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In the Jets vs Patriots game, Gang Green put up a fight with one of the best teams playing in the NFL and almost came away victorious. This suspension should not come as a surprise for New England Patriots fans, league discipline has been coming since he and former Steelers teammate Le’Veon Bell were busted for possession of marijuana last summer, and the Patriots knew this when they signed Blount. Jordan Poyer Takes A Nap On Rachel Bush’s Pillows Cleveland Browns safety Jordan Poyer is one lucky man.
New York's Sports Blog - Bringing you commentary on the latest in sports, comedy, news and of course hot women. Rookie quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo apparently bears a resemblance to a cartoon character, at least in the eyes of his New England Patriots’ teammates.
According to the Boston Herald, Garoppolo’s teammates tease him for his resemblance to the animated character.
Garoppolo didn’t notice the nameplate (or so he claims) until he was tipped off by a reporter.
According to the report, photographic evidence of the prank was impossible to get because players’ lockers are off-limits to being photographed by the media unless an interview is being conducted in front of one. Oddly enough, Garoppolo declined a request to be interviewed … since that interview would have been for the express purpose of getting a picture of the nameplate. On the positive side, his teammates don’t think he looks like the genie … or Princess Jasmine, which might just get … awkward.
Haters of the New England Patriots are practically dancing in the streets with the announcement of the punishments the NFL has decided to levy on the organization and star quarterback Tom Brady due to the “deflategate” scandal. Jets fans can purchase, through a fan shop, a t-shirt with the image of Brady sucking the air out of a football with the sentence, “see you later deflator” underneath, all in the Jets green and white colors of course. Katie Ledecky is not not America’s sweetheart, but one of the fastest swimmers in the world, right up there with Michael Phelps and Ryan Lochte. After losing four major sponsorships and being deemed the moron of the Olympics, Ryan Lochte has signed a new endorsement deal with Pine Bros. Like the douche that he is, Usain Bolt cheated on his girlfriend of three years with a chick in Brazil.

Ryan Lochte has been all over the news last week for lying about the fact that he was allegedly robbed in Rio during the 2016 Olympic Games.
In the latest NFL injury updates, New England Patriots running back Dion Lewis and Sebastian Vollmer will be out for at least the start of the season or longer. The New England Patriots’ roster is seeing quite a few issues heading into the new season. On Sunday, NESN reported that Dion Lewis will begin the season on the Pats’ PUP list.
Not only is Lewis a recent injury from the New England roster, but so is Sebastian Vollmer. The defensive tackle was reported to have an undisclosed injury and could have been placed on the PUP list as well. Saturday evening, Mike called and invited us all down to a party he was throwing for the Jets game against the New England Patriots on Sunday. The morning was overcast and a bit cheery, but the drive gave us a chance to preview the game among ourselves. The weather was a beautiful 65 degrees and the game was being shown on Mike’s deck, as well as the adjoining spacious man cave. They may have lost this game, but the players and their fan base have nothing to be ashamed of. On the other hand, if he doesn’t know which locker is his at this point in the season, he might not be the guy you want flinging the football downfield for you. Brady will be suspended for the first 4 games of the 2015 season and the organization will be fined $1 million and lose their 1st round draft pick in 2016 and their 4th rounder in 2017. Brady will most certainly be seeing plenty of these shirts in the stands when he and the Patriots roll into town for their annual clash with the Jets at MetLife Stadium. Apparently, Ryan Lochte thinks his Rio scandal is going to go away if he competes on Season 23 of Dancing with the Stars. According to NBC Sports, he is likely to be headed to the injured reserve list as the season begins.

On Friday night, Brady sliced his thumb with some scissors ahead of a potential preseason start.
The gang surprised me by having everyone pick the Jets in this one, and by a sizable margin I might add. The Jets showed up to play under Todd Bowles and they were in this game every step of the way until the bitter end. Every Day.Build your own custom daily newsletter with updates on your favorite teams, sent directly to your inbox.
The happiest people of all have to be fans of the other AFC East teams, for whom Brady and the Patriots have been a road block to the playoffs for the past 15 years.
I have to imagine that fans of the Miami Dolphins and Buffalo Bills, New England’s other division rivals, are hard at work on their own shirts poking fun at this embarrassing debacle. There is no situation that he doesn't have a joke for and just wants to share his unique mind with any who would hear. Now it seems one of their top running backs will be unavailable for a good bit of the season. The Pats’ quarterback had been attempting to pry something off his cleats at the time.
I had written an article here at The Jet Press earlier in the week, where I thought the Patriots would pull out a victory in the end, and my fellow Jet fans descended on me from all sides. I must admit, I’m not used to watching games in such luxury, and would be amiss if I left out a thank you here to our host. And the first rival to join the dog pile on Brady is, unsurprisingly, their most bitter rival, the New York Jets. It was a heated debate, going back and forth, and before any us realized we were reaching our destination early.

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