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Super Bowl 2015 Wallpaper is available for free download for the following screen resolutions. Selling a replica Superbowl trophy infringes on the intellectual property rights of the creator, Tiffany & Co silversmiths.
Madden 11 is being showcased in two new sizzle trailers giving gamers a preview on the AFC East and West ratings and teams in the upcoming title from EA Sports.

There are many organizations who have permission to use the logo in fact most reputable football memorabilia companies do have this. Check out these videos, the ratings, and a healthy dose of screen-shots after the break and if you are planning on jumping in when Madden 11 releases this August you may want to take a peak at the pre-order event going on at a certain game retailer. The product is not produced by the NFL so if you did have permission to use NFL logo, selling a Superbowl would not be illegal with the NFL.

There are a few sites selling the Superbowl replica but after reading most reviews and having personal experience the copytrophy site offers the best quality replicas by far.

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