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Cornerbacks on the roster bubble: By taking one of the best cornerbacks in the 2016 class with their first pick, the Patriots indicated that they plan to have Cyrus Jones on the final roster.
Although this writer is a big fan of Biggers, especially after his impressive play for the Philadelphia Eagles in the slot last season, there just might not be room for him on the final roster. Coleman was a pleasant surprise as an undrafted rookie, but it remains to be seen if he is the next Kyle Arrington. Prior to last night’s game against the Detroit Lions, Head Coach Bill Belichick said that 80% of the roster was set and only 20% of the roster was unsettled.
Ryan Mallett hasn’t run away with the backup QB job and the Patriots installed a new set of offensive plays for Tim Tebow.
Develin made a late run for a roster spot, but doesn’t offer enough versatility to beat out one of the tight ends. Rob Gronkowski starts the season on the roster with the expectation of playing in week 4 or 5. Prior to camp this position was a muddled mess and looked as though it would be tough to cut down. The thinnest position on the roster and an area the Patriots will be looking for reinforcements via waivers or trade. Chandler Jones looks poised to take the next step to stardom and Rob Ninkovich has been great this preseason.
Having a huge hard-on for a guy with chastity belt must them of them biggest ironies in life.
Hey, Walt, when you are done writing Timmy’s autobiography, could you please leave out the part where the Pats signed him? If we were talking about another 3rd string QB with a stat line of two preseason appearances (4 quarters) with a completion of 5 of 19 passes for 54 yards, including a 1-of-7 for minus-1 yard and one interception, would we even really care if he made it or not?
Something else to think about, what wide receiver will want to play for the Patriots with a QB who only completes about 40% of his passes and is always pulling down the football and running instead of making the proper reads and waiting for the play to unfold. I know what you mean, and i agree here, cunningham has be come not necessary, with the arrival of benard and armond armstead and the rising of francis, all these players can penetrate inside the tackles on a better way than him, and IMO are better options on the edges, besides michael buchanan being raw but with a lot of potential hes earning a DE spot right now.
Additionally, as far as anyone knows, Tebow has NOT taken significant practice reps at any other position, including special teams coverage and blocking units. Been thinking over your assessment that TT could be sucessful running the read-option in the nfl but I think your wrong. After seeing the O-line get pushed around the other night I think this helps Bount make the team. It’s funny how, year-after-year, we get all excited about these cuts, but we can name 97% of the 53 man roster right now and probably several months ago. Lastly, the other night…you have to figure some guys are trying to simply stay healthy, hence the incredibly bad tackling. Your point that some guys were looking out for their health could be right and it would make me feal better if it’s the case but I worry it is not. Zusevics hasn’t played as well this pre-season as Brice Schwab, so I have my doubts that he makes the PS over Schwab or Kline or Stankiewitch or Chris McDonald or some as-yet-unknown waiver-wire pickup. I think Vellano may have also outplayed Forston, but the propose roster seems accurate, including the potential waiver-wire pickup.
I think both Rivera and Tarpinian have shown more immediate value at LB than Beauharnais and both are exceptional special-teamers, which Beauharnais is not.
If Dowling can get out of the tub in time for pre-season game-4, or if Dennard loses his probation hearing (coincidentally, also on the 27th), then Dowling sticks – otherwise, probably not. I really expected Adrian Wilson to have clearly out-played Gregory by now, but the opposite has been the case. Actually, Dowling is working on his 3rd year of that original guarantee, so his 2013 cap hit is $1.45M. I like your thinking for the most part, but feel Gronk will miss the first 6 games on Injured reserve. I think the team likes Nick McDonald as a versatile reserve, but his injury (undisclosed) was apparently severe enough to have kept him from contributing for all of Camp (he started Camp on PUP). All pure speculation, of course, but the Pats have made similar moves in the past that worked out okay. Reggie Wayne, who was originally drafted by the Indianapolis Colts with the 30th selection in the 2001 NFL Draft, went on to say the “work environment was tough” at New England Patriots camp. The New England Patriots have decided to play into the forthcoming 2015 NFL regula season with just four wide receivers — Julian Edelman, Danny Amendola, Aaron Dobson and Chris Harper — on the active 53-man roster. Reggie Wayne signed with the New England Patriots on August 24 after spending his entire 14-year pro NFL career with the Indianapolis Colts.
Despite a the several number of NBA rumors over the last couple of seasons, the Cleveland Cavaliers have no plans to trade Kevin Love to any other teams in the league. With competition for roster spots looking more fierce than ever, these five Seattle Seahawk face an uphill battle to make the final 53.

With the start of training camp now just 30 days away, it’s time to start focusing in on what the 2016 Seattle Seahawks are going to look like. When Marsh was drafted in the 4th round out of UCLA two years ago, he was billed as a high-motor player who’s calling card would be getting to the quarterback. With the 197th overall selection in the 2012 NFL Draft the New England Patriots selected defensive back Nate Ebner out of Ohio State. The first thing that you probably heard about Ebner is that he’s a former rugby player in high school as well as at Ohio State—but he obviously still played football while at Ohio State. The majority of Ebner’s playing time during his rookie season came on special teams but did play safety sparingly. This was the most supriseing draft pick I have ever seen BB make in may years of following Bill’s personel moves! If you can get someone like that who is raw from lack of football experience, with good coaching maybe they develop into a play maker. Given Ebner’s lack of football experience, I think he has a lot of potential upside, and could be a great SS.
Not only is Jones an outstanding cover man and a possible starter in the slot, but he is also an amazing punt returner, so he brings added value. Malcolm Butler, Logan Ryan and Jones are locks to make the team, and don’t forget about Darryl Roberts who was killing it at training camp before breaking his wrist in the preseason. Really, that’s what the Patriots need in 2016, a cornerback who can man the slot with utmost efficiency while Butler and Ryan do their thing on the perimeter.
With the third preseason game in the books, that number has increased and most roster spots are decided. If Josh McDaniels really wants a traditional fullback for his offense, the Patriots could be active on the waiver wire at this position.
Will Svitek provides an adequate swing tackle and has improved his standing on the team by playing some Guard (albeit not well).
UDFA Joe Vellano has worked his way on to the 53 man roster and the practice squad at the very least.
The top four are all high ceiling players that offer plenty of versatility and scheme diversity. Aqib Talib provides a #1 cornerback with Dennard, Ryan and Arrington giving them talented depth.
Steve Gregory and Adrian Wilson both make the team, providing experience and a veteran presence to a position that really needs it. Well, when people who are paid to analyze players (the Jets front office), decide to not play Tebow, even sitting him instead of scrubs like Sanchez, you still regard this as stupid. Probably not but people seem to lose all of their common sense and make a ton of excuses when it comes to Tebow. I’m begining to think he has an unhealthy obsession with Tebow, his letters sound so angry. His injury history is just to much and the hit on the cap would not be so great as to cause Bill to even think about it imo.
You make a good case but from my experance personal pride or ego plays a large part even in scrimmages or pre-season games. Even if they do resign McDonald, (I hope they do btw) keeping 7 OL on the starting roster is just too few. They had Cannon, Donald Thomas and Nick McDonald as reserves all last year making them 8 deep. As a source with a knowledge regarding Patriots’ approach to veteran professional American football players explained it, the team has a habit of bringing in a veteran player long enough for him to get familiar with the other talents, the coaching staffs, and the system, in the event that the New England Patriots need him later. This year, perhaps more than at any time since the day Pete Carroll first took over the reigns as head coach, the team is so loaded with young and intriguing talent on the back end that some well-known veteran players are going to need an outstanding August to ensure their place on the roster.
He played more ST snaps as a rookie than anyone other than Niko Koutovides, and that’s with missing a game. The 2013 Patriots are filled with new faces in key positions and young depth across the roster. Daniel Fells could make the final roster, but his cap number and lack of impact may force the Patriots hand. Markus Zusevics hasn’t shown enough to make the team, but lands on the practice squad if he clears waivers.
This gives the coaching staff and front office tremendous roster flexibility come cut down day. By starting the third preseason game it was a pretty clear indication that Vellano has pulled ahead of fellow UDFA Cory Grissom. Justin Francis has won a roster spot based on his performance last season and his versatility. Marquice Cole’s special teams ability is the only reason he makes the team as he will be one of the last players on or off the roster.

Many have Wilson or Gregory being cut from the roster, but Tavon Wilson’s lack of development probably makes the Patriots think twice. You haters remain in denial on Tebows positives and only carp on negatives and are certain you are totally correct. You are not one to decide which paid analysists are effective, since, as you put it, the couch coaches know nothing.
Alot of people who condemn Tebow overlook his strong points and snidely say he can’t pass. For example, Andy Hart, Paul Perillo, Rex Ryan, John Elway and pretty much anyone who didn’t try to drag for sign him(basically the whole league). My question is how many guys can a team put on that becaus I’ve heard Gronk’s name mentioned for that also?
They’re younger and cheaper, and if they can prove to be consistent QB-chasers they may have the inside track on Marsh. This makes for some tough roster decisions, knowing that if a young player is cut, they likely are gone for good. I would be surprised if the Patriots don’t add another tight end to the roster from outside the organization by the start of the regular season.
Last season the Patriots kept seven linemen (when health and uncertainty was even greater), I see them doing the same this year. Tommy Kelly looks like a stud and a free agent bargain, he’ll make a big impact on the defense this season.
Ras-I Dowling, if healthy, gets one more chance to show the ability he did prior to his string of injuries. Duron Harmon has been a roller coaster this preseason, but still appears to be ahead of Tavon Wilson. Look Walter, Maine Man said it as well as it can be said, Tebow is a good football player just not a good pocket passer who fits the Pats system.
Danny Amendola looks like he’s been in this offense for years and even Julian Edelman has flashed during preseason games. Nate Ebner has been injured most of camp and doesn’t provide anything to the base defense. Please give everyone a break because we have all read and heard suggestions that Tim could play slot, FB, RB TE even safety was mentioned but as he has never, ever played any of those positions, to anyones knowledge, it’s just reasonable to think he is unlikely to stick. Bill may have been working him at other positions behind closed doors so to spring a surprise on the rest of the league. From top to bottom this is the deepest and most explosive WR corps they’ve had in a while. As for the few games he passed for a lot of yards, like vs the Steelers, the defense simply decided to stop the run, lining up 8 or 9 in the box.
I know he made a few plays moving inside last season but wonder if one of the new faces might do as well and have more up-side potential at lower cost.
Not likely but if so that would make Walter happy and no denying Tim is a quality guy to have on any team.
After Tebows time in Denver which Builder scoffs at even Elway was willing to name Tebow the Broncss 1st string qb for the following year.
Also Tebow could easily replace the running ability of Hernandez that BB used so effectively at times last year. Next, I never said Tebow was a worse runner than Hernandez, just a different runner who cannot replace Hernandez, as their styles are different.
BB is one clever fellow and may surprise alot of people in using Tebow to run the ball even if Brady remains hopefully healthy. And if Brady went down, teams would know something non conventional (and non passing) would happen should Tebow be in for Mallett. I am merely a student of the game who can critically analyze players and be realistic as to what they are. To suggest that a player is effective at throwing a football when he has never actually done so well is arrogant and stupid, and this person probably never considered Tebow is only a power runner, a slow power runner.
This person has probably never played football, at least understood the basics of the game, and is just a cult follower of a terrible player.
If BB keeps TT on the final roster and doesn’t keep him on the bench all the time, there may be some unexpected excitement in Beantown this year.

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