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With the amount of focus our run gets the receivers should be having a much easier time of it.
I'd like to think we're in a no lose situation and whoever we take will fill a big need, yeah that couldn't possibly go wrong. Pick up another CB, WR, DE and G and a project RB, for when Toby leaves, in mid to late rounds.
Baggage by the truck load but could give the return game a boost and if he can contribute as a nickel or dime guy then great. Assuming that's the collar then the yellow has gone, getting excited there will be lots of purple and not a lot of any other colour.

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The Minnesota Vikings have finally unveiled their new home and away uniforms for the 2013 NFL season. Our bread and butter is the run game and all we need is the occasional pass play when the run fails to get us the needed yards or when we wanna throw em a curve and take advantage of the D going all in against the run so we need receivers who can catch more than ones who drop a lot but when they do catch are off to the races. Spielman hit lighting in a bottle last year, not sure I have faith that he can do it again, with his track record, just hope I'm wrong. Anybody doing their research would find out that vikings never actually had horns on their helmets, and saying so makes the rest of imagery seem a bit hollow.

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