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Like: Jamie Collins and Dont’a Hightower giving us further proof that they are the best inside linebacker duo in the NFL. Patriots Rumors: Danny Amendola Trade Denied Despite Larry Fitzgerald, Andre Johnson Interest? Tom Brady was very complimentary of the wide receiver after his big performance against the Jets.
By all accounts, Amendola has not lived up to his five-year, $28.5 million contract signed back in March of 2013.
With the Federal court nullifying quarterback Tom Brady’s four game suspension and ESPN and Sports Illustrated taking their best shots at the organization by coincidentally dredging-up allegations from eight years ago on the same day filled with unsubstantiated and anonymous sources , the Patriots have taken every body blow from the NFL and the 31 other owners this offseason to get to today: the first game of the 2015 NFL season. Today, at long last, the offseason of the ridiculous witch-hunt has ended and the game on the field takes center stage. Since 2001 in the AFC it has been either the Patriots or the Steelers representing the conference in the Super Bowl in 8 of those 14 years.
Often the game does not come down to the game plan created and practiced during the week or the Xs and Os put together by the coaches.
Denver Broncos pass rusher DeMarcus Ware is one of the best players at his position in the history of the league. DeMarcus Ware hadn’t ever even been to a conference championship game before last Sunday. Ware is one of the most deserving players in the NFL of a Super Bowl title, if there are any. Case in point, Ware led the Broncos with seven hits on Tom Brady this past Sunday, doing literally everything in his power to make sure the Broncos won the game.
One of the best competitors in the league, Ware has set the example both on and off the field in his 10 plus years in the NFL.
With two of the best pass rushers in the league, the Broncos have been racking up the sacks.
When you have one-on-one matchups with Von Miller and DeMarcus Ware on the edges, it makes life very difficult for opposing quarterbacks. Between 2000 and 2009, the team appeared in two Super Bowls with one championship and defeated the unbeatable 18-0 New England Patriots in Super Bowl XLII. In 2000, the Giants finished 12-4 and won both the NFC East Division and NFC Conference championships. Seven years later, the Giants captured their lone Super Bowl of the decade by defeating the 18-0 New England Patriots, 17-14.

While the team didn’t capture a Super Bowl title, the Eagles were one of more successful regular season teams during the same time period. Connor Hughes has been working in both the broadcasting and journalism fields for the last seven years. This play was a perfect example of the ferocity of this pair; Hightower bull-rushing and knocking down a Jet’s blocker and tripping Ryan Fitzpatrick, and Collins using his unparalleled athleticism to chase Fitzy down and finish the play. On a day when Brandon LaFell and Julian Edelman struggled to catch the ball, Amendola stepped-up for the second straight week and led Patriots’ wide receivers with eight catches for 86 yards and a touchdown. The fumble was recovered by Hightower, and it really boosted the Patriots at the start of the game. Chris Ivory was stuffed from the very first play, and neither he nor Zac Stacy were able to get much more than a sniff against Alan Branch and the Patriots’ surprisingly stout defensive front.
He connected on 34 of 54 attempts for 355 yards and two touchdowns through the air, and also rushed for 15 yards and a touchdown on the ground. While he certainly is not blowing people away statistically nor is he leading the New England Patriots in any category, he is making catches when needed and played a large part in the team's win over the New York Jets. Julian Edelman was out against the Jets with a concussion and Amendola played well in his absence. The quarterback made note that Amendola really took advantage of the opportunity and came up with big plays for the team, something the wide receiver has failed to do in almost two seasons with New England.
His struggles last year forced the Patriots to acquire Brandon LaFell in free agency while also trading for Tim Wright before the year began He has faced plenty of trade rumors during his Patriots tenure. While the organization and star quarterback were dogged by an overzealous league investigation, the team lost defensive captain Vince Wilfork and their top four cornerbacks. At long last, the New England Patriots get the chance to step between the white sidelines and defend their World Championship and unveil their championship banner in a packed Gillette Stadium on prime-time television. These two storied franchises both feature future Hall of Fame quarterbacks and explosive weapons on offense.
When the game starts it comes down to the players on the field and their individual match-ups.
Ward (43) celebrate the victory against the New England Patriots after the game in the AFC Championship football game at Sports Authority Field at Mile High. Now, he’s preparing for the first Super Bowl of his career, perhaps the one and only. Ware has been a dominant pass rusher from day one with the Dallas Cowboys, and after getting cut by Jerry Jones and signing with the Broncos, he has seemingly discovered a fountain of youth and is playing some of his best football, when healthy.

He will have to do much of the same in 10 days if the Broncos are to defeat the likely NFL MVP Cam Newton and his Carolina Panthers.
He came to Denver in 2014, which might have been the best thing to ever happen to Von Miller, who has always looked up to Ware. Ware and Miller helped lead the Broncos to the highest sack total in the NFL over the past two seasons, and gave them one of the most potent weapons the NFL has ever known. But according to Charley Casserly, one Super Bowl-less squad was more impressive during the nine years. The team had a winning record five times, won the division three times and made the playoffs six times. Philadelphia had a losing record just once in the nine years, made four-straight conference championships and appeared in one Super Bowl. His work has been heard on WMCX, WBZC and Lenape District Television, while read on the pages of The Star-Ledger and The Burlington County Times. With 6.5 sacks under his belt, Jones is now tied with Michael Bennett and Carlos Dunlap for the league lead.
12 of those 20 incompletions should have been caught, but the Pats simply had a terrible case of the dropsies in Week 7. After failing to live up to expectations last season, Amendola is not doing a lot to change minds about him, but he is doing enough to help his job security on the team. NFL Media Insider Ian Rapoport has connected the Patriots with a trade for Andre Johnson and a free agency contract for Larry Fitzgerald. As the league imposed draconian punishments for unproven allegations, the team lost offensive captain Dan Connolly to retirement and receiving running back Shane Vereen in free agency.
Whoever wins those match-ups more often than the other player lined up across from them plays a key role in helping their team win the game. The Baltimore Ravens, who defeated the Giants in Super Bowl XXXV, tied with New York at No.
Most Patriots' fans likely forgot Amendola was even on the roster considering the amount of zeros next to his name on his season statistics, but key plays are slowly saving his job.
However, if Amendola can step up again in Week 17 as well as the playoffs, those interests might no longer be necessary.

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