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New England Patriots defensive lineman Vince Wilfork, who is likely done for the season, had surgery Tuesday. Wilfork's wife, Bianca, tweeted a photo of Wilfork lying in a hospital bed with a cast on his injured leg, giving the camera a thumbs up.Wilfork left Sunday night's Patriots' 30-23 win over the Atlanta Falcons early in the first quarter.
Please confirm or modify the email address to which you will have subscription offers sent. Getty ImagesJimmy Graham’s apparently not a fan of New Orleans, although he tried to cover that up quickly. The Seahawks tight end sent new Patriots defensive lineman Akiem Hicks a message on Twitter congratulating him on his trade out of New Orleans. Graham quickly deleted the message, but it was screen-captured by Christopher Dabe of the New Orleans Times-Picayune, proving yet again that the Internet is forever. It’s clear there was some degree of tension between Graham and the Saints dating back to his contract negotiations. And before he claims that he was hacked or whatever, someone should mention to Graham that if he didn’t want to deal with the embarrassment of making his feelings public, he could have always sent a text. I’m sure that both of them feel VERY blessed, they go from the Saints to teams that are contending for the SB. Jimmy you are dumb I loved you as a saints fan but you would think someone who isn’t putting up the type of numbers expected of him wouldn’t take shots at the team that turned him into what he was. He made a smart decision going to a balanced team, Sean Payton will never be able to run an offense that isn’t driven by a 350 yard passing game. And you all laughed when we said that Payton’s decision to testify against Jimmy in the grievance hearing would cause bad blood.
Why would he want to be back on a team that is 0-3 with a QB seemingly months – 2 years from retirement vs a young super bowl winning QB with a great foundation as a team?

He’s so happy in Seattle that he was crying, stomping his feet, and complaining to the media last week after catching one pass against a weak GB def. If I had negotiated a 5 year contract only to be traded a year into that deal, I’d be a little salty too. If I made tens of millions of dollars playing a sport, and part of my success was due to a potential hall of fame team mate, I’d keep quiet and not rip the team that paid me all that money. Of course, that one catch you had for 8 yards (in garbage time) was a big help against the Hawks during the playoff game up there.
But when it comes to you, they force you to take a 10 million dollar deal, when you probably could have made 13 – 14 easy on the open market. Imagine if he was a FA and went to the patriots with Gronk (and become what they should have been with Hernandez) or even stayed in the division and went to the Falcons? Um, JG wasn’t even on the team when Saints won the Super Bowl LOL… So how did JG soft as tissue help the Saints?
At the end of the year, he is going to be (again) one of the offensive stars of the game if used right, but has never been and never will be the best tight end in the game. He made a smart decision going to a balanced team, Sean Payton will never be able to run an offense that isn’t driven by a 350 yard passing game. It took more than three games for Jimmy and Drew to get their mojo going… its funny how you all are acting like three games has shown all the Seahawks are ever going to get out of him. The Cincinnati Bengals and their much maligned ginger starting quarterback look to start 4-0 for the first time since 2005 when they travel to Foxborough, Mass., to face a reeling Tom Brady and a downward spiraling New England Patriots on Sunday Night Football on NBC. Andy Dalton and the Bengals (3-0) return to action following their bye week, and are coming off of a 33-7 victory over the Tennessee Titans in Week 3. New England (2-2) is looking to rebound from a 41-14 loss at Kansas City on Monday night, when Brady threw two interceptions and was held to just 159 passing yards.

NBC Analyst Tony Dungy on Bengals proving themselves: A a€?This will be the a€?measuring sticka€™ game.
The 6-foot-2, 226-pounder started all 45 games he appeared in college, completing 1,047-of-1,668 passes for 13,151 yards and 118 touchdowns. He was limping off the field during the Falcons' first possession.He was later seen being carted away in a boot. You were elected by a pretty amazing head coach, a hall of fame QB and a pretty supportive fan base. Further compounding the problem, they TRADE you to another team just a year later, where you work with a QB that probably won’t increase your market value. Jimmy had six catches for 80 plus yards and a touchdown last week things are looking up…stay tuned. As we chronicled earlier this season, the Bengals have established themselves as a new favorite to win the AFC East. Last year, the Bengals defeated the Patriots 13-6 in a Week 5 matchup in Cincinnati, when Brady was held without a touchdown pass for the first time in 52 games. I said last week I thought Cincinnati was the most complete team in the AFC, but theya€™ve been on a bye (week). Perhaps this the year that the Bengals show us that they are not your older brother’s Bengals.

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