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According to Boston Herald beat writer Jeff Howe, Patriots players wore jerseys without numbers at practice Wednesday. Download the new FOX Sports App to get the latest videos, stories, and GIFs from all over the sports world.
AnnaLynne McCord is a very hot actress who used to star on the re-boot of 90210, and she is a documented New England Patriots fan, so when she was in attendance at the Pats win over the San Diego Chargers on Sunday she wore a taped #69 jersey in tribute to Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski.
Is AnnaLynne McCord just a big Patriots fan, or has she ended up in the position referenced on her jersey with Gronk? Jordan Poyer Takes A Nap On Rachel Bush’s Pillows Cleveland Browns safety Jordan Poyer is one lucky man.

Picture: Cubs Fans With the Casual Handjob in the Stands This old man Cubs fan was photographed getting a handjob while catching the game at Wrigley. New York's Sports Blog - Bringing you commentary on the latest in sports, comedy, news and of course hot women.
Throw on your starter jacket, crack open a cold Surge and throw Boy Meets World on the tube, because we’re traveling back to the 1990s.
So get ready to see giant red dinosaurs, hawks that take up 90 percent of open space on a jersey and plenty of teal. We know Gronkowski has a meathead charm that works with the ladies, and if AnnaLynne McCord was wearing a #69 jersey with a hat tip to any man on earth, I think that that man would definitely get her number or direct message her on Twitter and give it a shot.

It was a crazy time where half the population was wearing flannel and listening to Nirvana, and everyone else was wearing teal.

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