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Latest Stories Vote Happy 4th Of July: Latinos Who Have Honored The US National Anthem00 You Won't Believe This! Tens of thousands of pieces of M&M’s branded jewelry are being recalled because they could contain high levels of lead.
Pitbull and Ariana Grande visit Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show, and no one comes out unscathed. Spending a lot of time together, on the field anyway, hasn’t been easy because of a rash of manpower trouble that started with the retirement of left guard and captain Dan Connolly after the team won the Super Bowl.
Belichick and his staff brought a depth chart to training camp, but center Bryan Stork has yet to play a game because of a concussion and neck injuries. David Andrews, the center who has played every snap of the 7-0 start, is an undrafted rookie free agent who carried his load like a veteran. The Patriots, who host the Washington Redskins on Sunday, are leading the league in points per game with 35.7.
Brady has been sacked 18 times, a number that may be a bit high, but other than that the blocking has been there as players continue to move around.

McDaniels also appreciates the work the offensive line is doing under difficult circumstances. Email * Subscribe This cute kid comes with a clever caption: "Say what you want about Bill Belichick, but he sure was a cute kid!" Memes Bill Belichick doing his best Clint Eastwood impression.
10, 2015, New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick watches from the sideline in the second half of an NFL football game against the Pittsburgh Steelers in Foxborough, Mass.
Left tackle Nate Solder has been lost for the season with torn biceps — and no one is currently penciled in as his main replacement. Sebastian Vollmer has gone from right tackle to left and is being asked to protect Brady’s back side right now. The coach lashed out on Friday against accusations that the Patriots tampered with the Pittsburgh coaching communications during Thursday night's 28-21 victory over the Steelers. That’s why we preach versatility and trying to know as much as they can know about the whole scheme in general, or the entire offense or whatever their position group might be.
Because we know at some point we’re not going to have enough backups to just keep putting another guy in.

Meaning, even if the Patriots footballs were under inflated, LeGarrate Blount still ran for 148 yards and three touchdowns and that has nothing to do with the inflation of the footballs. According to NFL experts and Scientists, a deflated ball would be easier to grip and catch especially in rainy conditions as was the case at Foxboro last Sunday.
The NFL announced that they will continue to investigate the scandal and announce their findings including disciplinary actions as soon as possible.
Under current league rules, the minimum fine for tampering with a football is $25,000 dollars.
The Super Bowl kicks off on February 1st, but DeflateGate has already taken attention away from the matchup on the field between one of the best teams of the past 15 years and the defending Super Bowl Champion, Seattle Seahawks.  Tags: ROFL!

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