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Kraft is currently dating a smoking hot Ricki Noel Lander, who is 34 years old, Kraft is 73 years old. For most, this season’s Super Bowl XLII was all about the New York Giants and the New England Patriots.
The German carmaker kicked off the week’s festivities by opening the doors of the Audi Forum Phoenix. The forum itself was erected by Audi as support for their own main event – a controversial new ad that used a famous scene from the movie The Godfather to put the luxury car world “on notice” and aired early in the game. It was laid to rest by a force more influential than any brand badge… a force more powerful than performance… more comforting than safety… more impressive than innovation.
Here’s one place you can catch Audi’s commercial aired during the game as we’re told by Audi’s marketing staff that it likely won’t air again on TV.
2008 is “The Year of Audi” according the site - one that promises to be action-packed for enthusiasts and soon-to-be converts. The one non-video - this is a virtual bulletin board adorned with quotes and accolades from the world of journalism. If you pay close attention to Audi’s websites or watch the ads during the American Le Mans Series on SPEED, then you’ve likely caught a version of this video before. Whether it was on the ground in Phoenix, on televisions around America or via the web around the world, Audi made a huge investment to spread the word that the brand is back and in force. The couple met in the summer of 2012, only a year after Kraft lost his wife, Myra, to cancer. While many focused on the plights of Tom Brady or Eli Manning, Audi owners and soon-to-be converts would have had to try hard to miss the brand’s presence at the big game in Phoenix this year.
A temporary addition to Audi’s ten other forums worldwide, the Phoenix location featured unique elements like a Par-3 golf course, private cabanas and a pool complete with an R8 in the center.

Surprisingly, the Audi commercial wasn’t the only ad during the Super Bowl to feature four-ringed product placement.
Promoting the bank’s fraud protection services, a man plays a secret agent in his own mind, battling identity thieves and even mounting a car chase in his C5-generation Audi A6. Audi was the second of two spots, following Budweiser’s fire-breathing short with its aired-and-retired “On Notice” spot starring the R8. In the spot, there are a few quick shots of the main character Tony Stark testing his Iron Man armor in his garage that’s also stocked with an Audi R8, a Ford Cobra 427, a Saleen S7 and a Tesla Roadster. The site featured an additional variation on the Audi commercial’s theme, and a few more Truths in the forms of video and interactive content. Though an intro to the site showed a different take on it, this section shows it as it ran. Davis is one of motor journalisms best-known, having worked at Car & Driver during its golden years and helped launch Automobile Magazine.
That Audi chose such a strong presence for the Audi Driving Experience in this marketing blitz speaks volumes.
Depicting the lengthy hand-building process of an R8, Audi coins the car as the “slowest” they’ve ever built. Audi of America marketing boss Scott Keogh and his team are betting the 360-degree plan for exposure will pay off, and it certainly appears that it should. Ezekiel Elliott Visits Pot Dispensary While in SeattleDid Ezekiel Elliott get lit before the Cowboys' game against the Seahawks?10 Most Memorable NFL Season Opening MomentsDon't forget these moments leading up to the 2016-17 NFL season. In the past several days, celebrities like Kate Hudson, Molly Sims and Adrian Grenier joined a select group of other VIPs as a place to kick back and enjoy themselves during the rigorous week of partying and networking.
If you followed up the commercial with a visit to the movie website, you may also have found HD versions of the spot along with some new screencaptures from the movie – one featuring an R8 parked by a Rolls-Royce Phantom and one that spoils the fate of the Cobra.

He went from looking like Geno Smith the first four weeks -- and getting treated worse -- to looking like *Tom Brady* over the past five.
Using that as a focal point, Audi uses a video comprised mainly of old motorsport footage to make some interesting claims.
Katie Ledecky Turned Bryce Harper Into a Medal ManservantKatie Ledecky makes the NL MVP hold her medals before first pitch.Will Yoenis Cespedes Stay With the Mets?What will Yoenis Cespedes do? It's almost as if he has a weapon to stretch the field and make incredible catches…And that's the thing: When Gronk finally got healthy -- remember, he's still less than a year out from tearing his ACL!
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