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Follow Us Facebook Twitter Instagram Pinterest YouTube Subscribe Follow UsNewsletter App Subscriptions Subscribe Get Our Newsletter A daily blend of the most need-to-know Daily News stories, delivered right to your inbox. Select Sport Football Basketball Baseball Hockey Soccer College High School More Sports Yankees Mets Giants Jets Knicks Nets Rangers Islanders The Score Share This facebook Tweet email New England Patriots Chris Jones' embarrassing penalty loses game vs. From the rivalry that previously brought you SpyGate, The Handshake and, most recently, The Butt Fumble, the Patriots and Jets introduced onlookers to a new drama Sunday as The Butt Push debuted at MetLife Stadium. With the game tied at 27 with 7:14 left in overtime at MetLife Stadium, Jets kicker Nick Folk missed a 56-yard field goal attempt wide left, but a flag was thrown on the play.
Jones was flagged for pushing a teammate into the Jetsa€™ line, a call that had never been made in an NFL game with the rule just being added for this season.
At first, Jones said he was unaware of the rule, then added that a€?it skipped out of my mind. He vaguely recalled the rule being reviewed during training camp with the team, and special-teams ace Matthew Slater defended Jonesa€™ mistake. PC Richard and Son Get Daily News stories, delivered to your inbox.
The New England Patriots lost to the New York Jets for the first time in two seasons on Sunday.
Rule 913: Team B players cannot push teammates on the line of scrimmage into offensive formation. NFL, Sports chris jones, featured, New England Patriots, New York Jets, NFL, pushing penalty. For American eyes, Holy Trinity Brompton, a church in the heart of London, looks stunning and powerful. Sports are generally beyond the purview of RELEVANT Slices, but since the Internet is having an honest-to-goodness meltdown over the news, we might as well report on it as well. View More AlbumsTroubles (Official Music Video)Troubles shape our lives but should not define who we are. BOSTON (CBS) — In the waning moments of Super Bowl XLVI, an interesting scenario unfolded. The Giants gained no real advantage, as their 12th man was running off the field, but the idea that a team could simply put 12 players on the field to keep a team from making a play, with only a 5-yard penalty to pay, spread rather quickly among football fans and media.

The NFL competition committee doesn’t want to see any team use that idea as part of strategy, so it proposed a change to the rule for too many men on the field. The proposed rule would make officials blow a play dead if a team has more than 11 players lined up for a play, ProFootballTalk explained. The replacement ref whose blown call during a Monday Night Football game sparked a national uproar should not have been officiating at the NFL level, according to the man who trained him at a referee camp.
Botched: The referee on the left, Lance Easley, called the play a touchdown for Seattle, even though most fans believe Green Bay had intercepted the ball.
At least some took it too far and made death threats against the replacement referees and NFL Commissioner Roger Gooddell. Schwartz noted that the alternate official who helps the replacements with administrating penalties was on the Detroit sideline. They didn't play well enough to avoid losing 44-41, and Titans coach Mike Munchak wasn't apologizing for how his team won.
Frustrated: The Detroit Lions lost a game against Tennessee after officials gave them a 27-yard penalty that should have only been 15 yardsThe game Monday night, though, seems to be the highest profile screw-up -- one that directly resulted in one team winning and another losing.
The penalty a€” unsportsmanlike conduct a€” was called on Patriots defensive lineman Chris Jones. He was confused at first when he saw the call made and maintained that he was looking to rush up the B-gap on the play. With the game tied at 27 in overtime, Jets’ kicker Nick Folk lined up for a field goal and missed wide left. Jones pushed his teammate from behind on the line, which you are no longer allowed to do this season. This site is NOT an official website, nor affiliate, for any universities, colleges, professional sports organizations, corporate entities, or the NCAA. The Patriots faced a second-and-10 from their own 44-yard line with 17 seconds left, and they ran a play that took several seconds off the clock.
The rule would certainly be important for situations such like the one with the Giants and Patriots in the Super Bowl, when killing clock was far more important to New York than losing five yards of field position. Across the league, players admit the state of play has changed under the referees who aren't as observant and lack the authority of the full-time officials. Even President Obama took time out of busy schedule of campaigning and running the nation to weigh in on the debate.

Seahawks receiver Golden Tate was awarded a touchdown on the final play after a scrum on the ground in the end zone. The Pats were flagged on the play, however, setting up a much shorter 42-yard kick for Folk, which he nailed. Easley is a banker from Santa Maria, California, who has been a longtime referee near his home.
Packers safety MD Jennings appeared to catch the ball against his body, with Tate getting his arm around the ball.After a few seconds, one official, Derrick Rhone-Dunn, indicated a stoppage of play, but another, Lance Easley, signaled touchdown.
The referees, who earn $149,000 a year for the part-time job, want to keep their pensions, which pay a defined benefit to retired refs. Mr Easley was the side judge who over-ruled another officials and called the tainted catch a touchdown for the Seahawks. The league wants to change the retirement program to a standard 401(k), which will cost the NFL less over the long term. He has spent most of his career officiated high school and junior college games, including the playoff games for high school national championships.
The NFL wants to institute a 'back bench' of referees, who can be called in to replace refs who have botched too many calls during the season. Currently, referees can only be fired at the end of the season, if the receive poor evaluations. He offered the initial ruling on the play - calling for a stoppage of the game.Mr Rhone-Dunn, from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, is a former NCAA football referee for the Big 12. In 2007, he worked the Sugar Bowl, which saw Louisiana State University trample the University of Notre Dame 41-14. He is a real estate broker from Austin, Texas, who has officiated high school, college and arena football games.

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