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Over the course of his 21 regular season games with the Patriots, Blount has averaged 4.9 yards per carry.
Blount is already set to miss the opener against his former black-and-yellow clad-teammates because of a one-game suspension. Since it’s still summer and Week 1 is just under five weeks away, we’re going to dig a little deeper into the thought of an elongated Blount absence. The world has been waiting for this new Patriots scandal since, well, the last Patriots scandal. The world loves Patriots scandals.

DeflateGate, aka Ballghazi, aka the best thing for memes since the last best thing for memes. Starting running back LeGarrette Blount suffered a right knee injury in Patriots training camp yesterday.
Anytime your top running back hurts his knee, whether the month is August or February, you cringe. If Blount misses significant time at the beginning of the season, Jimmy G’s four games as the starter will be that much more difficult.

This site is NOT an official website, nor affiliate, for any universities, colleges, professional sports organizations, corporate entities, or the NCAA. Especially with a bulldozer like Blount, who helped power the Patriots to the Super Bowl last year.

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