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New England Patriots: Super Bowl XLIX Champions!The New England Patriots and Seattle Seahawks contested arguably the greatest Super Bowl of all-time. But the beauty of sport is that it is all swings and roundabouts and that is none truer than in the National Football League. VideosVideosSee all 2 Chainz – Not Invited (Official Music Video) 3 Baton Rouge Police Officers Killed, At Least 3 Injured During Ambush. Your information may be shared with other NBCUniversal businesses and used to better tailor our services and advertising to you. Manning, joined by coach Tom Coughlin, Mayor Bloomberg, Gov Andrew Cuomo and other teammates, waved and grinned from the float as a deep roar rose from the crowds.Defensive end Justin Tuck, who led the team's defense and sacked rival quarterback Tom Brady twice during the 21-17 victory over the New England Patriots, said he was glad to be part of the team.
Bust a move: At left, New York Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz does his trademark salsa dance with former New York Giant Michael Strahan during the City Hall ceremony celebrating the Giants' Super Bowl win.
New York City Sanitation Commissioner John Doherty said he expected to see about 40 tons of paper showered down.
It had everything from hard hitting defense to brilliant offense and just pure drama as the two teams battled it out until literally the last seconds of the game. When Brady started his career he was a young kid fighting tooth and nail to make it in the NFL and under the guidance of Belichick the Patriots won 3 Super Bowls in 4 years thanks to a a fantastic defense, great coaching and the heart as well as the desire of a young quarterback. Online - Your source for entertainment news, celebrities, celeb news, and celebrity gossip. He attributed the win to Manning's stellar performance and the hold-your-breath catch by Mario Manningham that led to the game-winning drive.Frank Capogrosso, 11, from Staten Island, leaned against a barricade at the beginning of the parade route with his dad and best friend. Even before the parade started, city sanitation crews with hand-held vacuums were ready to suck up the piles of confetti that would rain on Broadway.
Some would say that at that time Brady was just a game manager, some would say that despite having the best win ratio in NFL history he hadn’t won the big one since 2004 and that it was just because of that great defense that Brady had 3 Super Bowl rings. The Giants had eight fourth-quarter comebacks to win games during the season.'Finish games, finish fourth quarters and finish the season strong. The streets in lower Manhattan on Tuesday were a mass of metal police barricades, and security was tight with helicopters flying overhead and police command centers parked nearby.Mindy Forman, 53, of Yorktown, New York, was one of the lucky few who scored a ticket to the festivities at City Hall.

Tom Brady and Bill Belichick in particular needed this victory more than anything to quieten down all the doubters and finally get this massive weight off of their shoulders. People would even dare to call Brady a choker and bring up the lack of Super Bowl success since SpyGate despite guiding his team to the big one two more times since 2004.
The crowd went wild for running back Ahmed Bradshaw, who plopped down in the end zone to score the winning touchdown.Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz did his trademark salsa moves as he accepted his key. Despite all Brady and Belichick have achieved if Wilson had indeed completed that pass to Lockette or if the Seahawks had just run the ball with Lynch like 99.9% of people would have done then Seattle would have surely won this game and left the Patriots franchise in devastation. They play, they don't talk.'The parade for the Super Bowl champions will have an estimated economic impact of up to $38 million for the city, depending on the number of spectators, Bloomberg said. After a sluggish start to the season and the humiliation at the hands of the Chiefs in week 4 the Pats steamrolled through the regular season to finish 12-4. They pulled off a memorable comeback win over the Ravens in this years divisional round before blowing out the Colts in the AFC Championship but then the deflate-gate drama happened. The crowd cheered.The parade for the Super Bowl champions will have an estimated economic impact of up to $38million for the city, depending on the number of spectators, Bloomberg said. After the parade, the team will travel to New Jersey for a 3pm rally at MetLife Stadium, where the team plays. It inspired the team and probably gave them the final push they needed to get the job done this past Sunday. If Brady and Belichick had failed to guide the team to Super Bowl victory this time around then to be honest despite all the success of this franchise would the Patriots have been able to bounce back from a third heartbreaking Super Bowl defeat? Knowing the Patriots obviously they would have still been successful but I think three defeats in a row at a time where the window on a 4th championship is closing more and more year by year may have indeed been two much even for this masterful duo and a franchise that has been at the top of the NFL mountain since 2001.On Sunday Night it did appear that the Patriots may lose in the big one once again. Create your slideshowBy using the code above and embedding this image, you consent to Getty Images' Terms of Use.
Following a brilliant drive that ended in a Brady to Gronkowski touchdown just before the half the Patriots looked in control but Seattle snatched all the momentum back when Russell Wilson put a quick drive together in under a minute to tie the game at 14 each going in to the half. Then Seattle took control leaving New England down by 10 points at 24-14 against the best defense in the league and arguably the greatest defense of all time.

Brady’s stellar offensive performance which saw him complete 37 of 50 passing attempts for 4 touchdowns and 328 yards earned him his 3rd Super Bowl MVP award leaving him tied with his childhood hero Joe Montana. In the game he surpassed another one of his idols old records as Brady ended the game with 13 Super Bowl touchdowns with the record previously standing at 11.
I’m not taking anything away from Peyton but Tom has all the postseason records whilst Peyton has all the regular season ones.
Tom has played with only 9 pro bowl wide receivers to Manning’s 27 and yet Brady is the one with 4 Super Bowl championships.
Of course it is a team effort and the fact that this Pats team had so much determination as well as skill to capture this championship helped Brady but in the NFL the quarterback always seems to get too much of the praise or too much of the blame which is why we have so many debates about QB’s and all in all who is the best ever. The greatest of all time debate will be even more heated than ever unless Brady and Belichick can win a 5th championship then that would kill any argument from anyone ever.But for anyone associated with the Patriots whether that be the players, the coaches, anyone linked directly with the franchise or anyone in the fanbase from across the globe the debates can wait because the Super Bowl is coming back to Foxborough, Massachusetts.
The Patriots are 4 times Super Bowl Champions and have established themselves as the greatest dynasty in NFL history.
This team showed all the passion, heart, desire, skill and motivation it takes to win an NFL Championship.
Tom Brady dethroned a devastating Seattle defense, this offense came up big when it mattered most. The Pats offense defeated the legion of boom and the Pats defense came up big all season long to write their own story and establish their own greatness in New England’s football folklore. All 53 players on the Patriots roster earned their Super Bowl ring as they all played a part in the team becoming champions, they all did it for themselves personally and they all helped cement Brady and Belichick’s legacy which is something all Patriots fans have been wanting since 2007.

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