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Jace Amaro Draft Rumors: Seattle Seahawks, Baltimore Ravens, New England Patriots, NY Giants, Cowboys Options Over Austin Seferian-Jenkins At TE? Jace Amaro is now the top tight end on the board after TE Eric Ebron was drafted and teams like the Seattle Seahawks, Baltimore Ravens, New England Patriots, NY Giants and Washington Redskins all could be in the mix for the Texas Tech star and this comes after a fantastic season last year and he comes in rated higher than Austin Seferian-Jenkins by many scouts and that could be a factor on Friday if he is drafted on Day 2 in the second or third rounds. Amaro is coming off of a record setting season and he comes into the league after being an athletic tight end that was used as a receiver and that is the way many teams are starting to look at the position. The Giants like Amaro and what he can do, but they likely will pass on taking on that high since they have so many other needs to deal with. Amaro has ideal size at 6-foot-5, 265 pounds and while his hands could be a bit better, that's something that NFL teams can work on and since he is so athletic, someone will be willing to do that. Amaro showed he is very fast and he put up a 4.74 in the 40-yard dash and that is impressive for a TE and that could make him an option for all those teams. In the NFL history, the San Diego Chargers is an American professional football team.The San Diego Charger sis the current member of the American Football Conference and play the NFL games in West Division. If the copyright of any wallpaper or stock photo belongs to you, contact us and we'll remove it!. Important note: The following top list (ranking) is not based strictly on salaries, but also on particular revenues the athletes have made, like winning bonus, championships bonus, bonus for achieving targets and so on. None of this is even close to accurate, sad that of all the top 25 lists you could have chose, this is one of the easiest to find valid information on.

Names like Jimmy Graham and Rob Gronkowski and even Aaron Hernandez have had teams looking at the TE position as one where weapons can be and Amaro could be a huge one for any of those teams. The team often doesn't put an emphasis on that position when it comes to the offense, but with Ben McAdoo coming in, it could change. Many see him as a second or third round option and a team like the Pats would love to add him as insurance for Gronk, but they also like Seferian-Jenkins and C.J. The Pats need a tight end, while the Seahawks have been weak at that position over the past few years and could use an upgrade as well.
On the other side, the Atlanta Falcons is also a professional football team in Georgina, Atlanta. Here, the all-time records of the Atlanta Falcons in a regular season are 316-414 in the history of NFL. Amaro could be the first TE off the board on Friday and the Patriots, Ravens and Seahawks may be too far back to get him.
Eli Manning sure could use an athletic tight end and Amaro is coming out of college after making 106 receptions for 1352 yards and seven touchdowns last season and that makes him a prize for whoever gets him. Seferian-Jenkins could be a fit since he is local and while he doesn't have the stats like Amaro, he has the size with him being 6-foot-6, 276 pounds. The team plays the NFL games to be the member of National Football conference in South Division.

By this time the San Diego Chargers won 1 time NFL Championships trophy and 1 time Conference Championships trophy over the NFL history. Amaro set records for receiving yards by a tight end and the way the league is going, he could fit in perfectly in the right system.
Seferian-Jenkins is from Washington and he is coming off of a year with 36 catches for 450 yards and an impressive eight touchdowns and he also averaged over 123 yards per catch.
The Cowboys also could be in the mix for one of the TEs, as they will need a replacement for Jason Witten someday. The San Diego Chargers has achieved 15 times Divisional championships trophy over the football career.
They have won 1 time Conference Championship trophy and 5 times Divisional Championship trophy in the NFL career.

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