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When Jermaine Kearse made that bobbling circus catch on the sidelines to bring the Seattle Seahawks to the goal line, we all were thinking that same thing.
Papa Johns probably had that going through their head and sent out their ad. They were a little premature on that though. Of course they made a mistake, but Papa Johns will get a little extra love for making that mistake. If only the Seahawks would have given the ball to Marshawn at the half yard line, we wouldn’t even be talking about this mistake.
The Patriots had just 9 rushes for 16 yards and quarterback Tom Brady was the leading rusher with 15 of the yards, 11 coming on one carry.
In the air it was Brady throwing for 355 yards and 2 touchdowns while completing 34 of 54 passes.
Brady was unstoppable in the fourth quarter as he completed 14 of 17 passes in a surgical display of quarterback play.
Running back James White got his first extended playing time in place of the injured Dion Lewis and he failed to make a big impact in the passing game.
Aaron Dobson made a reappearance on the active roster and had two catches for 18 yards, but both were for first downs.

We all had thought that it is happening again to the New England Patriots and the Seahawks were going to hand the ball off to Marshawn Lynch to get the score and the win. For the fifth straight game the Patriots scored 30 or more points and with 213 points in six games the offense is on pace for 568 points. Brady had the only rushing touchdown and James White and LeGarrette Blount combined for 1 yard on 5 rushes.
Brady hit some significant milestones as he started his 213th game for the Patriots–the most in franchise history.
He had both touchdown passes in the fourth quarter and he had 150 of his yards through the air in the final quarter. LaFell, remember, had no catches in his first game in New England last year against Miami in week one after being targeted five times. The highlights of the game will no doubt feature numerous receptions by Gronkowski with Jets safeties and cornerbacks holding onto him as he dragged them down the field for extra chunks of yards. He had an athletic leaping reception and beat a banged up Buster Skrine on numerous occasions. He had an 11 yard grab on second-and-nine and a 7 yard catch on second-and-six on the Patriots’ final scoring drive.

The Patriots converted 8 of 16 third downs for a 50% success rate and Tom Brady had his one yard touchdown run on their only fourth down attempt.
The game plan was clearly not to beat their heads against the strong defensive front of the Jets particularly with top run blocking guard Shaq Mason inactive due to injury. The count was 5 drops for LaFell who clearly looked as if he missed all of training camp, all the preseason, and the first five games of the season.
Julian Edelman added 5 catches for 54 yards but had a terrible drop on third and goal from the six yard line costing the team a touchdown.
Every Day.Build your own custom daily newsletter with updates on your favorite teams, sent directly to your inbox. He now has 2,054 yards for the season and is on pace to tie the NFL record of 5,477 yards in a single season.

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