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Don Brocher, the team’s equipment manager and longest tenured employee in franchise history, lost his season-long battle with leukemia early Tuesday morning. 2012 was Brocher’s 41st season with the Patriots and 19th as their equipment manager.
Brocher was diagnosed with leukemia in June, and missed his first game in 40 years when he stayed home for the Patriots preseason game in Tampa Bay. It snapped a streak of 834 consecutive Patriots games that he had worked, including 37 of the franchise’s 39 postseason games.
The Patriots have honored many people close to their hearts with special uniform patches or helmet decals.
The team’s helmets will all have special decals honoring longtime equipment manager Don Brocher, who died this week after a battle with leukemia. In a website released on Thursday, lawyers for the New England Patriots diligently worked to poke holes in the Wells Report.
According to the website, the investigators never asked for clarification on a nickname used in a text message conversation between assistant equipment manager John Jastremski and James McNally, the game-day attendant for the team’s locker room.
There are thousands of game day employees at Gillette Stadium, hundreds who have duties in the areas where the players are. Kobe on how a ‘real competitor’ would respond to Kevin Durant's decision: ‘OK, lace ‘em up.
When the Patriots kick off their quest for another Super Bowl appearance, they’ll be doing so with heavy hearts. Don Brocher, a longtime equipment manager for the team, died early Tuesday morning due to complications from leukemia.
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According to the Wells report, there’s no smoking gun or clear evidence that Tom Brady had his equipment manager deflate the footballs before the game. In my time in the NFL, there were three guys on the team who always cared about the condition of the footballs.
Jerry Jones plays by his own set of rules…Dan Snyder has been trying to imitate him for this very thing lol.
It’s official, Dallas signs Collins to go with Gregory n their first round pick, that’s three first round picks they walk away with from this draft, unbelievable! Current RT Doug Free has a good size Contract and will probably be traded by the Cowboys for a Defensive Player here by Camp Time.. Wow, so the cowboys who already have a stout o line, just bettered it, while the Eagles whose o line is in desperate need of talent and an injection of youth just twiddle their thumbs. Izzell, you know what, if the Eagles were aggressive they may have had a shot, hence, twiddling their thumbs.
If the Redskins hadnt ended up signing Scherff he would be the Redskins starting RT next year. I would have too, but he did not know what he was going to get from the boys til he got there. Biglion — if a NFL prospect is drafted he can choose not to sign with that team and reenter the draft the next year.
Just once think outside the box in a good way but nah we get stuck with oline coaches made into a DC and a WR with a big cap number because he can block. He started off as a ball boy in 1972 and was hired full-time as an assistant that season. Brocher became equipment manager in 1994 and handled the equipment needs for thousands of players during the tenures of 11 of the franchise’s 14 head coaches.
But perhaps none will be as fitting as the new sticker each Patriot will wear when he pulls on his helmet next weekend. Brocher had worked for the organization for several decades and was well-known by the players and coaches.
Brady’s sideline outbursts about the footballs (he readily acknowledged he was a bit “over the top” in his remarks) at the Jets game led both Mr.
Players see hundreds of game day employees on game days, but with no substantive interaction or knowledge of who they are. She's still waiting for the Nationals to call about her spot with the Racing Presidents. Brocher, who was 60, was in the midst of his 41st season with organization, which makes him the longest-tenured employee in Patriots history.

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I hate the cowboys, but I admire their go get it attitude as it relates to acquiring talent. Once again, the Eagles showed no effort to acquire his services…and they have a greater need.
If he is not drafted he cannot re-enter the draft and becomes an non drafted rookie free agent forever. He was proud to be a member of each of the franchise’s seven Super Bowl teams and celebrated each of the Patriots’ three Super Bowl Championships. Jastremski would sometimes work out and bulk up — he is a slender guy and his goal was to get to 200 pounds.
We’re New England’s only authorized Spacesaver affiliate, so contact us today for a free space assessment. Do you think these guys would put their jobs on the line by doing something they weren’t asked to do?
This system ensures that every available inch of your locker room or team room space is available for convenient, safe, and efficient storage. I would have rolled the dice on Collins and if it went left dropped his ass like a hot rock. There was nothing they had done to overinflate footballs and nothing they could do in response to Mr. His primary duties involved tending to the Officials’ Locker Room (putting out soap, towels, razors, etc.) and cleaning up cups and the like around the Patriots bench during a game.
They need to do everything they can to infuse youth and talent on the o line…nothing for 2 years.
McNally states he would make the next football a “balloon.” Even the investigators do not conclude (or even speculate) that Mr.
McNally could or would do so — or even that he actually somehow planned to do so or had the means to do so.

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