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Last year, WWE did a similar promotion for breast cancer, which only involved their most popular superstar, John Cena.
Throughout the campaign, all Superstars and Divas will wear pink, customized “Rise Above Cancer” shirts to the ring. WWE will add the pink breast cancer awareness symbol to various parts of their set including the announcer table, entrance ramp and ring skirt in order to fully express their support.
The company has also promised they are going to use all their assets such as television and pay-per-view broadcasts, live events and digital and social media to produce awareness and promote fans to get involved.
While some critics say this is a stunt to fancy the brand and copy the NFL’s similar promotions this month, the WWE seems to be sincere and genuine regarding this campaign. As the WWE reaches roughly 13 million viewers in the United States each time it airs a program, they shouldn’t have any problem helping to spread awareness and raise money for this great cause.
Todd Gurley, Johnny Hekker Take Home NFC Monthly Awards by Matt LaPanNFL: Defensive Player of the Year Candidates (After Week 7) by Russell S. For example, they tried to amend that when they came down hard on Ray Rice after video surfaced of him hitting his then-fiance.
They worked with the NFLPA to change it in the CBA, so it looked like they were making strives in the right direction.
While October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the league makes themselves look good by promoting that fact and have different pink gear (towels, whistles, etc.).
Yes, the player is breaking the rules, but the NFL needs to have common sense and not look hypocritical when a player is trying to promote the same cause of them. Instead of worrying about players wearing eye black of certain color sneakers to honor family members and causes, the league has more important areas to focus on.

They only care about issues, like Breast Cancer Awareness, during certain months because they make money off of it. To NFL executives and owners all they care about is making money, which is important in any business model.
The whole brand is based around their superstar’s tough personas and the want to harm their opponents in a physical way. Komen Foundation, during the entire month of October, to raise money for National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.
They sold all of his merchandise as awareness gear for the cause and donated 100 percent of those profits to the foundation. 20 percent of all the sales made from the shirts sold will be donated to the nonprofit organization. Overall, the league is very hypocritical and doesn’t really care about the real issues, such as domestic violence and cancer research. However, when a player tries to wear eye black or wear pink shoes to honor a loved one lost to cancer, the league goes crazy and fines the player.
The NFL shouldn’t care if a player wears pink shoes to raise breast cancer research or purple in honor of domestic violence victims.
In honor of Domestic Violence Awareness Month and his mother who was a domestic violence victim, Steelers cornerback William Gay wore purple cleats against the KC Chiefs and was fined for it. He previously asked to wear pick accessories to honor his mother who had breast cancer, but was told he couldn’t. It’s unfortunate when the league fines them for raising awareness to big issues and notable causes.

The league needs to worry more about the bigger issues and take notes away from other leagues. Yet, the public relations side of things and how they treat players is equally as important.
Simply choose the Breast Cancer Awareness facebook profile cover you'd like to use, click the button to upload the cover, then follow the intsructions on the next page. Time after time the league continues to show that most of their decisions are only based on the money they can make, rather than truly caring.
After the incident’s aftermath, the league vowed they would take a clearer stance against domestic violence and similar charges.
Despite what they say and do, the NFL (as a league) does not care about those battling cancer, those who lost loved ones to cancer, or those who are domestic violence victims. The league should have some common sense on these issues, but clearly they aren’t showing it. Every Day.Build your own custom daily newsletter with updates on your favorite teams, sent directly to your inbox. Furthermore, it shows the league doesn’t truly care about those battling cancer or those who were a victim of domestic violence. The league needs reform when it comes to their uniform and eye black policies and it must start now because they truly don’t care about those affected by cancer or victims of domestic violence.

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