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Latest Stories Vote Happy 4th Of July: Latinos Who Have Honored The US National Anthem00 You Won't Believe This! Unfortunately, the New England Patriots got slammed in the May 6 report released by the NFL, reports USA Today. It all started on Jan.19, when the Patriots defeated the Colts in the AFC Championship game. The Pats tried to explain how the balls deflated, causing such experts as Bill Nye The Science Guy to call them out on their nonsense.
The Pats were allowed to play and they would eventually win, beating the Seattle Seahawks, 28-24.
The New England Patriots were accused of deflating eleven out of twelve of the footballs used in a game against the Indianapolis Colts. Remember when the Indianapolis Colts fans and media accused the New England Patriots of being cheaters?
He only missed the first four games of the season for testing positive for juice, because in the NFL they obviously could give a fuck less if you’re on steroids. So my question is, when do we hear from Bob Kravitz and Gregg Doyel about how the Colts should forfeit every game he played in? So obviously Bobby K is a man who thinks rules should be followed and harsh punishment swiftly put into place if rules are broken.
Email * Subscribe This cute kid comes with a clever caption: "Say what you want about Bill Belichick, but he sure was a cute kid!" Memes Bill Belichick doing his best Clint Eastwood impression. In the report, investigator Theodore Wells outlined his findings, stating that it was not only likely that the Patriots organization cheated, but that star quarterback Tom Brady was well aware of what was going on!

The report relayed text message conversations between Jim and John that clearly showed them planning to get a “needle” to deflate some of the game balls in exchange for money and gifts!
Shortly after the Pats’ victory, news broke out that the balls in the game were severely under deflated, making them easier to throw and catch.
Meanwhile, the NFL said it would conduct its own investigation into the Deflate-Gate, eventually producing the damning report that said that the Patriots most likely cheated. What do you think about Tom Brady knowing what was going down in Deflate-Gate, HollywoodLifers? You'd better believe that we'd have a few jokes to make about this whole saggy balls situation!
Email us at [email protected] for more information, and check out our website about types of advertising we offer. Then he played against the Patriots both during the regular season and during the playoffs as a starter. When do we hear from them about how the Colts coaching staff should be fired for not catching onto this obvious cheater? Obviously then he should be calling for Chuck Pagano to be fired and for the Colts to lose draft picks.
I’m sure if Tom Brady got caught juicing or Julian Edelman got caught using stickum he’d be just as upset right?
Thankfully, the report says that no one else in the Patriots’ organization was behind or aware of what was going on. How can you not laugh when at every press conference, the word "balls" gets used about a thousand times?

Remember when Bob Kravitz and Gregg Doyel became household names because they were so “offended” by the imaginary cheating by the Patriots?
He acted like he was offended that the Patriots broke some dumbass rule about PSI and even that turned out to be bullshit. He has done close to nothing (3 catches for 28 yards) to contribute to the Patriots’ success this season. Remember when they said that an honest team like the Colts, who purposely lost 14 games in a row to get Andrew Luck, should be in the Super Bowl after losing 45-7? Meaning, even if the Patriots footballs were under inflated, LeGarrate Blount still ran for 148 yards and three touchdowns and that has nothing to do with the inflation of the footballs.
According to NFL experts and Scientists, a deflated ball would be easier to grip and catch especially in rainy conditions as was the case at Foxboro last Sunday.
The NFL announced that they will continue to investigate the scandal and announce their findings including disciplinary actions as soon as possible. Under current league rules, the minimum fine for tampering with a football is $25,000 dollars.
The Super Bowl kicks off on February 1st, but DeflateGate has already taken attention away from the matchup on the field between one of the best teams of the past 15 years and the defending Super Bowl Champion, Seattle Seahawks.  Tags: ROFL!

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