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New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski (top) scores a touchdown over Kansas City Chiefs linebacker Derrick Johnson in the second half of their NFL football game in Foxborough, Massachusetts November 21, 2011. According to New England Patriots beat writers Doug Kyed and Mike Loyko, the Seattle Seahawks were targeting Florida defensive lineman Dominique Easley but were pretty bummed out when the Patriots scooped him up with the No. After Dominique Easley was off the board, the Seahawks then immediately looked to trade the pick and move out of the fist round. Still, the Seahawks didn’t get their man and will be looking to find someone like him, or perhaps a skill position player like Marqise Lee, with the No.
Racism is, unfortunately, a very large chapter in the history of the United States, and one that we all know well. The rule was established in 2003 to ensure that minority coaches, and especially African Americans, were being considered for high-level coaching positions.
At its inception in 2003, minority coaches made up only 6% of the NFL, while in 2006 that number had swollen to 22%.
So a movement towards change was predictable, and has come in the form of discussions about potentially expanding the Rooney Rule. In practice, therefore, the league is only one or two minority head coaches away from projecting a microcosm of American society.
In promoting changes after the 2012 debacle, analysts have pointed to Jim Caldwell’s situation as an example of racial prejudice in full view. Eyebrows were raised when Caldwell, despite playing his part in the Ravens superbowl success, did not receive a single interview for one of the 8 vacant head coaching positions.
In his successful 2009 and 2010 campaigns in Indianapolis, Caldwell had Peyton Manning at quarterback. The true test came in 2011 when, due to a neck injury, Caldwell didn’t have Manning all season. So before everybody just plays the race card and cries foul, why don’t we actually look for other reasons why some coaches don’t get hired? Those two things are what an owner is thinking about when he selects a new head coach or general manager. Superbowl winning coach John Harbaugh coaching with his Father, Jack Harbaugh, at Western Michigan University. In fact, of the 32 current NFL head coaches, only 7 began their coaching careers in the NFL; 25 actually began their careers as college coaches, most as lowly assistant positional coaches and scouts. Moving forward, it is important to make sure that young minority coaches get the same exposure to football that the current crop of white coaches were receiving in the NCAA in the 1980s and 90s. If the NFL truly wants to invoke change, the fight must be fought in the film and equipment rooms of collegiate campuses all over the country, promoting assistant coaching positions to young minority candidates. The Rooney Rule does nothing more than force teams to pay lip service to a single minority candidate in order to satisfy a quota. The focus needs to be on promoting minority coaches at lower levels of the football ladder. The NFL signed a multiyear partnership with Twitter Inc last year to deliver video and other content to fans on a daily basis. A look at 5 of those athletes who remained indecisive about their retirement and thus made several comebacks at different points of time. Peyton Manning won his second championship ring tonight with the Broncos' third Super Bowl win. New England Patriot's tight end Rob Gronkowski and his family will appear on the popular television game show "Celebrity Family Feud" July 19.
Rob will be joined on the Steve Harvey-hosted program by his father and brothers Chris, Dan and Gordie. The episode will also feature a game between the families of comedian Bill Engvall and actress Keke Palmer.
Gronk is up for "Best Comeback Athlete" at the 2105 ESPY Awards, which air July 15 on ABC. You don't have to be a booze hound to enjoy the travel adventures of Jack Maxwell, host of "Booze Traveler" on Travel Channel. Louise Harrison, the elder sister of George Harrison, had a front-row seat to musical history. Lukas Nelson, the son of Willie Nelson, has released a new album, "Something Real," with his roots rock band Lukas Nelson & Promise of The Real. You can help by uploading your own wallpapers to share them with people from around the world. You will also get your own author page on our site, for people to see and download your wallpapers. Ashley North has been a NFL Wag for over a decade, she and  her football stud Dashon Goldson are the proud parents of a beautiful girl, so what’s keeping Dashon for marrying Ashley already???

Dashon Goldson the 6’2” free safety player with the Washington Redskins played with the Washington Huskies at the University of Washington before he was selected by the San Francisco 49ers in the 4th round (126th overall) in the 2007 NFL Draft. Goldson’s longtime girlfriend is the lovely Ashley “AJ” North, 32, the daughter of Pamela and William North.
Let me tell you a few interesting things about this fab Wag, Ashley North is a beautiful, smart and kind girl who happens to be a fab stylist as well- along Maya Fox Davis started their business M&A Style in 2006. And with magazines like Teen Vogue, Seventeen, Complex, GC, Vibe, and Rolling Stone and for t.v shows like Dancing With the Stars, X-Factor, MTV Video Music Awards, The Grammy’s.
Ashley and partner Maya have been the stylist for celebs like Justin Bieber, The Game, Usher, J. 32 overall pick to the Minnesota Vikings, who turned the pick into Louisville quarterback Teddy Bridgewater but things may have gone very differently had one player been on the board for the Seahawks. They had little to lose at that point, as not only were they technically already in the second round at No.
Inter-racial violence, segregation and elitism were all present throughout the last century as the divided country struggled with issues of racial equality in a very unequal society.
A lot of people (fans, players and coaches alike) have taken exception to the number of white coaches hired in the NFL in proportion to other racial minorities. Indicating a commitment to diversity, the league introduced a rule in 2003 that requires NFL teams to interview at least one minority candidate for vacant head coaching and senior football operations positions (like General Manager). The rule is named for Dan Rooney, the owner of the Pittsburgh Steelers, and indirectly the Rooney family in general. In the last few months, diversity in the NFL has been brought to the forefront of league discussion once again. So I can understand that the commissioner, Roger Goodell, needs to be seen to be doing something about potential prejudice or racism in America’s most popular sport.
Marvin Lewis (front row, orange shirt), Mike Tomlin (standing, back row-right side, blue blazer), Leslie Frazier (standing, middle, black blazer) and Ron Rivera (seated, far left, white shirt) are the only head coaches of a minority ethnicity. After all, around 60% of all NFL players in any given season are African-American or of another minority or mixed race. The way the rule operates provides a minority candidate an opportunity at a vacancy based on his race rather than his credentials. Jim Caldwell is an African-American football coach, and one of the better offensive minds in the NFL.
Not because the team owners are racist, but because Caldwell isn’t actually a particularly good head coaching candidate. Manning is one of the greatest players to ever play in the NFL and will be going to the Hall of Fame as soon as he retires.
That year the Colts went from a 10-6 team the year before to a 2-14 team, the worst record in the National Football League.
If you own a football franchise it’s because you either love the team or see it as a prudent investment.
Further, of the 7 fired head coaches from last season, 5 began coaching in the college ranks before joining the NFL.
Clearly, the statistics show that the best way for a coach to bolster his resume and become worthy of NFL recognition is by cutting his teeth at the high school and collegiate levels and improving his coaching skills with hands on experience.
If minority coaches are given their opportunities to flourish here, where the next crop of NFL head coaches are bred, that will directly correlate into better diversity figures for the NFL in the years to come. It will not affect change in the diversity of the NFL because the owners will always pick the best coaches regardless of their skin colour. Coaches such as Romeo Crennel and Lovie Smith earned their jobs on their credentials and not their race. That is quite obviously the best way to ensure that there are a greater number of talented minority coaches rising through the college ranks to the NFL.
Instead, the commissioner and his staff have reacted to a potential political embarrassment by choosing to lean on and promote limp legislation like the Rooney Rule. Action needs to be taken at the collegiate level, and if the league continues only to shake its fist at the NFL owners then they will continue to see very few talented minority coaches getting hired to key positions. Gronk and his family will play for Rodman Ride for Kids, which supports at-risk youth in Massachusettes. In 1961, the New England Patriots were once forced to stay in separate hotels during a road game in New Orleans, as Louisiana segregation laws at the time did not permit the black and white players to stay together. With perhaps the exception of the occasional isolated outburst, racial prejudice does not really exist anymore on the gridiron or on the streets on America, and it is certainly not accepted. After all, there have only ever been 20 non-white head coaches in the 100 years of professional football in America. The Steelers have a long history of giving African Americans opportunities to serve in team leadership roles, opportunities that were unprecedented at their time.

In contrast, there have been 13 minority head coaches hired in the last decade alone since the rule was implemented. The experiment appeared to be working. There were 8 head coaching vacancies and 7 general manager vacancies following the 2012 campaign, after a wave of firings that included Lovie Smith and Romeo Crennel, two African-American coaches. Unsurprisingly, the league wants to be doing whatever is possible to increase the number of minority coaches in its ranks.
There would need to be 7 minority head coaches if the NFL wishes to match the national percentage. While white men dominate the sidelines and the owners’ boxes, African-American men dominate the field. In 2012, he took over the offensive co-ordinator position in Baltimore after the mid-season firing of Cam Cameron, and helped the underdog Ravens win the Superbowl. He had the best season of any rookie head coach ever when he took over the Indianapolis Colts in 2009, leading them to a 14-2 record and an appearance in Superbowl XLIV (which they subsequently lost 31-17 to the New Orleans Saints).
When the going got tough, Caldwell didn’t know what to do, and that speaks so much more about his ability to lead a team than the previous two seasons had. Imagine if Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin or Ravens GM Ozzie Newsome suddenly left their respective positions.
They pay their dues like everyone else in the world, and take whatever opportunities are given to them to build on their experience. That is where aspiring head coaches are usually discovered; learning their trade in the NCAA. Approximately 94% of coaches in college football are white, and that is the talent pool that the NFL owners are fishing in to get their guys. Crennel won three superbowls as defensive co-ordinator in New England before moving to Cleveland as head coach. If the NFL wants to use the rule as a PR device to show the world that they care about diversity, that’s just fine. Overall, there were 15 high profile jobs up for grabs, and every single one of them was given to a white candidate. The press would have a field day branding the league as an organisation that is comfortable with racial prejudice. The NFL doesn’t want the league to be a microcosm of society, but a microcosm of the NFL Players Association.
An even more serious effect of the rule is that it is quintessentially an accusation that NFL owners are inherently racist, and need to be forced to consider a black candidate. He then led the team to a 10-6 season the year after, winning the AFC South once again but losing in the first round of the playoffs. Compare that disastrous 2-11 season to the Patriots’ 2008 campaign when Tom Brady was lost for the entire season. He is a great offensive co-ordinator but he doesn’t have the motivational skills to be the top dog in an organisation, nor the presence required to command the respect of both his players and the media. They wouldn’t have any trouble finding an interview, because they are two of the best at what they do. Seattle head coach Pete Carroll began as a graduate assistant at University of the Pacific.
When only 6% of all NCAA coaches are African-American, of course most of the NFL hires are of white ethnicity. Portraying the rich white owners as archaic bigots is an outdated notion, and in desperate need of revising. Smith was a brain child of the brilliant Tampa 2 defence along with Tony Dungy, and coached in superbowl XXXVI as defensive co-ordinator of the St Louis Rams. That is what owners look for in their coaches; not the colour of their skin but the content of their character, as a great man once put it. Superbowl winning coach John Harbaugh began his coaching career as a lowly assistant at Western Michigan.
Owners in the modern day will bring anybody into their organisation if it means they have a better chance of winning; in that way I believe that the NFL is a true meritocracy. The percentage of African-Americans living in the United States stands at about 12.4% of the total population (all population percentages taken from here). Are the lopsided diversity figures directly related to racism in the hierarchy of the league’s 32 franchises?

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