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At long last, the Deflategate saga is behind us and everyone can start looking forward to some great football for the upcoming season. It was looking like the Patriots would begin the season with backup quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo taking over starting duties while Tom Brady served out his four-game suspension. Despite the distractions and courtroom drama of the offseason, the Pats are looking strong to start the year. Rob Gronkowski is looking as healthy as ever and the 6-foot, 6-Pro Bowl superstar is set for another highlight season. If LeGarrette Blount can manage not to fail another drug test while serving his one-game suspension then the run game will be stronger than ever for the team. Beckham drew attention to himself on Sunday by wearing cleats that are decorated with stars and stripes. The Giants star wide receiver has already caught a touchdown pass for 87 yards to even the score against the New England Patriots, so his cleats may be filled with magic.
It remains to be seen if the Giants can deal the Patriots their first loss of the season, but they appeared to be getting in their heads once again judging by the first quarter.

The Patriots and Giants both appear to have similar storylines in the making this season, as they lead the NFC East with a 5-4 record while the Patriots are on a quest to finish 16-0 for the second time in franchise history. Professional players are held to a higher standard than collegiate ones, but should they be risking injury before the regular season? Fans of the Patriots who were pulling their hair out waiting to see how the quarterback’s appeal would turn out can finally breathe a sigh of relief and look forward to what could be another banner year for Belichick and New England.
However, a ruling by a federal judge has thrown out the suspension, which should silence any doubts you had not only about drafting Brady for your fantasy league, but also of the Pats winning this division. The oddsmakers have had a field day and the moment Brady’s suspension was lifted, the probability of the Pats winning another title immediately took an uptick.
The team didn’t lose anyone too important to free agency and came away with a few new warm bodies for Tom Brady to target. Barring any unforeseen injuries, Gronk will be a top target and Reggie Wayne should help take some of the pressure off of the personification of a college keg-party.
The Bills may provide some competition in the East but no one else in the division has the offensive firepower to silence New England.

The Giants can always be counted on to play tough against the Patriots, as they have beaten them in the Super Bowl twice. No big shock, but both of them denied having any involvement with under-inflating footballs during the AFC championship game. The NFL just released its preaseason list of the league’s top 100 players and the Patriots are the only team in the NFL with two players in the top 10.
With Brady out of the picture, other teams might have had a shot but now that he’s back the competition will have their work cut out for them. The Patriots have not defeated the Giants since their 2007 regular-season finale, and they have lost to them three times since. Beckham rose to fame with his one-handed touchdown catch against the Dallas Cowboys in his rookie season, and he has emerged as one of the top NFL receivers since.

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