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If the Bengals want to qualify for the playoffs for the third consecutive year, they better protect their home field. We love this matchup, Bengals on the road against the reloaded Dolphins on Halloween night. And now, for your viewing pleasure, I present a random assortment of vintage color slides depicting NFL game action. Some of the dates may be off, so if you have any corrections please let me know in the comments section.
Dan Fouts (#14) of the San Diego Chargers just barely gets off a pass against the Kansas City Chiefs, 1980. Mike Adamle (#1) of the New York Jets carries the ball against the Los Angeles Rams, 1974, with Jim Youngblood (#53) in hot pursuit.

Ken Stabler (#12) of the Oakland Raiders drops back to pass against the Cincinnati Bengals in a 1975 AFC Divisional Playoff game. Los Angeles Rams QB Roman Gabriel (#18) hands off to Willie Ellison (#33) against the Chicago Bears, 1972.
Oakland Raiders QB Daryle Lamonica (#12) hands off against the New England Patriots in a 1971 season opener.
Marvin Lewis' team has a killer home schedule, with showdowns against the Packers, Patriots, Colts, Vikings and Ravens, all playoff teams from a year ago. In addition to some of these shots being quite nice, it gives me yet another excuse to look at old NFL logos and uniforms.
Simpson (#32) runs through the middle of the field against the Denver Broncos in an AFL contest, 1969.

The Bengals' schedule softens nicely in October with four consecutive opponents that finished with 10 or more losses in 2012. Also a nice snapshot of two young quarterbacks who will be facing significant expectations.

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