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Sleep Number - Behind The Numbers  WEEI and Sleep Number are giving you a once in a lifetime opportunity to go behind the numbers at Boston's historic ballpark!
The cornerback, who is one of three finalists for the Patriots Hall of Fame, admitted Wednesday that when it came to how things ended with the franchise, it was a less than ideal scenario. After playing 10 years with New England, he left as a free agent following the 2004 season. Law was a three-time Super Bowl Champion (XXXVI, XXXVIII, XXXIX), a four-time Pro Bowl player (1998, 2001, 2002, 2003) and a two-time All-Pro (1998, 2003) during his tenure with the Patriots.
Law is in terrific company — Clayborn and Parcells are worthy finalists, and the fact that the fans can only choose one will lead to some difficult decisions for New England fans.
Law has always maintained close ties to the franchise, and is excited to see how the acquisition of Darrelle Revis will impact the New England secondary. Well, its going to be a hell of a challenge for any team as long as Tom Brady is Tom Brady.
It makes for an interesting matchup then with a Rams rushing defense that is playing much better. That being the case, the Rams have to apply pressure both on the ends with Chris Long and Robert Quinn, but also through the middle with Michael Brockers and whatever rotation Jeff Fisher uses between Kendall Langford, Jermelle Cudjo and Kellen Heard. But you can run the other way, and I expect Steven Jackson and Daryl Richardson to do just that.
Personal disclosure: I went through a phase from about '98-'04 where I put Trappey's on everything. I'm not sure when I first had Crystal hot sauce, but there's a picture of me at Thanksgiving when I was 8 and I'm soaking my rice dressing and fried turkey with it.
The Bradford questioning is reaching new heights, as exhibited by Van's persistent, yet fair, criticisms and concerns. He ended his career with brief stints with the Jets, Chiefs and Broncos (and retired following the 2009 season), but it was a bittersweet final act for one of the best defensive backs of his era.

It was revealed Wednesday that he’??s one of three finalists for the Hall of Fame, a class that includes cornerback Raymond Clayborn and former coach Bill Parcells. He believed in me, he pushed me in the beginning of my career so I was able to get to this point today. The two played a single season together with the Jets in 2008, but according to Law, the relationship between the two started long before they reached the NFL.
It was the beginning of an era for the Patriots in Tom Brady's first year as a full-time starter and Belichick's second as head coach of the Pats. And if they can clog in the running game, it will allow James Laurinaitis and Jo-Lonn Dunbar to play the pass with more conviction. Strategy-wise, it's a question of whether Belichick and DC Matt Patricia elect to soften the LB trio of Jerod Mayo, Brandon Spikes and Dont'a Hightower to prep for the pass.
I owe a lot to Coach Parcells for being the guy that took a chance on a young cornerback from Michigan,”?? Law said.
You’??re getting a person who is not afraid to put it on the line at the end of the game. For the Rams, it was the slow denouement of the Greatest Show on Turf as the team would crawl through the wilderness for years trying to recapture the magic. Maybe it's fitting that this game is played at a neutral site, a global eye squarely on the two former titans of the game, one who sustained their majesty, one who has wallowed in mediocrity and worse for far too long. Aaron Rodgers was more than happy to comply, dinking and dunking and screening and safety valving his way down the field. Assuming the primary position in the Pats' rushing game, Ridley's had a couple really good games. And the interior of Dan Connelly, Ryan Wendell and Logan Mankins (who is injured pretty much everywhere below his abdomen) have shown to be imperfect.
The first quarter will likely have a lot to do with that, if the Rams can move the ball in the air.

It's at the center of my hot sauce palette, and it's the basis of everything I've come to know and love about hot sauces.
Darrelle, he wants to be in that position of covering the top guy week-in and week-out, down-in and down-out.
And with Wes Welker having ushered in Brady's statistical domination, it's the tight end combination of Rob Gronkowski and Aaron Hernandez that is carrying the domination forward (though Hernandez didn't make the trip to London due to an ankle injury). Should they try that strategy again, Brady is similarly capable of reading the defense, assessing the weak spot and ensuring he makes the best decision regardless of who the target is (in four rushes and one reception, John Kuhn had 32 yards in four plays.
The real question for me is who can step up between Steve Smith, Brian Quick and TE Lance Kendricks. The lovechild of David Tran, a Vietnamese immigrant who arrived to LA in 1980, sriracha has slowly taken hold across this country. The Patriots' impressive finesse and up-tempo offense needs to be met with its kryptonite: smashmouth football. Being that I was so close to Sean growing up, it was natural to establish a relationship with Darrelle.
Now for those of you who are capsaicin-challenged, you probably need to let this one slide. Sometimes, you have to put Crystal on a turkey sandwich, and suddenly it's the best damn turkey sandwich you've ever had.
He had the ability to do that with a lot of players but there was something about the way he helped mold me even if I thought he was wrong, he was right. I think that’??s the mark of a true competitor, someone who is striving to be a champion.

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