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Just one brief month ago, the Houston Texans were widely considered the best team in the NFL. That 42-14 pasting in Foxborough started a tailspin for the Texans that saw the team lose three of their final four contests and blow a chance to secure home field advantage.
Back in Week 14, Bill Belichick called an early timeout after seeing what the Texans plan of attack was going to be. As always, the Patriots’ top-rated offense will be led by Tom Brady and the passing game. A healthy Rob Gronkowski will only add to the potential problems for Houston’s safties. The Texans contained Wes Welker fairly well, but were burned on long bombs to Donte’ Stallworth (on IR) and Brandon Lloyd. While the Texans’ passing game has waned, Arian Foster has played an even bigger role. Should the Texans have success establishing the run and controlling the clock, Ben Tate could spell Foster and see 8-10 carries. Tight end Owen Daniels is clearly Houston’s second best receiver and main benefactor when Schaub rolls out.
Had Houston been able to simply defeat Indianapolis or Minnesota (both playoff teams), they wouldn’t be in the unenviable position of having to travel to a hostile environment to relive a humiliating defeat that started their late-season swoon. Houston will slow down the pace of the game and keep Tom Brady on the sidelines through much of the first half, but Bill Belichick will again make the right adjustments and the Patriots will pull away late for another appearance in the AFC Championship.
Gridiron Experts is a fantasy football advisory website providing content and advice to help you win your fantasy league. In terms of smug fanbases we got one of the worst lose-lose situations possible with this game. Teams like Seattle, with the stifling defense and ball control offense are just built to give the Patriots fits. This past weekend it’s hard to not look at the Patriots total dismantling of the Colts and Seattle needing Green Bay to basically screw up a lot late to pull out the victory and think the Patriots are the front runners.
The Colts did a pretty fine job containing Gronk for all of 3 receptions, 28 yards, 1 TD and 1 interception on 8 targets. At least we don’t have to worry about the possibility of a Harbowl for at least, what, 6 years?
However, the complete lack of class exhibited by the seahawks and their fans drives me insane. The man who sits next to me at work is a Seattle fan and wears a Seattle item of clothing EVERY DAY. If the packers won that game I know for sure Ha-ha Clinton Dix wouldn’t be standing at a podium saying that crap. Wilfork pulled a woman out from under an overturned car like she was a chicken wing that rolled under the couch. First of all, as much as I hate the obnoxious 12th Man bandwagoners, as a Jets fan it’s almost physically impossible to root for the Patriots, so go Seahawks.
Also, you can pretty much pencil in the Seahawks for a 2nd title, as while the Patriots are pretty much the same team as last year’s Broncos (albeit with a marginally better defense), the Seahawks pretty much are the same team as last year. Also the Pats are much better coached and have a much more dynamic offense than the ’13 Broncos. I don’t want the Patriots to tie the Giants in rings and they are already spoiled as is.

The only reason I’m pulling for Seattle is Marshawn, Earl, Kam, and Wagner Plus the Giants fan in me wants to see Tom Brady lose! So I know that I am an awful person, but all I can think about is Bill in his dark hoodie paying off a prison guard and handing Hernandez a picture of the ball boy as he leaves on a furlough. The Buffalo Bills' theme song is "Shout" and there will be a lot of that going on during Sunday's game against the New England Patriots. An online funding campaign raised enough money to bring in a representative from Guinness World Records to measure the roar of the crowd. The current record of 142.2 decibels is held by Kansas City Chiefs fans in Arrowhead Stadium during a Sept. It was the Colts’ first road win of the season (and last season) and their first back-to-back win of the season (and last season). This entry was posted in Colts, Dolphins, Jets, NFL, Patriots, Rams, Steelers and tagged CCQB, NFL in Pink, Roger Goodell. The author of two blogs: Pigskin 'N Pearls and The Blue Mare, Heather lives in Indianapolis with her husband, two stepchildren, and pampered pooch. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.
Sporting a dazzling 11-1 record and clad with snazzy new letterman jackets to combat the brutal 60 degree New England winter, the Texans were thoroughly humiliated on Monday Night Football, in what was then considered the biggest game in franchise history.
Failing to lock up that number one seed now results in Houston returning to the scene of the crime for a rematch with a much more playoff-hardened New England Patriots team and to contend with the adverse conditions of an outdoor game in the middle of January. Brady had no problem picking apart Houston’s fading secondary for just under 300 yards and four passing scores and will be looking to again capitalize on mismatches. Fellow tight end Aaron Hernandez lit up Houston for eight grabs and two touchdowns a month ago and will be a threat underneath and in the red-zone, while Gronk stretches the field. They’ll look to establish Ridley early when Houston is in a nickel defense and hope a commitment to pound the rock leads to play-action opportunities downfield for Gronkowski and Lloyd.
Quarterback Matt Schaub┬áhasn’t thrown a touchdown pass in three consecutive games and has tallied only one versus four interceptions since the Week 14 disaster.
Foster carried 32 times for 140 yards in Houston’s Wild Card victory over Cincinnati. Justin Forsett could also see a handful of plays, but is typically used on passing plays and draws. Establishing Foster is crucial for Houston’s play-action and roll-out-heavy zone scheme. Kevin Walter is the other starting wide-out, but along with Lestar Jean and Devier Posey play secondary roles in the passing game. Meanwhile, things worked out perfectly for the Patriots, as they had a week off to prepare for a team they just throttled. Gary Kubiak has never really shown himself to be capable of overcoming adversity or an aggressive enough play-caller to trade blows with an elite team like the Pats. Look for Houston to pound the ball early and often and try to keep New England’s offense off the field. Either we get to suffer more Boston Smug as Brady takes his 4th ring and Patriots fans continue to be spoiled, or the already unbearable 12th man gets even more 12th man-er. They are much improved and significantly better than the defenses the Giants dealt with, Brady hasn’t had this complete a team around him since 2004. Make no mistake, if Seattle plays like they did on offense in the Bowl, they are in deep trouble.

I’m looking forward to a Superbowl game between two very excellent teams, even if neither of them are mine.
He says he’s been a fan for 30 years, but all his gear is new and says Superbowl champs on it. There are more than 2 teams in this league and when you are a sore winner and a sore loser you blemish what class and integrity the sport of football has left.
If Houston is to have any chance of staying in this game, Schaub must drastically improve his play. About the only way to beat the Patriots is with a successful and relentless pass-rush and the Texans, led by J.J. If the defense can stop Russell and Lynch on a regular basis and keep giving Brady more chances, I have faith Brady will find a way. Belichick is a far better coach than McCarthy and will not stupidly sit on leads and make conservative calls.
You at least sound like you know that Vrabel isn’t the name of a veneral disease and Bruschi the name of a pasta dish. The one thing that really opens up their entire offense is Gronk being superhuman, but so are Kam Chancellor, Earl Thomas III, and Bobby Wagner. Lloyd has been known to blow off barbecues, baby showers, and birthday parties to watch sports. Look for Houston to try an establish the run early and continue to feed Foster the ball as long as the game is within reach. Patriots better win this year because they won’t have a chance next year as the Giants 4 year prophesy returns, and they play Tennessee (and Pollard shall strike once again). If the Pats can’t stop the ball control running from Seattle, the Patriots could be in for a long, long game. This is going to be a good game, me thinks, but then again I thought that about last year so what do I know.
I’m personally rooting for Brady to cement his legacy, but I think Seattle is going to win.
While they don’t have the D-line that the Giants did, they do have a much better back-end, so it might even out.
Brady is going to struggle against that D, but something will break if he keeps getting opportunities.
The Patriots with Brady have yet to have a boring game, so let’s hope the streak stays alive. We are going to get Kam Chancellor vs Gronk and it’s going to be a pleasure seeing those two smack into each other. I have no doubt Sherman and Thomas will be fine by the Super Bowl, their injuries weren’t severe and they have two weeks to take care of their boo-boos.
Seattle this season has a tendency to play close games for 3 quarters and then all of a sudden pull away late. You need to stomp out Seattle early and build a good lead and keep the pressure on, something Green Bay learned the hard way. Green Bay had so many chances to put that game out of reach (one extra Field Goal would have been enough) and they just didn’t do it.

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