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Nobody is really going to talk about it, but the Pats’ defense played awesome in this game, specifically in the second half. The number one reason the Pats lost this game was because of how poorly the offensive line played. Patriots New England Patriots favorite time of year Brady FTW Pats Sterling Moore Strips the Ball in AFC Champ.
Bryan Stork will compete with Ryan Wendell and Dan Connolly on the interior offensive line.
After adding Dominique Easley on Day 1 and Jimmy Garoppolo on Day 2, the New England Patriots have drafted Bryan Stork (OL, Florida State) with the 105th pick of the 2014 NFL Draft. Stork didn’t get a chance to show off at the combine due to knee and shoulder issues.
So now we take a 3rd down running back who lacks elite speed and isn’t large and powerful.
Oh Kevan, Smog please please tell me how I can convince you both that I trully am a legitimate Patriots fan.
Funny thing is, I don’t recall having seen you guys posting on here in February, March, April.
I guess by your logic anyone who disagrees with a decisions(s) made by their team isn’t really a true fan.
Smog, unless your a talent scout employed by a NFL team, you seem fairly rediculous attempting to criticize someone from utilizing scouting reports to analyze the quality of a draft selection. For the record, at least Stork plays a position of need and isn’t plagued will a combination of career threatening injuries and off field conduct issues as well. Also, thanks for letting me know that it is in fact not possible for one person to be a fan of both a NFC and an AFC team. Ahhh, the boo birds are out again and can’t wait to armchair their way into BB selection processes once again. Sounds like Daniel Martin knows everything about everything because he read someone else’s opinions about Stork. Bryan Stork is rated a third round pick, with a chance to go higher, in Lindy’s Sports Pro Football Draft magazine. I recall having seen him with a fourth round grade a month or two ago, but he has apparently fallen.
Great Job on getting that center with the seventh round to UDFA grade with what essentially was your third round pick Belichick. There is not a bigger NE fan on this board, but the comments pretending these were good selectionsk, and there will be plenty, are living in denial.
About three years ago BB visited Chip kelly for some pointers on how to speed up his hurry-up offense. 2nd-Average QB who played against terrible competition when there were WAY better players on the board and when next year’s draft will likely have a better QB crop. 3rd-A decent player who had a 7th-UA grade and could’ve easily been taken later in the draft.

Easley has some injury concerns but if he stays healthy he could be a great player for the Pats. Garoppolo has the tools to be a good QB in the NFL and everyone is down on the pick because he doesn’t help the team right now. I am a little critical of the Pats not trading Mallet yet, but there is still plenty of time to make something happen on that front. By: Jordan SmithSo, we've all heard everyone's predictions for the Superbowl tomorrow night between the New England Patriots and the Seattle Seahawks.
Denver was only able to get 3 points, 83 yards, and 4 first downs in the final half, as New England completely suffocated Peyton Manning and company. He shouldn’t have to shoulder all the blame like he said post-game, but this one is going to hurt him for awhile. He is decent blocking in space, but doesn’t look fluid trying to get to the second level. I’ve heard nothing but good things from scouts and a source within the Florida State strength and conditioning program.
Cave, Stork and Fleming pan out in training camp, it would be hard seeing both Connoly and Wendell remain on the roster this year. So if they draft players that aren’t day one starters its ok because there is a lot of talent on this team. Funny how making the playoffs almost every year with selected players isn’t a problem for other teams fan bases. This draft is not the best and we’re not using the complete depth of players that could really make a difference now. We haven’t watched Bryan Stork play, just as none of us had watched Sebastian Vollmer or Logan Mankins or Matt Cassell. So, you think wasting a second round pick on a qb to ride the bench for four years is a good thing when the greatest qb ever is drawing closer to retirement? BUT, BUT the team that just won the Superbowl and is completely stacked was going to take him so that must means that the Patriots, who have a completely different roster and have fallen short in recent years, taking him was a great choice. These players haven’t even stepped on the NFL field yet and people are saying they are garbage. You have to take a qb early not late or you could end up like the browns or jags who go through a ton of high picks trying to make your team not suck. This game is filled with stars galore as Tom Brady will be going for ring #4 while the young and rising Super Star Russel Wilson will be taking the legion of boom into battle in order to repeat as champions.On the defensive side of the ball, obviously the Seahawks have an advantage as far as talent and personnel.
His two fourth down catches on New England’s final drive were about as clutch as it gets. He has a good anchor in pass protection and seems capable of handling stunts and twists inside. If Kony early fell to the patriots instead of going to Carolina maybe he would’ve been their pick.
Build depth and develop players so that if there are injuries or players move on you can have someone that can step in and be a solid player.

Easley is a top 10 talent, garappolo was a good pick at a need position, and stork won the award for best center in the nation. That we needed an interior offensive linemen is certain, and that we needed a bigger center seems to be something most Pats fans agree with. He won the Rimington Trophy, given to the nations top center, while playing for Florida State University. Teams rate guys differently, and many other sources you have no idea where they are getting there info from.
Brady is only has several years left and if they had a high grade on Garoppolo and think he could be the next guy, why is that a bad thing? With the best corner in the game in Richard Sherman and one of the best SS in the game in Kam Chancellor. And stork can compete with Wendell next year for a starting center position, while Connolly has it this year.
Everyone is so quick to jump on the colts for not having a backup qb groomed behind manning and just getting really lucky with luck. Unless we want to be the Browns, Jags, or Raiders in four years that don’t have a QB and have been searching for one for 10+ years. Their defense gave up the fewest points per game in 2014 and dominated in the turnover ratio. Drafting Fleming allows the patriots to potentially move cannon to rg and Halipalio could provide good depth and maybe replace Logan mankind in 2-3 years.
The pats are staying prepared at the most important position in football like they always do. We have to wait and see if this pick was smart or not, lets not automatically decide its a waste. Everyone acts like they know what should happen, and like they have the answers, but thats just silly for a thing like the draft which has a 30% success rate.
On the offensive side of the ball, I believe that the Seattle Seahawks have an advantage in this area as well. They get a center that can start day one and a kid who gets underrated because he looks small, but he makes great cuts and was able to run between the tackles.
The pats have been determined to be one of the top drafting teams by studies using all different ways of grading, yet some fans seem to think they suck at drafting, and magic sends them deep in the playoffs every year. With the rising stardom of Russel Wilson and the dominance of Marshawn Lynch, there's no debate as to how Seattle isn't better than the Patriots offensive side of the ball.All in all, I believe that Seattle will repeat as Superbowl champions and will win this game. Every year pats fans complain but arent smart enough to go back and see how completely wrong they were.
This is a team that was in the afc championship and had one of the best free agency periods of any team.

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