane Vereen, wideouts Julian Edelman and Brandon LaFell and rugged tight end Rob Gronkowski wore out Seattle’s “Legion of Boom” by keeping them on the field? Prior to Super Bowl XLIX, there had been only four occasions in which a quarterback had attempted at least 50 passes on Super Sunday.
Entering this game, the top-ranked defense in pro football in fewest yards allowed owned a 9-3 record in the Super Bowl. The 25-year-old Punter has averaged an impressive 46.1 yards per punt and put 25 of his last 66 punts inside the 20-yard line this season.
Allen is well known for his 64-yard punt in the Super Bowl, the farthest ever in the Championship. The Left, an undrafted Free Agent out of Louisiana Tech, will have the option to renegotiate his deal after two seasons, according to the Boston Globe. The Patriots must be invested in their Special Teams as this deal comes just ten days after they made Kicker Stephen Gostkowski the highest-paid Kicker in the NFL. Their record is unparalleled having won the most games of any team since their last Super Bowl win in 2004.
It is hard to determine which losses were the most painful but my best guess would be the two Super Bowl losses to the Giants where Eli Manning made two miracle throws to beat them.
Without further ado, let’s see what predictions the writers have for the New England Patriots this upcoming season. Losses of Darrelle Revis, Vince Wilfork, and Brandon Browner will cost their defense immensely, but I guess the good news is that Tom Brady is still on the team. The reality is that the Patriots are still THE TEAM in the AFC East until proven otherwise. As long as New England have the Dynamic Duo in Belichick and Brady, then the Patriots have a great chance to make the playoffs.  My answer is YES. Many people are continue to focus on Seattle’s decision not to give the football to running back Marshawn Lynch in the closing seconds from point-blank range of the New England end zone and trailing by only four points.

When you go back and look at Super Bowl history, it’s amazing that Tom Brady and company managed to win the game at all.
In the first 48 Super Bowls, the team with the most rushing attempts won 87.0 percent of those games (40-6 record).
Injuries were certainly a factor entering the game and during it when it came to standouts such as Richard Sherman, Earl Thomas, Kam Chancellor and reserve cornerback Jeremy Lane, who broke his arm after intercepting Brady in the first quarter (Note: Bob Condotta of The Seattle Times has the latest on the slew of injuries). Buffalo’s Jim Kelly (XXVI and XXVIII), Miami’s Dan Marino (XIX) and Philadelphia’s Donovan McNabb (XXXIX) all threw the ball at least 50 times in their respective appearances and wound up losing.
Meanwhile, the team that allowed the fewest points in the league that season and reached the Super Bowl owned a 14-5 record in that game. And perhaps if you still think that the circumstances of New England’s Super Bowl XLIX win was somewhat of a mystery, there’s always the old standby. He was the first person to ever win the Ray Guy award (College Football’s yearly award for best Punter) two years in a row (2011 and 2012). Lustberg has been featured in over a hundred newspapers, magazines, and online publications including The New York Times, CBS Sportsline and ESPN.
The New England Patriots faithful fan base and pundits around the globe will be discussing New England Patriots predictions for the 2015-2016 NFL season in forums, around water coolers, and around dinner tables. If the Pats can ward off the rising teams in their division (Miami and surprisingly, New York), then they will still be able to make the playoffs and at least win the wild card round game, 11-5, and an AFC championship-game loss to the Indianapolis Colts.
I keep waiting for the year that the Patriots fall off but the 2015-2016 season will not be that time.
The club with the most rushing yards in the game had won 79.2 percent of those Super Bowls (38-10 record).
Brady connected on 37 of his 50 attempts for 328 yards and four scores (2 interceptions) and wound up leading his team to a win. The Seahawks brought both to Super Bowl XLIX (as they had in Super Bowl XLVIII) and still came up 28-24 losers.
The previous eight Super Bowl champions dating back to the 2006 Peyton Manning-led Indianapolis Colts had brought no more than a two-game winning streak in the postseason. And only three times previously had a winning team committed more turnovers than the loser and still managed to come out on top. The Seahawks had won their last six regular-season games while the Pats lost at home in Week 17 to the Buffalo Bills.
There had been a total of 39 Super Bowls in which one team had more turnovers than the other prior to Game XLIX. Seattle out-rushed New England in yards (162-57) and attempts (29-21) and totaled two takeaways to the Patriots’ one.

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