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Continuity and consistency are two of the most valuable traits any professional organization can have, and the NFL is certainly no different.  The Green Bay Packers have exemplified these two words to a tee and then some. The Packers have been one of the most successful NFL franchises by remaining consistent in their unique roster building mold.
One could consider Woodson an exception as well, however since Woodson was brought in during the roster turnover from the Ron Wolf days, I view this as more of an outlier move. FB Aaron Ripkowski (Oklahoma), DL Christian Ringo (Louisiana – Lafayette) and TE Kennard Backman (UAB) rounded out the draft class.

Overall it was a predictable, solid offseason for Green Bay.  Priority #1 was to retain Randall Cobb, which was a success. To this date, the Packers have the least amount of players on their roster who have ever played in regular season games for other franchises throughout the entire league. I expect the NFC North to be an improved division top to bottom next season with the emergence of Minnesota, but Green Bay should remain kings of the division – and a prime Super Bowl contender. With his great athleticism and his status as probably the best free safety in the draft, I think he would’ve went in the 40-50 range.

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