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The New England Patriots suffered a tough loss to the New York Jets as Tom Brady was left to make something out of nothing with a good portion of his playmakers not on the field. Edelman has been at practice the past few weeks with a foot injury, but has yet to be seen at practice.
Jamie Collins, the 52nd overall pick in the 2013 NFL draft by the New England Patriots, is having a breakout second season, excelling as an every down linebacker in Bill Belichick‘s inventive defensive schemes.
Since returning from an early-season thigh injury, Jamie Collins has played nearly every available defensive snap (save those near the ends of games with the outcomes already decided). On this play with 11:37 remaining in the 2nd quarter against the Denver Broncos, Collins is lined up as an outside linebacker in a six-man front.
Early in the 1st quarter against the Chicago Bears, Collins is lined up as the only linebacker off the front in a goal line package on 3rd and 1. Collins is generally outstanding in run support; here, he quickly and accurately diagnoses the play and makes an excellent effort at closing the hole or redirecting the runner.
With 4:08 remaining in the 1st quarter against Denver, Collins lines up against Hillman split wide to the left. With 5:40 remaining in the 2nd quarter against Chicago, Collins has a man coverage assignment on Forte out of the backfield. While he has shown susceptible to double moves, Collins is typically able to keep up with running backs out of the backfield showing excellent coverage instincts. Throughout the games reviewed, Collins showed versatility in supporting the run and covering receivers downfield. Jeremy is a programmer for industrial control systems who dives far deeper into his hobbies than is healthy.
Watch postgame press conferences from Bill Belichick and more following Friday night's preseason game against the Carolina Panthers. The offense for the Patriots was stagnant as the team did not have either Julian Edelman or Danny Amendola on the field while LeGarrette Blount was done for the season. The receiver suffered a knee injury that is not season-ending, but might keep him out until the postseason.
Without Blount and Dion Lewis, seven players found themselves in the rushing section of the boxscore.
The team is hopeful that the return of Edelman and Amendola will get the offense moving in the right direction.
Jeremy Turner looks at Collins’ performance in a variety of roles and notes the areas still in need of improvement.
With Jerod Mayo lost for the year to a torn patellar tendon, Collins and fellow linebacker Dont’a Hightower have taken over all the middle linebacking duties and have solidly filled the defensive captain’s shoes. At the snap, Collins starts to crash down the line while still maintaining position to keep containment. He does an excellent job of diagnosing the play and filling the substantial hole created by the Bears offensive line. However, his failure to even attempt to wrap up the ball carrier allows the offense to gain a new set of snaps. Just before the snap with 11:46 left in the period, Patrick Chung begins to retreat from the line of scrimmage to a normal safety position.

With 3:09 remaining in the period, Collins is assigned zone coverage against the Jets for the short middle of the field. With 8:03 remaining in the 2nd quarter against Chicago, Collins again is assigned short zone coverage. While he occasionally gets sucked away from his primary responsibility, he has the awareness and speed to recover in time to prevent a massive breakdown. Quarterback Peyton Manning sees the running back with one-on-one coverage against a linebacker and locks in. The RB hesitates in the backfield momentarily to ensure he doesn’t need to pick up a blitzer, then releases.
The defensive scheme generally doesn’t leave the deep portion of the field open without safety help, but offensive play design can exploit this occasionally.
His few negative plays have come in situations where the defensive scheme has left him little room for error (for instance, lack of safety help) or from breakdowns in fundamentals that are non-recurring.
Living in small-town Maine with his wife and son, he gets plenty of time to dig into film and stats to find interesting items to dissect.
That team was not happy with the loss and with one game left in the regular season, will Brady get back his top two receivers before the playoffs?
According to the Boston Herald, Amendola's knee injury is not serious, but the Patriots are not interested in taking the risk. Brandon Bolden led the way with 30 yards while Steven Jackson eased in with seven carries for 15 yards.
I wouldn't think it would be a very expanded role, but something to get started on and build on," Belichick said during his pre-game interview on 98.5 The Sports Hub. It is especially difficult to bounce back from now because they Patriots have virtually zero depth on the defensive line, particularly defensive end. While Hightower has assumed primary play-calling duties, Collins’s responsibilities have him bouncing between run support, pass coverage, and pass rush. While the offensive line blocks away from Collins and opens a hole between the center and left guard, he doesn’t bite and holds the edge.
As the play begins, Collins quickly drops back into a typical Tampa 2, covering nearly 10 yards in short order. The defense attempts the disguise the coverage with Collins lined up tight on Brandon Marshall. The Denver RB runs a 5-yard in cut while Collins maintains good position to prevent a deep run or outside cut. He runs a quick stop-and-go route and Collins bites hard on the stop, allowing Forte to easily burst past the linebacker. Moving forward, expect his growth and adaptability to enable the New England defense to throw varied looks at their opponents and keep them off balance.
He looked like he could have been active against the Jets, but the Patriots opted not to make the move. That left the Patriots with Brandon LaFell and Rob Gronkowski following the release of Leonard Hankerson. Jackson was a surprise active in Week 16 as many wonder why Montee Ball was not the choice.

As of right now the second defensive end behind Rob Ninkovich looks to be rookie Zach Moore? He’s done an excellent job in most respects, though with a few areas in which he could improve.
Broncos running back Ronnie Hillman sees Hightower filling the hole created by the offensive line and attempts to bounce outside, following Julius Thomas as he pulls across the formation.
Unfortunately, he forgets how to tackle and merely attempts to throw his shoulder into the RB – the one sporting the 6th-most yards after contact according to ProFootballFocus. Tight end Zach Sudfeld comes over the field on a short crossing route and Collins quickly closes in coverage. After getting a good jam on Marshall he begins to follow him inside leaving the flat uncovered. The team is hoping to allow him limited playing time in the season finale before being on the field for the playoffs. Dominque Easley has been injured of late, and when he is in their he's proven he cannot play the 3-4 technique well nor can he play the 4-3.
Thomas attempts to cut-block Collins but the linebacker easily sheds the poor block and makes the tackle.
As the pressure comes against Geno Smith, he looks to Sudfeld, sees the tight coverage, and pulls the ball down. Although he arrives slightly after the pass, he’s able to make contact with the running back and prevent the completion. Unfortunately, Belichick is going to have ton use a mostly 3-4 front now which scares me as a Patriots fan.
The games where they have run the 3-4 most of the time are Miami, Kansas City, and New York.
It'll probably be Vince Wilfork, Chris Jones, Rob Ninkovich, and at points newly aquirred Alan Branch will be in there as well. I like the Branch signing but it will for sure not solve all the problems in the running game and the pass rush problems.
Without a doubt, the Patriots best pass rusher has been Chandler Jones the past few seasons. Now we are looking for a middle linebacker like Dont'a Hightower, or Akeem Ayers to collapse the pocket. This scares me big time mainly because the quarterbacks the Patriots face in the next four games are Jay Cutler, Peyton Manning, Andrew Luck, and Matthew Stafford, and if he can't make it back after four games the fifth one they have Aaron Rodgers. When you can't get pressure on top quarterbacks like the ones in the coming weeks, you can get pick apart all day long.
Revis has to be at his absolute best, Browner needs to start bringing his physicality every week, and guys like Dennard and Logan Ryan have to simply cover better, to try and create coverage sacks. In conclusion, the Chandler Jones injury scares me big time, because I do not think the Patriots have and pass rush depth and in the 3-4 they will get torched in the running game.

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