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With the new age of cool, modern suits, however, we have so many more options than our power-suit-wearing predecessors.
To prove its versatility, I will show how even a bold in-your-face suit can be used to create a number of different looks…so different in fact that I was able to wear this suit 5 times in one week without anybody asking questions. To wear a suit this bold to the office (provided you have a somewhat liberal dress code), keep the shirt white, the tie dark and solid, and shoes simple dark lace-ups. Hopefully this post inspires you not only to create new looks that you haven’t tried, but also to get more use out of the clothing that you already own.
You should have released a new one each day, but screw that all of them together you are absolutely just killin’ it!
I follow your blog for six months and I donA?t go to bed every night until i check your new entries. Other distinctions of modern suits from older vintage ones is high armholes and slimmer lapels.
Hey James, thanks for the comment, I appreciate the compliment and I hope you enjoy reading! Extremely useful post — very handy for helping us young guys without a huge budget make the most of our wardrobe by creating lots of different looks from one suit. With the Great Recession shrinking in the rearview, employers are once again feeling bullish about hiring new workers. When it comes to dressing up for most job interviews, it’s hard to beat a crisp, good-looking suit.
The winds of time have changed, and now the bow of the HMS Menswear is pointed at a sea of dark navy suits.
Unfortunately, there’s no one suit that will work for every job interview, though a navy suit comes close.

It probably isn’t necessary to wear a whole bunch of accessories; in fact, fancy cuff links, a pocket square, and a tie clip may be a little distracting. The jacket matches the pants, so all you have to do is pick a subtle shirt and pair of shoes, add a couple quick details and you are ready to head out the door.
The jacket and the pants can be mixed and matched to create a look for just about any occasion.
Pair them with a solid oxford shirt and finish the look with the sweater of the season; the chunky shawl cardigan.
Provided it is trim enough, you can wear it with just about anything, including a t-shirt, jeans, and hooded sweatshirt. I had the jacket taken in a fair amount at the sides, but the shoulders and chest are still roomy enough for some good layering.
Great job, I’m going to follow your blog (if only I can find the RSS Button) epic win that blazer is cut perfectly. By modern suit I mean slim fit, cropped length, low rise, flat front, straight leg, narrow leg opening…like most designer suits made in the past few seasons. If it’s been awhile since you’ve been called for an interview, you may be wondering whether your old suit is still in style.
Simply use your brain when deciding what to wear; if you’re interviewing at a law firm, the navy or charcoal suit is going to work for you. Though you may be applying for a position that has nothing to do with sales, you’ll still need to sell yourself for the interview.
Yeah, there’s nothing like finding new ways to wear the clothes you already own…beats buying new ones! Although, I think it may have been the only sample, meaning the suit was never mass produced.

A good fitting pant is tough to find, I think it’s more about shopping around than tailoring. Well, we’re here to tell you to relax; dressing up for an interview isn’t that big of a deal.
Black, brown, and burgundy shoes all go well with navy — as do white, blue, and lavender dress shirts. Classic tassle loafers (in a deeo burgandy, or authentic cordovan) are certainly a great investment.
I try to avoid dramatic alterations by finding a pant that fits well in the seat, hips and through the leg. Your interviewer probably won’t turn her nose up at square-toed shoes, blanch at the sight of double vents, or accurately discern your work ethic based on the dimple in your tie. No, we’re not talking about chicken strips or potato chips — we’re talking about cultivating a clean look. For help understanding what to wear to a job interview, we’ve reached out to Tony Spear, President and Owner of Este’s Men’s Clothing in Portland, OR.
I am going to get the same pair of shoes because I have been mulling on whether they’d be a wise investment.

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