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Hey, does anyone remember back in February when I wrote that I was retiring “NFL QBs on Facebook,” but that the rest of the site would be continuing with new material?
This has been arguably the wildest season of football ever and it’s disappointing that I and many others no longer get laugh at the silly articles and QB Convos after all the crazy bullshit happens. Ya know, you could at least give us an apology for blatantly lying to us by saying that the website would continue even without the convos and then proceeding to post ONE story after that before the inevitable happened. What kind of a low life loser are you to still be on this website almost an entire year after anything has come out here. I logged on just to say thanks for the laughs…Is there anything we can do you get you to create these again? I just registered to say thank you for the years of Mondays, you have definitely type casted many starting QB’s in my mind and I will never look at them the same way again. I found this site when you wrote the initial QB’s on FB and stuck with it to the end. NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Considering how much snow has fallen on New England in the past week, a warm and toasty Super Bowl Champs beanie is a pretty smart buy.
Drinking beer is a big part of watching football, so it only makes sense that you’d want some sweet Super Bowl championship glassware. Top 5 Best Deals on Cheap Flat Screen TVsNeed a cheap flat screen TV in time for a big game, birthday, or movie night?
Whether you were rooting for the Seahawks or the Pats, these Super Bowl 2015 caps are a great way to show some local pride.
Whether you’re hitting the grocery store on the weekend or using this tote to carry your gear around on a beach vacation, this Pats tote bag is a great way to haul your stuff and show your team pride. It’s cold in New England right now, and that means everyone is wearing hoodies to stay warm.
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With snow, salt, slush, and general winter muck all over the ground in New England, it’s probably time for you to buy new car floor mats and door mats for your house anyway.
For those days when a hoodie is too warm and a T-shirt is too cold, a long sleeve tee is the perfect way to stay comfy. Top 25 Best Samsung Galaxy S5 Cases: The Heavy Power ListThese Samsung Galaxy S5 cases are simply the best.
Pictured above on the right is the New England Patriots Super Bowl 49 Signature Ticket plaque set from the Highland Mint. Top 5 Best Valentine’s Day Chocolate Gift BasketsHeart-shaped boxes of candy are lame. Your home, office, and body aren’t the only things you can decorate to show your Pats pride.
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NEW BEDFORD, MA – After watching his beloved Patriots lose 41-14 to the Kansas City Chiefs Monday night, lifelong New England fan Reggie Cadenbach, 33, expressed outrage over what he termed, “the complete lack of hustle from any of those lazy bastards,” according to sources close to the 260lb viewer. Cadenbach, whose LDL cholesterol count is 182 and whose most recent blood pressure measurement of 167 over 99 qualifies as stage 2 hypertension, blamed the team’s lack of hustle on poor conditioning. I am so grateful to everyone who visited the site, read the convos or articles, shared the links, corrected the typos (so many typos!), commented, retweeted, or bookmarked any of this stuff. I just now saw a QB facebook convo not from PFM but from someone who appears to be wanting to take over from PFM. I’m sure there are at least a few warped, creative people out there who might like to continue the convos. MOIST knew this day was likely, given the summer silence, but there was the possibility of more coming with the new season about to start.
Leave everything up as archives and just in case you change your mind you might want to create some new material eventually.
I have no regrets for spending 5th period daily reading whatever new article or re-reading my old favorites. It was an epic game, and fans of the winning team are eager to show their support for this year’s legendary team with Super Bowl championship gear.
This shirt features the helmets of both teams, along with a representation of the University of Phoenix Stadium. With more snow hitting the ground overnight, the Monday morning after the Super Bowl is going to be quite a chilly one. These relaxed fit caps from ’47 Brand have an adjustable band in the back for a custom fit.
And unlike a lot of other 2015 Super Bowl champs gear we’ve seen in fan shops, this bag is pretty reasonably priced. These Super Bowl 2015 championship hoodies for men and women are the perfect thing to wear while shoveling the driveway, or snuggling up on the couch and rewatching the highlights from this year’s big game. It can hold six credit cards, plus there’s a clear slot for your license, and two other sleeves for cash.
Either the Super Bowl champs teddy bear or garden gnome would both be great decorations for your cube, office, or home.
With this Pats keyring, you’ll always carry the memory of Super Bowl XLIX with you, no matter where you travel.
These Super Bowl 2015 championship mats are a great way to keep your floors dry and your football pride showing all winter long. These collectible wall hangings are the perfect way to spruce up any room in your house that is dedicated to football, the Pats, or sports in general.
Each set contains a replica of the Super Bowl XLIX ticket, along with facsimile signatures from the whole team. That commemorative plaque features an 8×10 photo of the of the New England Patriots Super Bowl XLIX champions on-field celebration.

This license plate frame is a great way to tell everyone on the road that you support the greatest team in football.
It’s cute, flatters your figure, and shows how much you love the New England Patriots. This Pats fan item would look great above the couch in your man cave, in your garage, or on the outside of your house near your parking space. She's obsessed with finding the best deals, and firmly believes that paying full price is for suckers. It’s very flattering to me that anyone would take the time to read some of the silly nonsense that I wrote, and I appreciate it very much.
They’re never going to be as funny as dumb Big Ben, overly nice Andrew Luck, one line Russell Wilson etc. Also, it comes in a gift tin, which makes this an ideal way to present this wallet as a present for Valentine’s Day. It’s an affordable, fashionable way to demonstrate your loyalty to New England football. Each individually numbered photo is highlighted with a silver plate Super Bowl XLIX champion’s coin, and a silver plate Super Bowl XLIX commemorative coin. While shipping estimates say this could take over a week to get to you, this Pats gear is an awesome way to remind everyone that you love the team that won this year’s Super Bowl. It’s also made in the USA, which makes it an appropriate choice for fans of the Patriots. Guys, if you’re looking for a shirt for your girlfriend or wife, this is a solid choice.
They are great for drinking while watching a game, or for enjoying a toast any time of year. The less short answer is that, as the new season approaches, I just don’t have the energy or inspiration for another year of publishing. This way, I’ll have a lot more free time during the season to sit and watch my fantasy teams suck ass. I mean its not like I need this stupid website anyway, I can get ten times the funniness of your crap and without the pervertedness on the NFL Memes FB page. We’ve also included some Seahawks apparel, as well as some unusual and unexpected gear that celebrates the Pats and their historic Super Bowl win. It’s a reminder of the Pats victory this year, and a shirt that Seahawks fans can wear while crossing their fingers for another Super Bowl appearance next year. Whether you hang it on the wall of your den or snuggle up underneath it on the couch, this woven throw is the perfect home accessory for any household that supports Tom Brady.
Here’s a look at some of the best Super Bowl Champs 2015 apparel for the Patriots we’ve seen in fan shops online. And then go pleasure yourself with a cheese grater, a pound of salt, and a gallon of lemon juice.

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