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Here we will be discussing a team that is counting on some serious development from second-year quarterback Jameis Winston. Tampa Bay also exceeded expectations by going 6-10, winning games against NFC South rivals the New Orleans Saints and Atlanta Falcons (twice). Winston completed just three passes on 10 attempts, somewhat redeeming an interception with a tremendous touchdown pass to Mike Evans. It’s going to be interesting to see if he can sharpen up his game this season or if the dreaded sophomore slump finds him. One of the reasons Tampa Bay won six games last year was because Martin showed up big time in the running game.
The man once known as Muscle Hamster was second only to the great Adrian Peterson in rushing yards, finishing the season with 1,402 yards and six touchdowns on the ground and another 271 yards and one touchdown through the air. The Bucs appear set on making Charles Sims a bigger player in this season’s gameplan, however. If Martin and Sims can tag-team their way to a couple thousand yards on the ground (they came awfully close last year), they’d help Winston immensely and would keep defenses from attacking the young gunslinger. Needless to say, Winston and the offense just can’t score enough points to balance the scales if the defense continues to allow teams to score at will. The arrivals of veterans Brent Grimes and Robert Ayers should help immensely, as should the emergence of rookie cornerback Vernon Hargreaves and rookie defensive end Noah Spence.

Perhaps with the additional veterans added, plus the infusion of new blood, Tampa Bay’s defense can finally start kicking butt and taking names. ICYMI: Former Gators DB Vernon Hargreaves notched 2 interceptions in last nights pre season game.
If Hargreaves continues to play like this during the regular season, then Tampa Bay’s pass defense could emerge as one of the best in the league.
Winston, who has the two young running backs behind him, along with Mike Evans and Vincent Jackson on the perimeter, appears to have what it takes to emerge as a league superstar.
Defensively, the front line is stout, the linebacking corps is fast and the defensive backfield features some solid corners.
Provided the team minimizes mistakes and forces turnovers, there’s a real possibility Tampa Bay could win more than half its games this year. In addition to the fact that youth prevails at key positions, the NFC South is still dominated by the Carolina Panthers. Tampa Bay will be competitive this year, but we’re betting on more downs than ups for Winston and Co. After looking sharp against the Philadelphia Eagles in Week 1 of the preseason, Winston and the entire Bucs offense looked overmatched in Week 2 against the Jacksonville Jaguars. This could be a good thing for the offense, and it could also benefit Martin, who has battled through injuries already in his young career.

As talented as many are physically, the mental aspect of the game, along with the speed at which it is played in the NFL, takes some getting used to. The Saints and Falcons are right behind them and feature veteran quarterbacks with proven track records. Continuing the series, we remain in the NFC South and take a look at a Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2016 preview.
In addition to his interception against the Jags, Winston lost a fumble against the Eagles.
What’s more is that he intercepted two of those targets, on both of which he had to make a play on the ball. Hargreaves has yet to allow a catch this preseason, and has picked off or broken up three of his four targets.

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